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AEG Annual Meeting: Exhibitor booth update
Exhibitor booths for the AEG Annual Meeting are filling up fast. Don't miss your chance to be seen. Is your name on this list?
  • Baroid International Drilling Products — Halliburton
  • Gannett Fleming, Inc.
  • Gems and Crystals Unlimited
  • Geobrugg
  • Geokon, Inc.
  • GEOVision, Inc.
  • Jensen Drilling Company
  • Maccaferri, Inc.
  • Sequoia Scientific, Inc.
  • SRT — Slope Reinforcement Technology
  • TenCate Mirafi
  • Tensar International Corporation, Inc.
  • Zonge International, Inc.
  • Northwest Geophysics, LLC
  • Crux Subsurface, Inc.
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    2013 Outstanding Section Award applications
    Section chairs, don't forget to submit your 2013 Outstanding Section Award application this year to be eligible to be awarded $750 for your section. Outstanding Section Award applications are due to AEG Headquarters by Aug. 14, which is 30 days prior to the annual board meeting to be held in Seattle this year.

    You must complete and submit the Outstanding Section Award application in order to be eligible to be "Outstanding Section of the Year." This award was established by the Board of Directors in 2001 to honor a section of the association judged to excel in a number of areas, including professional activities, communications, membership and networking.

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    Who is advocating for you?
    Find out more about this and other AEG committees in upcoming issues of the AEG Insider. We will be profiling many of the AEG operational committees so you can learn more about them, find out how to join and give back to AEG and hear about their accomplishments on behalf of the Association. This week's profile — the Advocacy Committee (AC).

    What does your committee do?
  • Advocate on behalf of the Association and the environmental and engineering geology profession

  • Why should I join your committee?
  • Simply put, the Advocacy Committee carries the torch to champion the effort for professional recognition of geologists and the association. If you value your career as a geologist and your membership in AEG, you should become an active participating member of this committee.

  • What has your committee accomplished?
  • Currently promoting the "Individual Acts of Advocacy" initiative across the Association to highlight the individual efforts AEG members routinely perform (both individually and on the section level) without receiving recognition.

  • Who is the contact person for your committee?
  • Rick Kolb, PG, Senior Geologist/AC Co-chair
  • Dan Vellone, PG, NRCS State Geologist/AC Co-chair

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      3D Earth Science Modeling Software
    C Tech's EVS, MVS and EnterVol for ArcGIS 3D Earth Science Modeling software unite advanced gridding, geostatistical analysis, and fully three-dimensional visualization tools into a software system developed to address the needs of all Earth Science disciplines including environmental, mining, geology, geothermal, geophysics & oceanic sciences.

    Support the Christopher C. Mathewson Texas Section Scholarship Fund
    AEG Foundation
    The AEG Texas Section Scholarship Fund supports geologic studies by students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Recipients of grants must be students enrolled in an accredited Texas college or university, or graduate students enrolled in an accredited university outside Texas but conducting their field studies inside Texas. Awards will be made by the AEG Foundation to outstanding and deserving students based on demonstrated ability, scholarship, potential for contributions to the profession, character and participation in student/professional societies.
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    Student membership is free — but you must renew
    Did you know AEG student membership is free? All you have to do is visit the AEG homepage to sign up. Don't forget to renew your student membership. Just because it's free doesn't mean it automatically renews. Visit the homepage to renew your free student membership.

    What comes with free membership?
  • Access to AEG Foundation scholarships
  • Student chapter grants
  • Networking opportunities with professionals who can give you job advice
  • Young Professional travel grants
  • And much more

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    Help bring AEG benefits to students
    While AEG boasts over 1,000 student members, only 29 student chapters currently exist to support our future professionals. To address this issue, the AEG Student & Young Professional Support Committee has begun a University Outreach program to promote AEG and establish new student chapters.
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    Call us for Rental, Sales, Service
    Ashtead Technology offers a comprehensive fleet of environmental instrumentation for almost every testing, monitoring or remediation application, as well as a full line of consumables and PPE supplies. Click to learn more.
    Whether you need the scientific explanation for what caused an event or you are charting a course for the future, Exponent can give you the knowledge to make informed, intelligent decisions. MORE


    AGI releases Faces of Earth series in HD on YouTube
    American Geosciences Institute
    The American Geosciences Institute has announced that it has released its award-winning Faces of Earth series on YouTube in full, high-definition presentation. Conveniently packaged into four informative and energetic videos, the Faces of Earth series seamlessly flows from an exciting introduction to the geosciences to a deeper understanding of what fuels our planet for a more advanced audience.
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    ASBMB Science Policy Fellowship
    American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is proud to announce its Science Policy Fellowship program is accepting applications. The program is entering its seventh year and offers recently graduated Ph.D.s exposure to a range of activities regarding science policy and congressional and government relations. Applications are due March 29.
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      Build A Powerful Online Presence
    iPage makes it easy and affordable to create a powerful website for your business – no experience necessary. Add to that a 24x7 support team and tons of free marketing tools, and you’ve got the recipe for online success! You can drive more traffic and get more customers than ever before.


    To map or not to map?
    Smoky Mountain News
    Jackson County, N.C., planning board members are considering whether to restart a landslide hazard mapping initiative that was axed by the state two years ago. A team of state geologists had been creating landslide hazard maps for every mountain county. They had just started working on Jackson two years ago when conservative state lawmakers terminated the project, due both to state budget constraints and controversial aspects of the landslide maps.
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    Iowa meteorite crater confirmed: USGS airborne surveys back up
    previous Decorah research

    Recent airborne geophysical surveys near Decorah, Iowa, are providing an unprecedented look at a 470-million-year-old meteorite crater concealed beneath bedrock and sediments. The aerial surveys, a collaboration of the U.S. Geological Survey with the Iowa and Minnesota Geological Surveys, were conducted in the last 60 days to map geologic structures and assess the mineral and water resources of the region.
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    Giant camel fossil found in Arctic
    Scientists have unearthed the fossilized remains of a giant species of camel in Canada's High Arctic. An analysis of protein found in the bones has revealed that this creature, which lived about 3.5 million years ago, is an ancestor of today's species. The research is published in the journal Nature Communications.
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    Geosciences Bulletin Board
    Compiled by Elaine J. Hanford
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    Wisconsin lawmakers approve bill clearing way for iron ore mine
    Reuters via Yahoo News
    Wisconsin's Republican-controlled state Assembly approved a bill that would clear the way for a possible $1.5 billion iron ore mine in the far northwest corner of the state by streamlining environmental regulations. Representatives voted 58-39 along party lines to approve the bill that would set a 420-day limit for the state Department of Natural Resources to approve or deny a permit for iron ore mining. The state Senate narrowly approved the bill in February.
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    Releasing a flood of controversy on the Colorado River
    EARTH Magazine
    As the Colorado River winds through the Colorado Plateau's layer cake of soft sedimentary strata, it picks up a tremendous amount of sediment, which once left the river's warm waters so muddy that Spanish explorers christened it El Rio Colorado, "the reddish river." Today, that sediment is deposited in the reservoir behind the Glen Canyon Dam, leaving the discharge water — drawn from deep in the lake — clear and cold.
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    Pennsylvania's frack-tured landscape
    OnEarth magazine
    The defining natural feature of northern Pennsylvania is its woodlands, which make up one of the largest expanses of publicly accessible forest remaining in the eastern United States. Natural gas drilling has scarred Pennsylvania's pastoral landscape, divided communities and neighbors, and raised serious questions about public health.
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    Seeing the positive side of carbon dioxide
    New research from the University of Bath in the U.K. has explored the idea of treating carbon dioxide as a useful product rather than waste, by capturing it and converting it into useful chemicals and reducing the quantity of this greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. Carbon capture and storage is promoted as one of the most promising solutions to global warming, but the Bath research team now want to take that locked-away carbon dioxide and realize its potential as a large-scale and free alternative to fossil fuels.
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