Power Up
Jun. 11, 2015

Notley looks to Ontario as she gets ready to phase out Alberta coal plants and offer subsidies for solar and wind
National Post
Perched on the edge of a turquoise-coloured Lake Erie, the Nanticoke, ON, coal plant that was once Canada's largest polluter sits idle, surrounded by rolling hills dotted with wind turbines and solar-paneled barn roofs. A few thousand miles west, Alberta's coal-fired generating stations and oil-sand operations spew a third of the country's carbon emissions, while a solar-power potential similar to northern Spain remains largely untapped.More

Edmonton Mayor declares 'Clean Air Day'
Edmonton Sun
Those were the words a Grade 1 class from Michael Kostek Elementary School, 5303 190 St., in Edmonton gave Mayor Don Iveson outside city hall before he declared Clean Air Day in the city. "Not every day is a clean air day and we've understood more and more that one of the big risks to health and wellness in our city is deteriorating air quality," said Iveson. More

AltaLink hosts another open house
Pincher Creek Echo
AltaLink's Castle Rock Ridge to Chapel Rock transmission project went through another round of open houses in the Pincher Creek area recently. In Cowley, 87 people toured a room full of placards, models, maps and exhibitions set up in the community hall. Another 25 people turned up in Pincher Creek, according to Peter Brodsky — manager of external relations for the company.More

Alberta could learn from Norway
Calgary Herald
When Norway was looking to set up its now trillion-dollar sovereign wealth fund, it looked to Alberta as the model for how it might proceed. "We were inspired by the (Heritage Savings and Trust Fund) in Alberta," says Kristin Halvorsen, Norway's former finance minister and now director of the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research Oslo.More

Getting a charge from the sun
St. Albert Gazette
John Bocock is an old hand at solar power, having used it for the last 80-odd years as a farmer. But it wasn't until 2010 that he started tapping the sun for electricity by putting a row of solar panels on his roof. While he did it as a way to protest the Heartland transmission project (more local power means less need for big power lines, he reasoned), he says it's also a way for him to reduce his carbon footprint.More

British Columbia's energy projects lure companies stung by Alberta downturn
Calgary Herald
Companies that service Alberta's energy industry, battered by the oil market crash, are feeling the love in British Columbia. Utility and logistics company Atco Ltd. and drilling-services provider Petrowest Corp. are among Alberta bidders on at least $45 billion of hydroelectric and liquefied natural gas projects in British Columbia set to start or be decided in 2015.More

Canadian solar closes GBP35 million solar project financing with Investec
Canadian Solar
Canadian Solar Inc., one of the world's largest solar power companies, recently announced that it closed a GBP35 million ($53 million) project financing facility with Investec Bank, for a portfolio of four solar power plants with an installed capacity totaling 40.2 megawatts. Located at four different locations across England, the installations have been built under the Renewables Obligation regime and became operational in March 2015.More

Canada's energy transition success story
Huffington Post Canada
When you look at Ontario's greenhouse gas reductions you can pin it to one thing: Shutting down coal-fired power plants and transitioning to renewables and lower carbon electricity generation. And while a lot of governments and politicians have talked the talk on greenhouse gas reductions, Ontario has actually walked the walk.More