Power Up
Oct. 10, 2013

Alberta Electrical League wants you to participate
The Alberta Electrical League is proudly working with the Missing Children Society of Canada, endorsing their new CodeSearch Program. Just by signing up, you're helping bring missing children home to their searching families! The safety of children is every parent's paramount concern, so help keep children safe by having your company participate in the Missing Children Society of Canada's CodeSearch Program. More

The Art of Leadership
Canada's number one leadership and innovation conference is being held in Calgary on November 23, 2013. Special offer for AEL members — Save up to $100! Click here for details.More

Government relaxes new green lightbulb rules
What's retro could be new again in light fixtures across Canada. The Conservative government is easing Canada's energy efficiency regulations for lightbulbs, in a move that will align standards with the United States and provide more consumer choice — but allow less-efficient bulbs and result in smaller energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions. Proposed changes announced recently to federal energy efficiency regulations set to take effect in 2014 would now permit less efficient incandescent halogen bulbs to be sold in Canada.More

Thomas Riley building re-opens after $60 million renovation
Electrical Line Magazine
Students taking classes in one of the oldest buildings on campus at SAIT Polytechnic are enjoying new, state-of-the-art learning spaces this fall. The Thomas Riley building, originally opened in 1952, re-opened to students earlier this month with 162,000 square feet of renovated learning space for students. Building on the success of the world-class Trades and Technology Complex which opened last fall, the classrooms and labs in the Thomas Riley building have been elevated to enhance the learning experience for students in the schools of Construction and Manufacturing and Automation. More

Cheap, spray-on solar cells developed by Canadian researchers
CBC News
Silicon-free solar cells, light and flexible enough to roll up or use as window blinds, are under development at a University of Alberta lab. The solar cells are made using nanoparticles — microscopic particles just 30 to 40 atoms across — that are very cheap to produce from zinc and phosphorus, said Jillian Buriak, a University of Alberta chemistry professor and senior research officer of the National Institute of Nanotechnology.More

Calculator shows how many potatoes it would take to power your house
You've probably heard of cars that run on used cooking oil — but what about an entire house powered by potatoes? Apparently it's possible — and Movoto just launched an online calculator that shows exactly how many spuds it would take to power your house. Simply enter in your square footage and a length of time and it'll tell you how many potatoes you'd need! More

SNC-Lavalin looking to unlock value with sale of Alberta power firm
CTV News
SNC-Lavalin is looking to unlock some of the engineering giant's hidden value by selling a minority stake in AltaLink, its second-largest infrastructure investment and one which owns more than half of Alberta's electricity transmission grid. The company, which has been reducing its investments in infrastructure assets, said recently all options for AltaLink would be considered, including a private sale, strategic alternatives or turning to the public market. More

Learning EXPO: Request for speakers — March 19, 2014
Maximize your visibility by placing your company in the spotlight and reserving quality presentation time. Plan to present your company's expertise in the latest technology to the EXPO's participants. If you are interested in this fantastic opportunity, please call 1-800-642-5508, email Tara at info@elecleague.ab.ca, or check out the EXPO website.More

Let there be light
McGill Daily
As technology has progressed, transistors have gotten smaller and smaller. This trend was predicted by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in the 1960s, who projected that the size of transistors would shrink in half approximately every two years. As transistors became smaller, more of them got packed onto chips. But due to the limits in miniaturization, engineers had to look to other avenues to meet the growing demands for the internet. Scientists and engineers came up with a potential solution: silicon photonics.More

Atco unveils new Heartland power plant project in Alberta
The StarPhoenix
As power generation firms eye a huge potential market for new electricity, Atco Power has jumped to the head of the queue with plans for a 400 megawatt gas-fired plant for the Industrial Heartland area of Strathcona County that could be operating by 2017. The Alberta Electric System Operator has estimated that 2,200 MW of coal-fired power plants will be retired prior to 2022. Add that to industrial and population growth, and the industry believes that Alberta will need 7,000 MW of new power over the next decade.More

Do solar and wind cause power plants to release more pollution?
Renewable Energy World
One claim against solar and wind power is that they cause fossil fuel power plants to release significantly more emissions as they cycle electric production up and down to balance the load of electricity on the grid. A new study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory essentially calls that concern hogwash and dispels the myth — again. It's the latest positive news for the wind and solar industries.More

Gamesa to equip 6 MW for Alberta wind farm
Electric Light & Power
Global wind energy manufacturer Gamesa Technology secured a deal to supply three wind turbines for a six MW wind farm in western Canada, with a five-year operation and maintenance services agreement. Under the deal, the Box Springs Wind Project will be erected on land owned by the city of Medicine Hat, located about 180 miles from Calgary in the southeastern corner of the province of Alberta, and will feature three Gamesa G90-2.0 MW wind turbines on 78-metre towers.More

University announces new energy research strategy
University of Calgary
The University of Calgary announced a new energy research strategy — Energy Innovations for Today and Tomorrow — during its annual Community Report. This new strategy is one of six research themes outlined in the university's research plan. "The University of Calgary is located at the core of the energy industry of Canada," says Ed McCauley, vice-president (research). "This access presents an opportunity and responsibility for our university to be the leader in Canada."More

5 secrets of eco-friendly buildings
Huffington Post Canada
When it comes to sustainable architecture, going green is all about finding alternative solutions to decades-old problems. Such advances aren't always obvious to the naked eye, but many modern buildings are full of exciting innovations that make them far friendlier to Mother Nature than their predecessors. Whether they add green space into our urban jungles or power up using renewable energy, structures designed with sustainability in mind are becoming more common both in Canada and around the world. More