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SEL Curriculum For All Learners


Social and emotional learning, or SEL, has the potential to have an immense impact on teachers, students, and parents, making it more likely for schools to create a productive, positive, and less stressful learning environment.

It is vital that we address Special Education students' unique needs and challenges to improve overall student success and happiness.

Rethink SEL is your solution. We are the only program offering a fully digital PK-12 Special Education SEL Curriculum.

Developed by a diverse panel of educational experts, Rethink SEL is a scalable, research-based program that empowers educators to successfully integrate and build a district wide culture around SEL.


Our unique, comprehensive suite provides:

  • Cost effective, on-demand video modules for adult learning aligned to the CASEL Dimensions
  • Fully digital, animated videos and lessons PK-12, including IEP starter goals
  • Incident data tracking and progress monitoring
  • Home and Academic Connections

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