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The start of something very important...
Weekend before last was the start of something very important. CASE was invited and agreed to be a partner with the National Center on Learning Disabilities, National Association of State Directors of Special Education and the National Association of School Psychologist in holding a roundtable in New York on SLD eligibility best practices and other related issues. The cross stakeholder group included local district personnel, parents, researchers, etc. There was important work that occurred prior to the meeting and additional work to follow the intensive work done during the weekend. Many of you participated in the prior work — over 500 of you participated in the survey that was included in one of our previous weekly updates! CASE President, Laurie VanderPloeg and Policy and Legislative Chair, Phyllis Wolfram both currently working in LEAs or Cooperatives were sitting at the Round Table. Click here to down load a copy of the Press Release on this meeting. In the weeks to come, you will hear additional updates on what occurred during the weekend and what additionally is happening on this important topic!

Thank you for being involved — for answering the call to action when we send it out! If CASE is to be your voice at the table, we must hear from you!

Thanks for all you do for our field!


Luann Purcell
Executive Director
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  October is Dyslexia Awareness Month: Enter to Win!

Learn how S.P.I.R.E.® helps Dyslexic students build reading success through multisensory, structured and spiraling curriculum. It integrates phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension in a 10-Step lesson plan that is designed for the way struggling readers learn. Learn more and enter to win a S.P.I.R.E. level set.

Hour of Code
Computer Science Education Week
Recently, we announced the Hour of Code to the world. Now backed by Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, LinkedIn, Mark Zuckerberg, the College Board, Boys & Girls Clubs, and over 100 other partners, we're getting closer to 10 million students trying one Hour of Code during Dec. 9-15. We still need your help.

Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. Please join us at

Learn to code — from Mark Zuckerberg and Angry Birds will provide tutorials for any browser, tablet, phone, even unplugged. Our own tutorial will feature Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Angry Birds, and Plants vs. Zombies. We'll share a preview for feedback in early-November.

1 in 4 chance of winning: laptops, or a video chat with Bill Gates
50 schools who organize an Hour of Code for the entire school will win a class-set of laptops. 50 more will win video chats with Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey or other tech leaders. So far, we have 818 "entire school" submissions. In some states, your school will be the first to sign up, making your chances of winning exceptional. The deadline is Nov. 15, so register now. More info.

How can you help?
  • Ask your entire school to participate — share this handout and video with your teacher or principal.
  • Participate yourself (or with your child). Set aside one hour during Dec. 9-15.
  • At work, schedule a 1-hour team event to learn together.
  • In your community, recruit a local group. Or host an Hour of Code "block party."
  • Share on your social networks why you're hosting an Hour of Code. Ask friends to join.
No experience needed
We owe it to today's students to start with one hour. CSEdWeek is Dec. 9-15! Get started.

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READ 180
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Braga2014 Conference
The Council for Exceptional Children, as a Cooperating Sponsor of the Braga2014 Conference, Embracing Inclusive Approaches for Children and Youth with Special Education Needs, cordially invites you to submit a presentation proposal by Oct. 31.

Braga2014, to be held July 14-17 in Braga, Portugal, is being organized by the Division of International Special Education and Services, a special interest division of CEC, and the University of Minho. It will focus on four topic areas in special education:
  • Research
  • Practice
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • The Arts
Session presentations occur Monday-Thursday of conference week and are selected from this Call for Proposals. Translation to Portuguese and Spanish will be available in all keynote addresses and selected sessions. The deadline for receipt of proposals is Oct. 31.

Read submission guidelines and submit your proposal online today!
Contact us!

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  A New Solution for Creating Effective Behavior Interventions

Using the tool’s guided-process, quickly create accurate, effective Proactive Strategies, Replacement Behaviors, and Reactive Strategies to help meet IEP goals.

  • Assess Problem Behaviors
  • Implement Behavior Plans
  • Track Progress

    Job Posting

    Let CASE post your job positions
    CASE will be glad to post job positions each week — Please send to Luann Purcell, executive director by Tuesday of each week for posting the next week. It should be about a paragraph in length, but you can attach a PDF document that interested persons can then click through to for more information or you can provide a URL link for the same purpose. Please indicate at what date the post should be pulled not to exceed six weeks.
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        CEC supports US Department of Education phase out of '2 percent' assessment; cites newly developed assessments, commitment from 42 states to end of AA-MAS (CEC Policy Insider)
    Accessibility requires personnel training (District Administration Magazine)
    Let CASE post your job positions (CASE)
    Dyslexia is more common than you think (Health)

    Don't be left behind. Click here to see what else you missed.

    South Central Community Services Inc.
    Under the direct supervision of the Day Treatment Site Supervisor, the Teacher adopts the major responsibility for the academic learning, social and emotional growth of students. This includes the use of teaching techniques and tools which stimulate an interest in learning and covering the basic academic

    For more information click here.

    The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Education Division, Office of VSA and Accessibility, seeks a special education professional to be a catalyst for improving arts education for students with disabilities and students in special education. The person in this position will be expected to have and maintain an expertise and in-depth knowledge of education and special education policy and practice; the field of disability; and arts education, special education, inclusion, differentiated learning and universal design for learning. They will be responsible for executing VSA's 2014 Intersections: Arts and Special Education conference.

    For more information, as well as instructions on how to apply please go to: The position opened on September 14, 2013 and will remain open until filled.

    Council for Exceptional Children
    The Council for Exceptional Children invites applications for the editor of its peer reviewed, practitioner-oriented journal, TEACHING Exceptional Children. Applications from co-editors also will be accepted. Designed for special education professionals, TEC links research and practice, showing the application of research to special education classroom and administrative activities and decisions.

    To receive application instructions: Send an email to Please include your full name, current position and preferred phone number.

    Corning-Painted Post Area School District
    Position description: Supervises and coordinates programs that serve children with special needs; including special education, tutorial and enrichment programs. Coordinates the district health services and student screening programs. Implements the district guidance plan. Shares supervision with building administrators of district special education teachers, speech therapists, school-nurse teachers, guidance counselors, school psychologists and teachers in the enrichment programs.

    For more information click here.

    C8 Sciences, one of the fastest-growing brain research companies in the world, is seeking an inside sales consultant to help implement our researched based programs into the education and healthcare markets. This position has six-figure earnings potential, full benefit package, extensive training program and great working culture for the right candidate.

    For more information click here.

    Assistant Director of Special Education for Logansport Area Joint Special Services Cooperative, Logansport, Indiana
    The LAJSSC Assistant Director works closely with the Director in the overall operation of the cooperative. Specific duties will include oversight of the school psychologists, OT & PT staff, and programs for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing & Visually Impaired. A minimum of five years of experience in the field of special education and current Director of Special Education license preferred. The Assistant Director position currently is a 220 day contract. Please go to and click Employment under Quick Links to make application. A letter of interest may also be emailed to Thomas Adams, Director at

    The Mico University College Child Assessment and Research in Education Centre, established since 1981 to meet the needs of children requiring special education in Jamaica and the English speaking Caribbean seeks School Psychologist, and Special Educators at the graduate or doctoral level. Candidates must be able to diagnose and apply prescriptive remediation for children with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders, should have strong leadership skills with the ability to organize, train and develop and guide a clinical team. Strong research and analytical skills are also required.

    For further information you may email us at

    The Association of University Centers on Disabilities, a national not-for-profit organization, seeks an executive director to lead and guide activities that fulfill its mission to advance policies and practices that improve the health, education, social and economic well-being of people with developmental and other disabilities, their families and their communities by supporting its members in research, education, health and service activities. AUCD is governed by a 19-member Board of Directors that includes professionals, individuals with disabilities and family members. It has an annual budget of approximately $5 million and employs a staff of 21. For additional detailed information, click here and visit

    Berkshire Hills Music Academy, a private post-secondary residential school for young adults with a love of music who have learning, cognitive or developmental disabilities, is seeking a new executive director. Located in South Hadley, Mass., the academy uses a strength-based, music-infused curriculum to promote gains in self-efficacy as well as to cultivate performing arts abilities.

    The executive director will lead the school, oversee staff and programs, and be responsible for fiscal health and fundraising. Requires experience working with individuals with disabilities, management and fundraising experience.

    For more details, click here. Send cover, resume and salary history to Susan Egmont, Egmont Associates,

    CEC Policy Insider

    How are funding cuts affecting students, schools, services?
    CEC Policy Insider
    As a member of the National Coalition on Personnel Shortages in Special Education and Related Services, CEC has been actively advocating against funding cuts to education programs. Last year, more than $2 billion was cut from federal education programs, including slashing more than $700 million from Title I and $600 million from IDEA's special education programs due to sequestration, the federal automatic spending cuts.
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    Congress calls teachers-in-training 'highly qualified' over objections of CEC, 96 civil rights, education, disability organizations
    CEC Policy Insider
    Recently, tucked deeply away in the budget legislation that restored the federal government to its full operational status, Congress included a controversial provision allowing teachers still enrolled in their preparation programs to be called "highly qualified" through the 2015-2016 school year.
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    Report shows new majority of low incomes students in Southern US region
    CEC Policy Insider
    Time and time again, we see reports that reflect the inadequate attention being given to funding for education. In a report done by the Southern Education Foundation titled A New Majority: Low Income Students in the South and Nation, more evidence is put forth on the need to do something about the growing numbers of low income students in comparison to student funding, focusing particularly on the South, as they have recently been show to have the highest percent of low income students in all public schools.
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    K-12 advocates braced for fresh budget battles
    Education Week
    School districts anxiously awaiting another round of across-the-board cuts to federal education programs will have to endure another few months of uncertainty, under a bipartisan deal that put an end to the first government shutdown in nearly two decades and prevented the nation from defaulting on its debt.

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    'Mainstreaming' special education students needs debate
    The Wall Street Journal
    Americans tend to be a vocal people, sharing their views about almost any issue in the public sphere loudly and frequently.

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    read more
    E-readers can make reading easier for those with dyslexia
    Smithsonian via Science Daily
    As e-readers grow in popularity as convenient alternatives to traditional books, researchers at the Smithsonian have found that convenience may not be their only benefit.

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    Hot Topics

    Dyslexia center offers alternative teaching mode for kids
    The Voice
    You can't fit a square peg in a round hole, but you can add some corners to the hole so the peg goes in clean. In the same way, children with dyslexia can learn the same things others do, but not in the same manner. According to the Michigan Dyslexia Institute, "the presence of dyslexia does not indicate a lack of intelligence. The core weakness underlying dyslexia is a unique, neurologically based deficit in processing phonetic information. It results in difficulty in decoding words and/or slower reading speed and/or poor reading comprehension."
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    ADHD kids often show autistic traits
    Psych Central
    Children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder often exhibit autistic traits, which can lead to even greater problems with socialization, according to new research presented at the 26th European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Congress. Previous research has shown that children with autism spectrum disorder often also have a diagnosis of ADHD. This new study suggests that the reverse may also be true.
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    Non-regular bedtimes tied to kids' behavior problems
    Kids without a regular bedtime tend to have more behavior problems at home and at school, a new study suggests. Researchers found that when children started going to sleep at a more consistent time, their behavior improved as well. "If you are constantly changing the amounts of sleep you get or the different times you go to bed, it's likely to mess up your body clock," said Yvonne Kelly, who led the study.
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    K-12 advocates braced for fresh budget battles
    Education Week
    School districts anxiously awaiting another round of across-the-board cuts to federal education programs will have to endure another few months of uncertainty, under a bipartisan deal that put an end to the first government shutdown in nearly two decades and prevented the nation from defaulting on its debt. Instead of breathing a sigh of relief as the impasse came to an end, education advocates are steeling themselves for yet another high-stakes budget battle. The agreement signed by President Barack Obama Oct. 17 to end the partial shutdown would keep all programs in the U.S. Department of Education running at current funding levels until Jan. 15.
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    Looking for similar articles? Search here, keyword BUDGET.

    On the road to school success
    Lagging far behind their international peers. Shamefully low reading and math competency. A staggering achievement gap. We've heard the alarming statistics about the trajectory of American students. After 10 years, No Child Left Behind has failed to put American children back on a competitive academic track. But we are beginning to see real results in America's cities, the epicenters of innovation, including the four we lead: Denver; Providence, R.I.; San Antonio; and Sacramento, Calif.
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    In the News

    The not-so-hidden cause behind the ADHD epidemic
    The New York Times
    Between the fall of 2011 and the spring of 2012, people across the United States suddenly found themselves unable to get their hands on ADHD medication. Low-dose generics were particularly in short supply. There were several factors contributing to the shortage, but the main cause was that supply was suddenly being outpaced by demand. The number of diagnoses of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has ballooned over the past few decades. Before the early 1990s, fewer than 5 percent of school-age kids were thought to have ADHD. Earlier this year, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that 11 percent of children ages 4 to 17 had at some point received the diagnosis — and that doesn't even include first-time diagnoses in adults.
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    School psychologists call for evidence-based practices, especially for students who struggle with writing
    Medical News Today
    Writing instruction in U.S. classrooms is "abysmal" and the Common Core State Standards don't go far enough to address glaring gaps for students and teachers, a Michigan State University education scholar argues. In a new study, Gary Troia calls for a fresh approach to professional development for teachers who must help students meet the new writing standards. His research, funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences, appears in the journal School Psychology Review.
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    Why kids take on adults' math anxiety
    We know a lot about how relationships can enhance learning. We learn better when we "apprentice" ourselves to someone more knowledgeable, for example; when we ourselves teach others; and when we discuss and debate with our peers. But there are also times when relationships suppress learning. This is the case when parents and teachers — figures of towering importance in the world of children — pass on negative views about particular academic subjects. This passing-on is not deliberate, of course. No parent or teacher would wish to impart feelings of anxiety or aversion regarding learning. And yet that's often just what happens, according to Elizabeth Gunderson, a researcher at the University of Chicago.
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    What teaching teaches the teacher
    The Dixie Diarist, a special education teacher, writer and artist, writes: "I'm a special education teacher who thinks kids are the most important people on Earth, and that teachers and headmasters and principals and assistant principals — as sneaky as they are — are pretty darn important to the educational process, too. I became a teacher when I was old enough to have legitimate ear hair concerns, backed up with a whole lot of life and work experience. And the classroom gave me a whole lot more — ear hair included."
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    What do Common Core and the fiscal fight have in common?
    Education Week (commentary)
    Quick political quiz for education nerds: What do the shutdown/almost-default-on-the-national-debt and common core have in common? I'll give you a minute ... Give up? They're both issues that divide the GOP. In particular, they are areas on which the grassrootsy, tea party, activisty side of the Republican Party doesn't exactly see eye-to-eye with the business community.
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    Strong parent-professional partnerships
    Psychology Today
    Decades of research show that when families and schools partner together, children are better positioned to reach their greatest potential as learners and active members of the school community. There's simply no doubt that parental involvement is directly linked to students with higher self-confidence and more positive attitudes toward school and learning. From better attendance and higher grades, to better homework completion rates and higher graduation rates, the most consistent predictor of high academic achievement and positive social adjustment for children is engaged parents.
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    Keep bullying on the front burner
    Sadly, it seems that terrible tragedy needs to keep striking in order for bullying to retain its status as worthy of serious efforts to eliminate it. The latest incident involves 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick's leap to her death in response to persistent cyber-bullying, and the subsequent arrest of two juvenile female honor students. While all this attention spotlights the serious consequences of this stubborn issue, schools and parents must be equally persistent in providing constant reminders of the dangerous and damaging impact caused by hurtful words, threats and actions when horrors like this aren't center stage.
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