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Free-flowing rivers are an endangered species on Earth. Only about a third of the world’s longest rivers still flow freely along their entire lengths, unchained by dams or reservoirs, scientists report in the May 9 Nature.

source: ScienceNews

The journal Science published a very interesting perspective article on tailings dam failures. The gist of the article is summarized in this part of the conclusion: “Given the number of tailings and ash impoundments around the...

source: The Landslide Blog

Sonderarm is a fjord that extends south from Lindenow Fjord in southern Greenland. The glacier is a short distance east of Kangersuneq Qingordleq, where recent retreat has led to glacier separation and a just south of Norrearm where glacier retreat has led to fjord extension.

source: From a Glacier's Perspective

Burning forests and humans do not mix well, especially when individuals understand only some of the dangers. Flames racing across a mountainside make for gripping television, but a second wave of tragedy often lies just beyond the camera’s view.

source: Speaking of Geoscience

Short-faced bears, wolf-like carnivores, saber-toothed cats and elephant relatives known as gomphotheres are among the Ice Age creatures whose fossilized bones have been recovered from a submerged cave in Mexico’s Yucatán...

source: Smithsonian.com

The NASA HiRISE team posted an image that they described as a "Distinctive Lobe of Northern Hargraves Crater Ejecta Blanket." On Twitter, Andrew Wiebusch raised the possibility that this is not an ejecta blanket, but is instead a sign of slope instability.

source: The Landslide Blog


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