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Spending on corporate training soars: Employee capabilities now a priority
The economic recovery is clearly here: Spending on corporate training is soaring. The 2014 Corporate Learning Factbook was just released and the research is striking: U.S. spending on corporate training grew by 15 percent last year — the highest growth rate in seven years — to over $70 billion in the U.S. and over $130 billion worldwide. Corporate training is always a very good indicator of economic activity: When companies slow down they often cut training spending, and then as business grows they ramp back up to train new hires, sales people, and leaders. This is among the most discretionary of all corporate spending areas, so it is an excellent bellwether for business confidence.
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Self-publishing e-books: How to get started
Self-published e-books are all the rage. Authors are finding it much easier and much quicker to get their stories in front of a wide audience when they do it themselves, versus waiting to find an agent or traditional publisher willing to take them on. There's also an advantage in having control over where your book is sold, what it looks like and other issues that a traditional publisher usually has the final say on. Note that, like any other field affected by technology, the e-publishing world is moving and changing quickly — so what was true a year ago isn't necessarily the case today. So you've embraced the decision to self-publish. Now what?
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Social media, the human element and your brand
Why has social media become so important to a business' marketing strategy? The answer lies not in the immense reach of social networks, or in the fact that social is the top Internet activity, but in the simple fact that social media humanizes the brand. Brands not only develop a digital footprint with social, but also a digital personality. It is this personality that acts as the human interface between the brand and its target consumers. Your brand's presence on social media can be a sounding board, a listening post, a growth trigger, or an engagement catalyst if your social interactions have a personal touch to them.
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From strangers to friends: Bridging attendee loneliness with conference community
Midcourse Corrections
Are your conference attendees alone? What will it take for conference organizers to get unengaged attendees engaged and connected? How can conference organizers plan for authentic, deep, connections and community? Attendees that feel separated from others or as outsiders actually feel pain. That social pain is just as real as physical pain says neuroscientists Paul MacLean. We are hardwired to connect. It's part of what drives us. None of us are meant to be lone ranger islands in this world. So how can we help conference attendees transition to participants and co-creators connected to each other?
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7 simple ways to use your voice for better presentations
By Joe Cavalcante
Keeping audiences engaged is the key to an effective presentation. One of the easiest and most powerful things you can do is capture them with your voice, and that just requires speaking conversationally. The guiding principles in these techniques are variety and ease of listening.

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Seeking excellent speakers
Meetings & Conventions
Being fabulous on stage won't cut it if the material isn't relevant to the audience. In fact, 91 percent of the 117 respondents to a recent M&C Research poll cited topical relevance among their key selection criteria, followed by cost (70 percent) and recommendations (53 percent).

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Unforced ways to build and strengthen your network
Want to connect with people without seeming self-serving? It's easy. The key is to have a reason: An unselfish reason. The key is to get or stay in touch in a meaningful and memorable way — unforced, natural and with a purpose that benefits the other person, not you.

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5 excuses that shouldn't stop you from bringing your ideas to life
Someone somewhere will always give an excuse about why they're unable to turn their ideas into reality. The only way to succeed at becoming an entrepreneur is to have the courage to take that first, small step. Unfortunately, most of us tend to focus on everything we think we can't do, rather than what we can do. As a result, we never even get started. It doesn't have to be that way. The following are some of the most common excuses — do any of them sound familiar?
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Presentations: Engage your audiences
Presentations are a part of the routine at virtually every office. Occasionally, employees will get excited about seeing a presentation, but more often than not, they expect to be — and dread the thought of — sitting through an endless series of PowerPoint slides and bad jokes. Why don't most business presentations land? Why do speakers so frequently face tuned-out listeners who are too busy checking their phones and watches to pay attention to the important information being conveyed? In an age of constant distractions and shrinking attention spans, it seems that giving an engaging presentation is an art that few have been able to master successfully.
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Here and now: 7 things that matter about business travel
Business Journals
To some professionals' experiences, the past is rarely prologue in business travel. In fact, this is how it works: Anything that happened before airline deregulation is prehistoric. The less said about those who moon about the "good old days" on Pan Am the better. Anything between deregulation and the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, is ancient history. Even events in the last dozen years are little more than reference. Business travel is always about now. It moves far too fast to worry about what has come before. And you'd be well advised to be equally ruthless in your thinking. Only now — your next flight, your next hotel stay — really matters.
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Time to deep-6 the panels?
The meetings industry moved from single presenters and PowerPoints to panel discussions with the thought that they would be more interactive. Instead, they are just driving attendees crazy. In The Panel Report: A 2014 Snapshot on the Effectiveness of Panel Discussions at Meetings, Conferences, and Conventions, 63 percent of the 539 executives, thought-leaders, and meeting planners surveyed said that, while they saw panels at 98 percent of the conferences they attended in the past year, they were at best mediocre. What’s the problem?
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