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Jan. 25, 2012

Don't miss out — renew your SIM membership today
Just a friendly reminder — if you haven't yet renewed your SIM membership, please do so today. Membership is on a calendar year and expired on Dec. 31. You don't want to miss out on SIM's year-round benefits, including networking, knowledge sharing, education, advocacy and industry leadership. Renewing your membership ensures that you don't lose your connection to more than 3,500 IT leaders!More

The mobile enterprise: Killing IT's sacred cows
CIOs need to break with tradition or risk having IT get outsourced, say modern IT managers. But how do they gain an edge? Don't be a slave to ROI, work with startups, and bring iPads and mobile apps into the enterprise.More

Top IT trends for 2012 and beyond
CIO Update
What top trends in IT are in store for 2012? Well, expect a number of trends that have emerged over the last few years, such as cloud, mobility, enterprise social media, the "Internet of things" and big data to continue to gain traction with IT and business leaders, as well as industry-specific trends such as location shifting and increased adoption of mobile payments. Here is a quick look at some of these IT trends in more detail and reasons these will be critical in 2012.More

The new rules for enterprise apps
To be successful today, enterprise software must be more user-friendly, get updated more often, and offer users outside your company more transparency than ever before. Here's a look at the new rule book.More

NSF study raises serious concerns about US investment in technology
The National Science Foundation recently released a bevy of reports detailing American investment in science and technology, and the picture is grim. While the size of the U.S. science and engineering workforce grew 24 percent between 2000 to 2010, to reach 6.65 million, the number of Americans working in high-tech manufacturing dropped by 28 percent, and it's still headed down.More

5 strategies to fail fast on IT projects
Even if our resumes and LinkedIn profiles portray us as superhuman, we all fail. And nowhere are those failures more apparent than on some of the big IT projects we lead and manage. The important question is: How quickly can we fail at something before we make a big investment in it? Failing fast is a practice that can save an organization millions of dollars.More

4 consumer technologies that could change your enterprise
The Consumer Electronics Show is clearly focused on consumers, but given that we are in the midst of the consumerization of IT era, the show bears watching. From technologies born out of gaming companies to hardware waterproofing products, here are some gems from CES that CIOs will be glad to welcome to their IT shops.More

How to profit from new domain name rules
Network World
A new era in website naming has begun, providing a golden opportunity for savvy IT professionals to go on the offensive with new domains that can capture additional Web traffic and generate new revenue.More

BI to the rescue as CIOs wrestle with great expectations but no new money
CIOs will turn to business intelligence — the practice of companies tapping into internal and external data and extracting useful insights — to deliver tough business targets against flat IT budgets in 2012. IT leaders expect to have to wring every penny from static budgets in 2012 if they are to deliver on their goals of increasing operational efficiencies and company returns, and attracting new customers, CIOs from across the globe told Gartner's worldwide CIO survey.More

Salaries don't drive job satisfaction for senior IT executives
As in life, when it comes to work, money doesn't always equal happiness. Of course, money doesn't hurt, but for the senior IT executives surveyed by in 2011 for its CIO/IT Strategy Media Group IT salary and career survey, other key elements have to be in place to create job satisfaction. The types of projects one works on, the appreciation of bosses and peers, and even the types of industries IT leaders proffer their skills to — all are crucial to a harmonious work experience.More