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Feb. 22, 2012

Set directions and shape the future
Join an elite group of senior information management executives in establishing the discipline’s directions. Decide on what the world’s leading information systems scholars should research to answer the questions that matter to you. Participate in an experience that can only be understood first hand. Thought leadership is an interactive dialog, not a headline. SIM’s Advanced Practices Council®: Setting New Competitive Standards Through Research and Thought Leadership. For more information, click here or contact Madeline Weiss, program director, at

Technology leaders of the future embedded in a business near you
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It's become customary to say that the role of the CIO and the IT department is constantly shifting. There are tangible signs, however, that the next generation of IT leaders indeed will be a different breed. A shift to embedding IT leaders within business functions is well under way, and is showing up in the curriculum being taught to future technology leaders. "More of the people entering our Regional Leadership Forum aren't coming from IT but from the legal, logistics and operational units of a company. That wasn't the case five years ago," said Bob Rouse, director of the RLF program at the Society for Information Management.More

How to manage the BYOD quandary
CIO Update
Employees of large business enterprises are increasingly bringing iPads, iPhones, Android and other devices to the office and using them for work-related purposes. This trend, the consumerization of IT or the bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon, has CIOs concerned, and rightly so. The proliferation of personal electronic devices in the workplace raises some immediate and urgent issues around corporate policy, infrastructure and applications.More

Does the company CIO have a future?
Financial Times
What will become of the chief information officer by the year 2020? One only need reference the rapid change of both technology and the information technology function over the last 50 years to ascertain that the continued metamorphosis of the CIO role is unarguable. However, the CIO's projected state cannot be estimated by simply extrapolating a remarkable progression over the last half-century.More

Why P&G CIO is quadrupling analytics expertise
Procter & Gamble CIO Filippo Passerini says he plans to increase fourfold the number of company staff with expertise in business analytics. Passerini is investing in analytics expertise because the model for using data to run a company is changing. The old IT model was to figure out which reports people wanted, capture the data and deliver it to the key people weeks or days after the fact. "That model is an obsolete model," he says.More

The consumerization of IT and the CIO role
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Those who question whether the CIO role will continue to exist are asking the wrong question. The question is not whether there will be CIOs by 2013. Instead, the question is: What role will CIOs at top-performing companies play this year, the next and the next?More

Women advance in the CIO ranks
If you work anywhere near technology, that sound you hear is the glass ceiling cracking in America's largest companies. More women are stepping into the role of chief information officer in the largest 250 publicly-traded companies. More

Prioritizing tech projects: How managers make a short list of long demands
Surging demand in organizations for new mobile, social and advanced analytics technologies is adding to IT's already full plate of traditional enterprise system work. The yin-yang of the economic climate doesn't help. Tech budgets are up somewhat and companies seem more amendable to adding staff, but workers skilled in the new technologies are scarce.More

8 tips to defend against online financial fraud threats
Criminals in 2012 are increasingly targeting the accounts of business owners and executives as a way to facilitate financial fraud and CIOs can help protect their organizations against these attacks.More