SIM Connect
Apr. 11, 2012

Google+ now made SIMple!
The Society for Information Management has made the move to Google+. Visit SIM's newly created page here. Google+ pages provide businesses and organizations with a public identity and presence much like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ... only better. Google+ is another type of social network. This network allows businesses and organizations to create pages to showcase their products and services to a select audience. Google+ is a collection of the best pieces of different social products all rolled in to one. This one-stop shop includes two important features for SIM: Hangouts, a video chat service, and Circles, a friend management service.

What is your chapter up to? Create a Hangout to start conversations and meet with other SIM members virtually. This new social network will close the gap between chapter members and leaders. Click here to create your own Google+ page and start following SIM!More

The strategic CIO
DC Velocity
The role of the CIO is evolving at an accelerating pace. The most effective CIOs are shifting their focus from inward-looking operational issues to an emerging set of outward-focused strategic opportunities that are central to their companies' financial and competitive success.More

The CIO enters the era of disruption
Organizations are experiencing a frenzy of restructuring. Currently, 60 percent of the companies in the Global 2000 are replacing the leaders in their top ranks, including their CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and COOs, as well as their heads of marketing, legal and human resources. Historically, in any quarter, one can expect just 10 to 20 percent of Global 2000 companies to take such action. Welcome to the age of disruption.More

BYOD: If you think you're saving money, think again
It's the battle hymn of the mobile worker: They want to use their personal iPhones, iPads and Android devices instead of company-issued BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBooks to get their jobs done. While CIOs might gloat at BYOD's perceived cost savings, they'd be wrong to do so. Aberdeen Group found that a company with 1,000 mobile devices spends an extra $170,000 per year, on average, when they use a BYOD approach.More

Business process optimization and the CIO role converge
Given CIOs' ability to master IT process optimization — and given that the role of the CIO is as cross-functional as other C-level positions, if not more so — it's only natural that CIOs are being asked to optimize enterprise business processes.More

'Bring your own cloud' is coming to an enterprise near you
Rock stars U2 have invested in startup vendor Dropbox, which says it has more than 50 million users. Apple's pouring its ad money into promoting iCloud. Microsoft has Skydrive, and rumors of Google launching an online storage system have been circulating. You're probably only a year into coming to grips with the "bring your own device" movement, but constant change is the new reality of business IT. Sometime in the not-so-distant-future, if not now, your employees will expect a "bring your own cloud" policy.More

Creating culture of IT innovation includes rewarding failure
David Richter, vice president of Kimberly-Clark's infrastructure solutions group, knows creating a culture of innovation can be messy, but it's still rewarding. By encouraging his employees to come to him with innovative ideas, and rewarding them whether the ideas succeed or fail, he's been able to increase efficiency, reduce costs and boost morale.More

IT contractors help companies meet changing work needs
IDG News Service
Whether companies require specific tech talent for a project or need extra help meeting a business uptick brought by the recovering economy, corporate IT departments depend on the contract workforce. For CIOs, temporary staff offer the experience required to complete a specific task without the need and cost of permanently keeping them on the payroll. IT staffing firms see contractors as helping companies stay flexible and meeting the work peaks and lulls that accompany a recovering economy. In either scenario, contractors have been, and will continue to be, in demand for enterprise IT, according to CIOs and hiring experts.More

CIOs must embrace social networks to drive social business
Maybe it's because their jobs are too demanding to make the time or maybe they're just not interested, but one thing is clear: According to a new study, CIOs just aren't into social media. Whatever the reason, it's a bad sign.More