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Feb. 4, 2009  
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Texas Gun Bills are Likely to Set off Flurry of Debate
from the San Antonio Express-News
Texas lawmakers are drafting bills — one to authorize the ability to carry a gun on campus and another to allow licensed handgun owners to openly carry their weapons — that likely will be the most hotly debated among several pieces of gun-related legislation to be considered this session. More


Ammunition Bans, Promise to be as Ineffective as Most Prohibitions
from the Examiner
Hobbled by the Supreme Court decision in D.C. v. Heller, recognizing that individuals have a constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, gun control advocates are roaming the land with virtual lightbulbs over their heads. "Ah ha," they say. "You can have your guns, but we'll control your ammunition." Well, they're not the first to think of the idea, and they won't be the first to discover that "banning"' isn't synonymous with "eliminating." More

Obama Driving Surge in Gun Sales, Firearms Groups Say
from FOX News
President-elect Barack Obama's election has spurred a surge in gun sales, firearms retailers and enthusiasts say, as gun owners brace for what they believe will be a new era of gun control in Washington. An electronic news service that covers outdoor news has even named Obama its "Gun Salesman of the Year." More

Political Change Sparks Ammo Sales Surge
from The Omaha Channel via MSNBC
Gun buyers and sellers said there's been an increase in ammunition sales across the country and they think it's because of the political shift in Washington. "If I could get lots of cases, people would be stocking up on cases of ammo," said Derry Hartsock of Canfield's Sporting Goods, where ammunition sales have surged. More

Obama Supports Some Gun Control
from the Atlanta Journal Constitution
The Obama administration supports restrictions on certain kinds of guns and certain kinds of gun sales. “President Obama believes in the Second Amendment,” White House spokeswoman Amy Brundage said in an e-mail Friday. “He supports common-sense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals who shouldn’t have them.” More

State of the Hunting Industry
from ESPN
A narrowed look at the hunting and outdoor industry shows it appears in pretty good condition. There were record gun sales in November — up 42 percent from 2007 — and they didn't fall off much in December (up 24 percent). But as Frank Briganti, director of industry research and analysis for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said, all the numbers digested in the last three to four months need to be taken with a bit of cautious optimism. More

Texas Lawmakers Consider Bill to Legalize High-flying Hog Hunting
from WFAA-TV
Texas Lawmakers are taking aim at a different kind of pork with a proposed bill that would legalize hunting feral hogs from a helicopter. The pork choppers would thin out the 1.5 million wild hogs that cause an estimated $52 million in property and crop damage annually. And landowners might recoup some of their damages by leasing hunting rights to flyers. More


Antonio Zoli SRL
Our goal is to design and build the finest, most durable and innovative shotguns for tomorrow’s discriminating shooter. This is our ambition, plain and simple. More


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