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TSRA Weekly Sportsman
March 4, 2009  
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Administration Guns for Assault-weapons Ban
from The Hill
The Obama administrationís announcement that it will push to reinstate the assault -weapons ban has stunned Capitol Hill and revived a debate that has been dormant for years. Congressís leading supporter of the assault-weapons ban reacted with surprise and praise after Attorney General Eric Holder indicated the administration will push to renew the ban that expired in 2004. More


Obama Should Not Reinstate Assault Weapon Ban, Gun Enthusiasts Assert
from the Los Angeles Times
U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder said during a news conference last week that the Obama administration ought to consider renewing a 10-year ban that expired five years ago. Naturally, hunters, target shooters, general gun enthusiasts and supporters of the 2nd Amendment cringed. Many countered that the ban did not reduce crime in the U.S. and that any spike since the expiration cannot be attributed to the resumed sale of semiautomatic weapons to private citizens. More

Is H.R. 45 Just the Tip of the Iceberg on Gun Control?
from the El Paso Times
There's been somewhat of an enjoyable respite from gun-control fanaticism for the past few years. But now it appears ready to rear its ugly head once again. This could be the roughest four years in a long time for those who advocate upholding the Second Amendment. Take, for example, H.R. 45, introduced in January in the U.S. House of Representatives as "Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009...To provide for the implementation of a system of licensing for purchasers of certain firearms and for a record of sale system for those firearms, and for other purposes." More

Video: NRA Coloring Book Has Garland Mother Fired Up
from CBS11-TV
As part of the Garland Independent School Districtís Health and Safety Curriculum, students were recently provided a coloring book from the NRA called Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle in which children are taught to not touch found guns and to run away and tell an adult. One studentís mother is up in arms at the distribution of the coloring book. But GISD officials say this is the first complaint they have had since starting the program 10 years ago. In a related poll on CBS 11-TVís Web site, 90 percent of respondents believe gun safety programs sponsored by the NRA should be taught in elementary schools. More

Texas Bill Allowing Guns on College Campuses Officially Filed
from WOAI
Sen. Jeff Wentworth (R-San Antonio) filed a bill on Thursday to force private and public colleges to allow concealed-gun permit holders to carry weapons on their campuses. Sen. Wentworth told WOAI-TV that "I don't want to wake up some morning and read in the paper, or listen to the radio, or watch on TV, that 32 Texas college kids were gunned down like sitting ducks." More

New Task Force on Gun Rights Formed
from Tulsa World
U.S. Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma, a board member of the National Rifle Association, and U.S. Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia, will co-chair the new Second Amendment Task Force. The task force will be charged with monitoring legislation regarding the Second Amendment during the 111th Congress. More

D.C. Voting Measure Clears U.S. Senate with Added Gun Language
from the Washington Post
The U.S. Senate passed a bill last week that would give the District of Columbia a voting seat in the House of Representatives, but lawmakers attached language strongly opposed by city leaders that strips most local gun-control laws. More


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