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April 1, 2009  
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Lawmakers Debate Bill that would Allow Handguns on College Campuses
from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Texas lawmakers considered legislation Monday to allow concealed handguns on college campuses as officials from the state’s private colleges and universities urged lawmakers to exclude their institutions from the measure. The bill by Rep. Joe Driver, R-Garland, would allow Texans with concealed-handgun permits to carry their weapons onto college and university campuses. More


Bill Allows Texans to Keep Guns in Cars at Work
from The Associated Press via the Dallas Morning News
The Texas Senate gave unanimous approval to legislation Wednesday that would allow people to carry firearms to work and then store them in their parked vehicles outside. Businesses could still keep guns out of their offices and company-owned vehicles. But the bill, a top priority of the National Rifle Association, would no longer let employers ban guns in company parking facilities — as long as they remain locked up inside an employee's vehicle. More

Congressman Co-sponsors Second Amendment Self Defense Bill
from the U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Congressman Todd Tiahrt (R-Goddard) today co-sponsored the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Bill (H.R. 197). This legislation would protect the rights of licensed firearm permit holders by allowing them to carry firearms across the country without a confusing patchwork system. "The National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Bill recognizes that those who have a valid state-issued concealed firearms permit should not have to forfeit their safety when traveling," said Tiahrt. More

The Ammo Boom is No Dud
from ESPN
As a growing number of gun shoppers are discovering these days, it's becoming easier to buy a gun than it is to purchase the ammunition for it. Shortages of popular handgun calibers in particular have dealers and customers fuming, and ammo makers have shifted their production lines into overdrive to keep up with the demand. How long will the "bullet bubble" last? That depends in large part on politics in Washington and in statehouses across the land, and the messages that various legislative efforts convey. More

   Product Showcase: HOT AIR!

.50-cal. airguns? Airguns have come a long way, and they're taking large game. Read about the Dragon Slayer, one of today's hottest big bore airguns. Fellow Texan Tom Gaylord tells all and finishes up with a heart-thumpin' video. Plus, hunter Jim Chapman shows you pictures of his wild pig hunt. Click here

Kerry: No National Guard to Southern Border, Bring Back Assault Weapons Ban
from FOX News
Sending National Guard to the U.S. border of Mexico is "premature and possibly counterproductive," but reviving the assault weapons ban would help end the drug-related violence in Mexico, Sen. John Kerry said Monday. More

Feinstein Attacks Second Amendment
from the San Francisco Chronicle
Sen. Dianne Feinstein won’t comment directly on plans to renew her long-running quest for a new ban on the sale of assault weapons. But Gil Duran, a spokesman for the senator, said Feinstein is preparing a new bill. "I am prepared to wage the assault weapons battle again and I intend to do so," Feinstein said in a speech to the Senate last month. "I have been quiet about this because there are many other pressing needs of this nation. But with the help of the president, the administration and the people of this great country, we do need to fight back." More

Changes Adopted for Texas Hunting and Fishing
from the Houston Chronicle
Come Sept. 1, Texas anglers face more restrictive regulations on flounder and alligator gar; the state’s deer hunters will see a mixed bag — some liberalization, some more conservative — of rules changes for their recreation. The changes were part of an extensive package of regulatory changes adopted last Thursday by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, and cover the 2009-10 regulatory year that begins Sept. 1. More

Texas Bills would Put Distance between Hunters, Homes
from the Dallas Morning News
Two Collin County lawmakers have filed identical bills in the Legislature that would increase the buffer zone between hunting grounds and residential areas. Most cities forbid discharging firearms within city limits, but a 2005 law added an exception for hunters on large tracts at least 150 feet from homes or occupied buildings. More

Hammerli Pneuma PCP Rifle
from the American Airgun Hunter
The Pneuma is a new rifle that is being imported and distributed in North America by UMAREX. The author had a chance to look at this compact hunting rifle at the SHOT Show this year, and arranged to have one sent out as soon as the first shipment hit our shores to see what it could do. In this article, he reviews the rifle. More


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