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TSRA Weekly Sportsman
Aug. 26, 2009  
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High-Profile Gun Rights Case Inches Toward Supreme Court
from CBS News
A federal appeals court on Sept. 24 will hear a high-profile gun rights case that's a leading candidate to end up before the U.S. Supreme Court. The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is likely to decide whether the Second Amendment's guarantee of a right to "keep and bear arms" restricts only the federal government -- the current state of affairs -- or whether it can be used to strike down intrusive state and local laws too. More


Soldiers Take Time Out to Teach New Shooters
from the U.S. Army
Every summer at Camp Perry, Ohio, prior to the National Rifle and Pistol Trophy Matches, Soldiers from the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit take time out of their own training to pass their knowledge and shooting skills on to the next generation of American shooters. The Small Arms Firing School was instituted in 1918 by the Department of Defense and is conducted by the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit. More

First Amendment Battle Could Affect the Entire Outdoor Community
from The News Press
When it comes to sportsmen and constitutional rights, the Second Amendment and firearms always seem to be at the forefront. Now there’s a new battle in America involving First Amendment rights that could substantially affect the entire outdoor community and every hunter or angler in America. More

New Laws are Allowing More Americans to Carry Guns in Public
from the Christian Science Monitor
Gun rights experts are seeing a trend at work: the "re-normalization" of gun ownership in the United States. So-called "must-issue" laws, which mandate that anyone who meets the requirements for a gun permit must be issued one, are spreading to more states. Congress has broadened the rights of gun owners recently, for example allowing guns in federal parks. And the Supreme Court's decision in District of Columbia v. Heller last year emboldened gun owners, experts say. It confirmed that the constitutional right "to keep and bear arms" is not a state right, as some gun-control advocates had argued, but an individual right. More

Commentary: Unwise Gun Treaty Erodes U.S. Sovereignty
from McClatchy
CIFTA -- the 1997 small-arms trafficking treaty drafted with the help of the Clinton administration -- is bad as a matter of principle and policy. When the United Nations tried to get the Bush administration to push the treaty through the Senate, it refused. John Bolton, then undersecretary of state for arms control, said the United States would reject any effort to regulate trade in non-military arms or any treaty that would "abrogate the constitutional right to bear arms." More

How Social Networks Work for Hunters
from NRA Hunters' Rights
In recent months, the author of this article has joined a number of online social networks for hunters. He was not exactly sure what to expect, but almost immediately one very positive thing happened -- he made contact with a lot of interesting people who share his conviction that hunting is the center of all things that really matter. Arjun Reddy, founder of, discusses with the author his experiences both hunting and launching this resource for hunters. More

Big Time Texas Hunts
Texas has a wide range of hunts throughout the state. And the Big Time Texas Hunts program is giving someone the opportunity to win a top guided hunt with food and lodging. Drawing entries cost $10 and you can enter anywhere hunting licenses are sold. The deadline to apply is Oct. 15. Winners will be announced in November. Here's a look at the packages you can win.More


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