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Feb. 19, 2015

How to make surgery safer
The Wall Street Journal
Surgery can be risky by its very nature, and the possibility of error or negligence makes it even more so. The movement to make things safer is taking on new urgency, as advocates inside and outside the surgical community push for a range of changes, and the cost of mishaps mounts.More

AAAASF Peer Review
Peer Review Reporting for 2014 Period 2 (July 1 – Dec. 31) will close Feb. 21, 2015. Our records indicate that some accredited facilities are not compliant with Peer Review reporting for Period 2. Please verify that your facility is in full compliance. Those not in compliance will receive direct notification from AAAASF. Note that every physician on staff at each facility must report six cases and all unanticipated sequelae. There are only two days left to complete the online Peer Review entry. Failure to comply with the mandatory online Peer Review reporting by Feb. 21 may result in probation of your facility's AAAASF accreditation.

We appreciate your partnership in patient safety through accreditation and encourage you to comply with the Peer Review reporting immediately to avoid probation. Please contact AAAASF toll free at 1-888-545-5222 with any questions regarding Peer Review or the online entry system.More

5 recent developments in breast surgery
Cosmetic Surgery Times
Recent industry developments in breast surgery include research on the transaxillary technique for breast implant exchange in high-risk patients, with multiple risk factors for compromised soft tissue. More

Canadian researcher develops tattoo removal cream
CBC News
Alec Falkenham, a 27-year-old doctoral student in Dalhousie University's pathology department, is developing a topical cream that he says will make tattoo ink eventually fade away.More

Virtual cadavers may help surgeons save limbs and lives
The Guardian
Soldiers will have full-body scans stored in their medical files to help surgeons rebuild them should they become injured in war, under plans drawn up by U.S. doctors.More

Research: Hand hygiene lacking during anesthesia in the OR
Infection Control Today
Researchers say there is compelling evidence for low adherence to hand hygiene guidelines in the operating room, and thus an urgent need for effective improvement strategies.More

Achieving world-class turnover time
Outpatient Surgery
A Colorado surgical facility reduced average turnover time from 26 minutes to 20. How did they do it? The effort began with observation.More

Image-guided operating suites give surgeons real-time MRI, CT scans
The Wall Street Journal
A growing number of hospitals are equipping operating suites with magnetic resonance imaging, CT scanners and other technology that enables surgeons to scan a patient in real time, without having to move them from the operating table. More

Remote patient monitoring lets doctors spot trouble early
The Wall Street Journal
A merging of wireless technology and medical care is still in its infancy, but health systems that began pilot programs with the technology in recent years say they see signs that it is keeping patients healthier. More

Telehealth is changing the landscape of diabetes management
Karen R. Thomas
Coping with the rigors of routine monitoring, blood tests and medical visits can leave many patients with diabetes feeling defeated and even depressed. Luckily, telehealth can change the landscape of diabetes management while reducing costs and increasing access and affordability in the process.More

Solving the physician shortage requires these 3 things to happen
Kevin MD
Hospitals and clinics are struggling to hire, current physicians are overworked and, ultimately, patients have to wait longer. There are a number of reasons why this has happened, but one thing's for sure: With the aging population, the problem is only going to get worse.More

A free marketing technique that helped get my PT practice going strong
Jarod Carter
When my PT practice was just a couple weeks old, the few patients I was seeing each week were not enough to pay the bills. I had to act fast to fill my schedule, and I did so through a variety of marketing techniques.More

ART: Putting tension on injuries
Breaking Muscle
While chiropractic care can be hugely important to maintain spine health, Active Release Techniques, or ART, focus on injured areas to increase mobility and strength when training hurts and ongoing injuries occur.More

New generation of spinal cord stimulators could help banish pain
For people with pain that is not related to a problem that can be fixed surgically or with medicine, a spinal cord stimulator is an option. More

South Korea cracks down on foreign-focused plastic surgery clinics
AFP via Intern Daily
South Korea on Feb. 13 announced a crackdown on illegal brokers and unregistered clinics in a bid to protect medical tourists, especially those drawn by the country's booming plastic surgery industry.More

Should medical tourism supplement gaps in a health care system?
Montreal Gazette
They are purveyors of hope to an aging population facing increasing health challenges. They can help deflect excessive waiting times by arranging treatments abroad or offer "cures" for whatever ails you, despite the unavailability of local remedies. They are medical travel brokers, and their trade is medical tourism.More

How Cuba's health care sector aims to gain a greater foothold
Fair Observer
Cuba's high-quality, low-cost health care system makes it an attractive destination for medical tourism and biotech. More