AAAASF Week in Review
May. 15, 2014

ASC radiologist requirement eliminated by CMS
Outpatient Surgery
Come July, ASCs will no longer be required to have radiologists on their medical staffs. CMS has eliminated the requirement as part of its recent efforts to promote efficiency, transparency and productivity. CMS estimates the change will save ASCs $41 million a year. The final rule was published May 12 in the Federal Register.More

Ultrasound-guided paravertebral blocks best for breast cancer resection
Anesthesiology News
Women with breast cancer who receive ultrasound-guided nerve blocks during resection of their tumors report less pain and better overall quality of life than those who undergo the procedure with general anesthesia, recent data show.More

Intense pulse light helps rejuvenate skin
Use of lasers has become common in today's medical world. For many years, lasers have been used in cosmetic medicine for rejuvenation of the skin. One of the most powerful light-laser tools in the cosmetic physician's armamentarium is the intense pulse light device.More

Hot trend in plastic surgery is all about butts
It's a hot topic in plastic surgery right now: It seems many ladies want to turn heads and keep them turned as their backsides go by.More

Body dysmorphic disorder: The rise of plastic surgery and selfie addiction
International Business Times
"Excessive selfie" has been tagged as a mental illness, along with plastic surgery addiction. In two different reports by the International Business Times, cases of Body Dysmorphic Disorder have been discussed.More

Dermatologists named most often as defendants in laser lawsuits
JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery via Healio
Dermatologists were named most often as physician defendants in malpractice lawsuits involving laser procedures of the head and neck, with women the majority of the plaintiffs, according to recent study results.More

5 must-track metrics for practice profitability
Sasha Viasasha
Today's healthcare landscape is complex and constantly changing. Collecting data is essential for analyzing practice revenue and determining what changes can be made to increase profitability. The secret is to collect the right data to successfully determine what needs to be changed. More

Growth of ambulatory pharmacy spurs consensus recommendations
Pharmacy Practice News
New consensus recommendations issued by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists could provide the cohesion a rapidly expanding body of ambulatory care pharmacists needs to meet an increasing number of clinical care opportunities.More

What surge? Primary care system holding up well under Obamacare
Kaiser Health News
The headlines were ominous: Good luck finding a doctor under Obamacare. Not enough doctors for newly insured. Obamacare, doctor shortage could crash health system. Despite these dire predictions, the nation's primary care system is handling the increased number of insured patients without major problems so far.More

AARP: 10 startups developing digital health tools for seniors
At AARP's Life@50+ event in Boston, 10 startups presented products targeted at AARP's 38 million members, ranging from a mobile diagnostic testing tool to a system that helps caregivers clock their hours and connect with others in the area.More

Risks with 100 percent probability
Dr. David Hillson
There are four types of risks that could affect our businesses and projects. Each of these is an "uncertainty that matters," but only one type has probability less than 100 percent. All three remaining types of risk are guaranteed to occur. Are you ready for them?More

The tendinopathy continuum: Update on degenerative Achilles tendon injuries
Heidi Dawson
We've learned a lot about the Achilles tendon in the past 20 years. While our knowledge has grown, the precise pathology remains unproven. The one theory that appears to have gained the most backing is the tendinopathy continuum.More

Can ultrasound relieve pain — or is it all in the mind?
The Hartford Courant
Whether, in therapeutic use, ultrasound reduces pain, increases mobility, speeds healing of tendons or other soft tissue is questioned by many physical therapists and researchers.More

Why it's an exciting time to be a physical therapist
PT Talker
Despite lower reimbursement rates faced by many physical therapists, Jerry Durham, PT, principal of San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, shares why he's so excited about the future of physical therapy.More

Dubai announces first medical tourism package
Dubai Chronicle
With the aim to attract more tourists, Dubai will launch a tailor-made medical tourism package, the Dubai Health Authority announced in May. This travel package is the first of its kind aimed at promoting medical tourism in the emirate.More

Market report: Medical tourism climate in 2014
Business Wire
One of the greatest challenges faced by those who operate in the medical travel sector is the lack of reliable and accurate information about the market. Much is said and written about the size of the market, about the exponential growth and how global healthcare is going to transform the world. But there is often little hard fact and very few statistics to support what is claimed.More

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