AAAASF Week in Review
Aug. 21, 2014

How 3-D materials play a role in reconstructive surgery
Bloomberg TV
Oxford Performance Materials CEO Scott DeFelice discusses the 3-D materials used in cranial and facial surgery, shedding light on the high-performance plastic being used for healthcare applications.More

Blood clot prophylaxis for short-stay patients may be unnecessary
2 Minute Medicine
Patients who were admitted to the general medicine service for a short stay had a very low risk of developing a blood clot in their veins (venous thromboembolism). Furthermore, the risk of developing a blood clot was not necessarily affected by the receipt of pharmacologic prophylaxis against blood clots at the time of admission. More

Early research with drug restores hair in patients with alopecia
HealthDay News via HCP Live
A drug used to treat a rare type of bone marrow cancer restores hair in patients with alopecia areata, according to a study published online Aug. 17 in Nature Medicine. More

Synthetic vs. natural grafting material for microtia reconstruction?
Cosmetic Surgery Times
When approaching microtia reconstruction, one of the questions researchers at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, recently sought to answer is whether better overall results can be achieved with synthetic versus natural reconstructive materials. More

Tattoo regret at work? Cincinnati surgeon's laser zaps it away
Cincinnati Business Courier
Amanda Zahner said her 15-year career at Procter & Gamble Co. hasn't been adversely affected by the purple bear tattooed on her right ankle, but she has been so self-conscious about it at work that she decided to try a new type of laser surgery that promised a quick, affordable and nearly painless remedy.More

'He cited us for what?' Accreditation dings that might surprise you
Outpatient Surgery
A cigarette butt on a rooftop. Expired hand sanitizer. Waste receptacles 1 inch too close to each other. Not having a policy on warming up Danish in the microwave. These infractions top of the list of the zany things accreditation surveyors cited facilities for in Outpatient Surgery's annual look at odd and unusual dings.More

Connect technology to patients' daily lives to boost engagement
Just as technology vendors have learned the importance of integrating systems such as computerized physician order entry into healthcare employees' workflow, new research advocates similar attention to patients' needs in gaining — and maintaining — their engagement in self-care technology. More

Foreign patients boost Houston's medical economy
The Associated Press via The Eagle
Mexican businessman Juan Payan and his wife, Martha, arrived in Houston almost three months ago and have accrued about $300,000 in expenses to ensure they have the best Houston has to offer. By far the biggest expense incurred by the 67-year-old San Luis Potosi shopping center owner and former importer is the estimated $200,000 for his kidney transplant — for which his is paying cash.More

The robot will echo you now: Remote CV imaging edges closer
Echocardiography researchers have successfully performed ultrasound exams using a robotic arm controlled via the Internet on patients located at remote locations — and in one case, on the other side of the Atlantic.More

PA ranks see 'phenomenal growth' but lack of diversity
HealthLeaders Media
Rising numbers of women in higher education and a growing desire among healthcare workers for work/life balance are fueling physician assistant job growth. But the head of a PA industry group says the lack of diversity among PAs is "disturbing." More

Aging at home: A necessary synergy with digital health technology
New healthcare delivery models are generally referred to as systematic changes that reflect reimbursement strategy shifts. Some even go so far as call them innovations in healthcare design. But these changes in care delivery are organizational. More

NARA Fall Conference 2014 Thriving Through Transformation: Learning, Innovating and Leading
Oct. 15 - 17, 2014
Tropicana Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

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If you are a supplier in the Rehab Industry this is the No. 1 event in the fall! The NARA Vendor Fest puts you in front of the key decision-makers for rehab providers across the U.S. Registration for the NARA conference can be completed online at:

How to calculate your ideal patient load
Brooke Andrus
As a rehab therapy provider, the strength of your clinic's revenue stream depends mainly on the number of patients you see each day — and the dollar amount you receive for each one of those visits. But how do you figure out how many patients you should be seeing each day?More

Therapy helps Parkinson's patients slow disease progression
Parkinson's disease is debilitating, but some patients in Baltimore are benefiting from a form of physical and speech therapy that's helping them in their day-to-day lives and is even slowing the progression of the disease. More

Infertility tops treatment procedures for medical tourists in Dubai
Gulf Business
Infertility treatment is the most common medical procedure undertaken by medical tourists in Dubai, according to a new survey conducted by Dubai Healthcare City. Other popular medical tourism procedures included cosmetic, dental, cardiac and orthopedic procedures, treatments or tests.More

The Caribbean as a healthcare destination
Caribbean Journal
As the world's population ages, non-communicable diseases continue to rise in frequency and healthcare costs inflate at an alarming rate, the issue of creating a healthcare destination that provides a high-quality service for far less cost has never been more pressing. More

UK health watchdog calls for better access to NHS dental care
Cosmetic Dentistry Guide
A health watchdog has called for better access to NHS dental care after it was revealed that some patients are traveling up to 40 miles to see an NHS dentist. More