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Nov. 6, 2014

Dr Spa: it's time to hop on the wellness wagon
Plastic Surgery Practice
The spa industry has survived seven turbulent years and is now experiencing a boom, according to the Global Spa & Wellness Summit Study. As of 2013, wellness is a $3.4 trillion mega industry worldwide, three times larger than pharmaceuticals. Beauty and anti-aging procedures, in fact, are seeing a whopping growth of $679 billion.More

Fall meeting: Awards presented as gavel changes hands
In October, the AAAASF Board of Directors presented the Past President's Award to outgoing President Geoffrey R. Keyes, MD, FACS, as he passed the gavel of leadership to President Foad Nahai, MD. The Service Recognition Award was presented to Dr. James A. Yates, MD, and the board named Theresa Griffin-Rossi as the AAAASF executive director, changing her status from interim executive director.

Incoming AAAASF President Foad Nahai accepts the gavel from Past President Geoffrey R. Keyes (first photo) and then presents Dr. Keyes with the Past President's Award (second photo). The Service Recognition Award is presented to Dr. James A. Yates by Dr. Keyes during the October board meeting (third photo), and Dr. Nahai welcomes Theresa Griffin-Rossi as permanent executive director of AAAASF (fourth photo).

Plastic surgeons say advances help them maintain ethnic identity
EIN News
As more minority patients get cosmetic procedures, a group of Albany, New York, plastic surgeons say they aim to preserve cultural identity through innovative methods. Keeping patients' ethnic identities at the forefront of their minds is key for plastic surgeons, the group says.More

Study: Elderly at no added risk from cosmetic surgery
Surgical Products
Senior citizens are at no higher risk for complications from cosmetic surgery than younger patients, according to a recent study by plastic surgeons at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.More

The ideal breast: Newest trend in augmentation might not be what you think
All that's needed is a quick sweep through the Breast Augmentation community on RealSelf to notice the trend: While the procedure is among the top three researched treatments in 2014 (and has also remained the most performed cosmetic surgery in the U.S. since 2006), women considering augmentation seem to have a hard time dissociating breasts implants from porn stars.More

Pain care for patients with epidermolysis bullosa: practice guidelines
BioMed Central
A biopsychosocial approach emphasizing medical, psychological and physical therapies for pain management has been suggested to be the most useful for adults and children with acute and chronic pain. This approach has also been advocated for EB patients and should be initiated from early in youth and modified with maturation.More

Dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons use mobile app to retail skin care
Steven M. Hacker, MD, founder of (now owned by Walgreens) and PassportMD (now owned by Verisk Analytics) has created a patent-pending platform to facilitate the process of physicians selling to their patients through their own customized mobile app.More

Investing in outpatient surgery centers
Healthcare Finance News
Surgery centers can be highly profitable businesses if they attract top physicians, deliver quality care and are efficiently operated. A report last year by Moody's Investors Service predicted continued strong revenue growth for surgery centers, noting that they "provide care without the high-cost infrastructures associated with hospitals."More

Pocket Guide for Nursing Health Assessment, 2nd Edition
The second edition of the Pocket Guide is designed to work as a clinical handbook and up-to-date reference for nurses when interviewing patients of all age groups and cultural backgrounds, taking health histories, promoting health and performing physical assessments. More

Appendix more likely to rupture in regions short of surgeons
National Institute of Health
Children and teens with poor access to general surgeons are at increased risk of suffering a ruptured appendix, and the risk is particularly high among young children, a new study finds. More

Spinal surgery varies by region in US
HealthDay News via WAFB-TV
Surgery for low back pain caused by spinal stenosis varies depending on where in the United States you live, a new report says. "Nearly 80 percent of Americans will experience low back pain at some point in their lives, and about 30 million people a year receive professional medical care for a spine problem," co-author Brook Martin, of the Dartmouth Institute of Health Policy & Clinical Practice, said in a college news release.More

Healthcare lags for women in Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Is Pennsylvania delivering on the promise of quality, affordable healthcare for women? It seems the deck is stacked against females, especially when it comes to getting the healthcare needed.More

Physical therapists in the ICU
PT Think Tank
Understanding the current literature in regards to mobility and physical therapists in the intensive care unit illustrates the need and the potential for physical therapists. More

How baby boomers can prevent sports injuries
Unfortunately, the baby boomer's body can't compete with the baby boomer's eagerness to jump into an athletic activity, especially if he's spent years being inactive. But why is that?More

Bracing for the falls of an aging nation
The New York Times
Eleanor Hammer, 92, executes a tightly choreographed, slow-motion pas de deux with her walker during meal times at The Sequoias, a retirement community. To eliminate trips that could lead to falls, management at The Sequoias required residents to have walkers valet parked once they reached their table, then remain seated while staff served the meal.More

Surgeons call for weight loss surgery to be state-subsidised
Australian Broadcast Company
Two leading Sydney surgeons are calling for weight loss surgery to be made available through the public health system. Writing in the Medical Journal of Australia, Professor Michael Edye and Dr. Michael Talbot argue that weight loss surgery is the best treatment option for some. And, they argue the cost of surgery would be offset by the savings reaped by not having to treat obesity related illness.More

Medical tourism business on the rise
Bariatric surgeon Dr. Patients are traveling overseas, mostly to Mexico and other Latin American countries, for weight loss surgery. More

5 popular countries for plastic surgeries
My Fashion Life
Brazil, South Korea, Greece, and other places can conduct every type of beautification surgery imaginable. Some even offer cheaper rates. Here is list of the top places that offer top-of-the-line cosmetic surgery.More