AAAASF Week in Review
Dec. 19, 2013

Efforts made to open door to more ambulatory surgery centers
Star News
Some lawmakers and organizations in North Carolina are calling for the state to loosen its healthcare certification laws to allow for more same-day surgery centers, though hospital organizations say doing so would put them at a competitive disadvantage.More

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy: To offer or not to offer?
More patients these days are requesting bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to help stave off cardiac, intellectual and emotional changes associated with aging. Is BHRT right for your practice?More

'Fat grafting' moves fat from one part of body to another
Dr. Adam Oppenheimer and Dr. Ross Clevens share the ideal procedure for reducing sign of aging in the face: injections of the patient's own fat. More

After placing carotid stent, surgeons suggest skipping the balloon
Medical News Today
Johns Hopkins surgeons say skipping one commonly taken step during a routine procedure to insert a wire mesh stent into a partially blocked carotid artery appears to prevent patients from developing dangerously low blood pressure, an extremely slow heart rate or even a stroke or heart attack.More

FDA proposes ban on antibacterial soaps
The Boston Globe
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced a proposed regulation Dec. 16 to ban certain ingredients in anti-bacterial soaps if manufacturers cannot prove these products are safe to use and more effective than plain soap and water for preventing the spread of infections. More

Are today's new surgeons unprepared?
The New York Times
As accreditation standards become ever more stringent regarding the number of hours residents work, one segment of healthcare — surgical training programs — worries about whether its new surgeons are ready to face the challenges of the profession.More

Da Vinci robot recall affects nearly 1,400 devices
Injury Lawyer News
A da Vinci robot recall was announced Dec. 10 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, after the manufacturer, Intuitive Surgical, issued a "voluntary product correction" for da Vinci Patient Side Manipulators. Intuitive Surgical warned the mechanical arms on some of its da Vinci robots could stall during robotic surgery.More

Reactions mixed to announced meaningful use changes
Pamela Lewis Dolan
A new proposed timeline for the meaningful use incentive program for electronic health record use was announced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT. The change came with mixed reaction from many healthcare member organizations advocating for more flexibility in the incentive program. It was also met with some initial confusion over what the revised timeline means.More

USDA investing $50 million in rural mental health treatment, telemedicine
HealthTech Zone
Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, has challenged the USDA to invest up to $50 million in mental health services, including telemedicine solutions, for rural populations.More

Program aims to attract more doctors to rural areas
Iowa City Press-Citizen
The University of Iowa Health Alliance announced in December that it is donating $1 million to a program expected to bring 20 doctors to rural communities across the state where access to convenient medical care has been dwindling.More

'Country Doctor of the Year' embraces challenge of rural medicine
HealthLeaders Media
Robert Bosl, MD, has for the past 33 years served about 2,500 patients around the town of Starbuck, Minn. This annual award recognizes what is right in rural healthcare delivery, but it also inadvertently shows us much of what is wrong.More

5 important things you didn't learn in physical therapy school
There are many facets of being a healthcare provider that they do not cover in physical therapy school or even when taking up the best courses. Here are five important things you didn't learn as a student.More

Occupational therapy assistants improve patients' quality of life
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Occupational therapy assistants work under the direction of occupational therapists to help people with illnesses, injuries and disabilities recover and improve the skills needed for daily living.More

First class of students graduates from entry-level DPT program
Misericordia University
The Department of Physical Therapy at Misericordia University in December graduated its first class from the entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy program.More

Zimbabwe: New technique set to change face of surgery
All Africa via The Herald
The first surgeon in the world to perform specialized surgery through minimal incisions into human tissue will take Zimbabwean surgeons to the theatre for practicals on new techniques. More

Tourism alliance helps facility build international practice
Clinica Medico Odontologica PROMTA, S.A.
Collaborating with hotels, travel agents and transportation providers via its official tourism alliance has helped Colombia's Clinica Medico Odontologica PROMTA, S.A. heighten its visibility among international patients. Maintaining the highest standards and its AAAASF International accreditation was the first step toward its global reach.More

'Round-head' surgery: South Koreans seeking to escape ridicule?
Beauty World News
A lot of South Korean men and women are turning to "round-head" plastic surgery, a cosmetic procedure geared toward creating a more attractive head. But why? According to, surgeons said ridicule is to blame for the rise in those patients going under the knife. More