The AAA-CPA Weekly Update
Feb. 19, 2014

Register now for our Northeast Regional Education Conference
What better way to relax after the busy tax season than a weekend getaway to Atlantic City, N.J.? The AAA-CPA invites you to attend the 2014 Northeast Regional Education Conference, May 2-4,. Some of our fantastic education sessions include The Impact of Obamacare on Filing form 1040 in 2014, presented by Bill Noll, and Offers in Compromise, presented by Marty Davidoff. Both members and nonmembers are encouraged to attend and bring their families. Click here to register and view more meeting details.More

Looking for a new job or want to hire an attorney-CPA?
Powered by JobTarget, the AAA-CPA Job Board provides job seekers and employers the opportunity to locate the perfect candidate or job. Job seekers can access the newest jobs available, create job alerts and post their resumes online anonymously. Employers are able to reach the most qualified candidates by posting their job openings and browsing through resumes of experienced candidates. Click here to find the perfect job or candidate today!More

Windsor: State income tax filing post
The U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Windsor, 133 S. Ct. 2675, found Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act), P.L. 104-199, unconstitutional. Thus, for federal purposes, marriage is no longer limited to a "legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife." It now includes a legal union of a same-sex couple.More

IRS has already issued $64.5 billion in refunds
USA Today
The Internal Revenue Service has issued 19.5 million refunds to taxpayers, totaling $64.5 billion. The number of refunds issued has increased more than 18 percent, and the average refund is $3,317, up 4.6 percent compared to this time last year, the IRS said, using numbers compiled from Jan. 31 to Feb. 7.More

Most Americans plan to save their tax refunds
VideoBriefInstead of spending the big tax refunds they're expecting this year, the vast majority of Americans plan to sock the money away. A high 61 percent of Americans say they will save or invest their refunds, while 21 percent plan to pay off debt and another 18 percent will spend the money on necessities, according to a new TD Ameritrade survey of 1,000 investors. More

How the 1040 tax form has changed over the past century
When the 1040 was first introduced in 1913, it had little more than 30 lines and carried one page of instructions. One hundred years later, the form is 87 lines long, not including signatures. More

Home builder wins IRS accounting dispute in US tax court
A California home builder has prevailed in U.S. tax court in a case involving an accounting method that could help builders and developers defer taxes, industry experts said. Handing a defeat to the Internal Revenue Service, the court ruled that Shea Homes LP could defer payment of taxes on home sales until 95 percent of the homes in its huge, gated-community developments were sold.More

Most tax-friendly states for retirees
When it comes to finding a state to which to retire, there are plenty of factors to consider. There's the weather, proximity to family and friends, access to health care, quality of life and the list goes on, according to CCH, Wolters Kluwer. More

Wyden backs universal savings accounts for US newborns
Ron Wyden, poised to become the Senate's top Democrat on tax policy, said he will push to establish universal savings accounts for all newborns in the U.S. as a way to "really put a dent in the poverty rate." Wyden, who will become chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, emphasized he would discuss details with his colleagues before writing the legislation.More

Senate budget battle may hit undocumented kids hardest
NBC News
For several of the years that she's lived and worked in the U.S., Laura has counted on tax refunds for each of her two children, even though no one in the family is legally here. Laura works part-time as a waitress, and her husband works sporadically at a factory. She has two children, ages 14 and 19.More

Top 10 cities with the highest tax rates
24/7 Wall St. via USA Today
Although a little late this year, due largely to the federal government's 17-day shutdown in 2013, tax season is here. And, according to a new report, what you owe in taxes could be largely determined by where you live.More

Poor IRS customer service hurts taxpayers
USA Today
When clients come to Bill Nemeth, they have one wish: Please make it go away. "It," in this case, is a problem with the Internal Revenue Service. Nemeth makes his living representing people before the IRS: He's an enrolled agent, the highest credential the IRS awards. He helps makes nasty tax things — fines, penalties, liens — go away. He's on the phone with the IRS every day. More