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Mar. 13, 2012

Lindsay Lohan and the rise of the 20-something cosmetic surgery patient
Lindsay Lohan is staging a comeback. At least she's trying. The 25-year-old actress recently gave an interview to Matt Lauer on "Today," insisting that she has taken a step back and is no longer interested in being a party girl. The "will-she-won't-she-relapse" question is the subject of another article. More apparent was a plump, shining face that seemed so unnatural it couldn't possibly be due to rest and relaxation alone.More

New updates to the Online PR Tool Kit
The Online PR Tool Kit has been updated with the Annual Survey press release template and is ready for Academy-member use. The Tool Kit gives members everything they need to secure their own media placements. The Tool Kit includes templated materials allowing members to tap into press releases, media lists and other tools to reach out to the media and keep them abreast of industry trends and raising awareness of the Academy and its areas of expertise. Media exposure also can help raise the profile of Academy members as thought leaders in facial plastic surgery.

The Online PR Tool Kit is accessible through the Members section of aafprs.org and can be located by clicking on the link: Online PR Tool Kit. For questions about the Tool Kit, please email Green Room PR at aafprs@greenroompr.com.More

Attend the AAFPRS Spring Meeting
Plan to attend the AAFPRS Spring Meeting as part of the Combined Otolaryngological Spring Meetings (COSM) in San Diego on April 18-22. You won't want to miss this exchange of the latest cutting-edge clinical and scientific research. Click here to view program.More

Look closer at plastic surgery business ethics
The Bakersfield Californian
For years, consumer groups and patient advocates have warned about the difference between cosmetic procedures done by plastic surgeons, who complete several years of training in specialized surgery, and those done by other doctors who may have little training in such procedures but heavily market their services at discount prices. But sometimes it takes hearing a personal story of horror to really get the message.More

Black celebrities, plastic surgery gone awry
The Root (commentary)
A recent Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that black women are heavier and happier with their bodies than white women. It is common knowledge in the Diaspora that women with a "little meat on their bones" are desirable and considered sexy. The findings of the survey aren't that earth-shattering for black people.More

Transformation MediSpa launches new Houston medical spa website
World News Report
Whether you are looking for a whole-body beauty makeover or a relaxing facial that will leave your skin glowing, Transformation MediSpa has launched a new website to inform and educate customers about the face and body beauty treatments and services available at their Houston medical spa.More

The politics of plastic surgery
Super Tuesday has come and gone with no apparent progress in the GOP presidential sweepstakes and barely a hint of drama — at least in comparison to the political excitement of a place like, say, Egypt. If you haven't heard, that nation was rocked with a plastic surgery scandal when a male member of parliament was busted by his own doctors for having a nose job and then lying about it.More

Cosmetic surgery: A fountain of youth for men, too
The Miami Herald
Cosmetic surgery for men, including noninvasive procedures, is on the rise, and it no longer is a closely held secret. From nose jobs and "man-boob" reduction, to liposuction, eyelid work, hair restoration and face and neck lifts, men are seeking to improve their appearance, both for themselves and to be attractive to others.More

Rumors of multiple nose jobs for Jen Anniston, Scarlett Johannson — FaceForum.com to explain revision rhinoplasty
PRWeb via Times Union
Rumors are swirling and Us Weekly magazine has jumped on the bandwagon. Did — they ask readers — Jen Anniston have a nose job? More than one, even? What about Scarlett Johannson? While aesthetics play a role, FaceForum.com explains that revision rhinoplasty is a serious surgery that benefits everyday consumers most when it focuses on functionality.More