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Sep. 2, 2014

Be Prepared — HIPAA Audits Are Coming in 2014
Take a moment to refresh what you know about being compliant and ready for a random audit, should it occur in your practice. This article is presented by JD Supra Business Advisor.More

Staying Onboard with Omnibus in 2014
This article not only "defines harm" relative to HIPAA breaches but also discusses PHI which cannot be shared with the payer. Find out why in this brief review from Advance Healthcare Network.More

HIPAA Compliance Handbook
This book, intended for HIPAA coordinators, project managers, privacy officers, compliance professionals, health care record managers and other who the responsibility for implementing the HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations, contains easy-to-understand explanations of the legal and regulatory provisions. Includes updates from the HITECH regulations, analysis of the new HIPAA marketing rules, including a quick-reference chart, analysis of new resolution agreements between HHS and covered entities, and other recent enforcement actions and so much more. Available through Amazon.More

HIPAA Toolkit eBook
This is a guide to help providers set up a new compliance program and write policies and procedures. A template is provided as part of the package so the compliance plan and policies can be easily created. The cost is $259.95 for the softbound version. It also comes in an electronic version.More

Expert Panel Chat on Navigating HIPAA/HITECH Compliance
This podcast, made up of a panel of 3 experts, addresses best practices in navigating HIPAA compliance. It was published in July 2014, and speaks to all types of businesses who much protect PHI.More

Clearwater Compliance
Clearwater Compliance offers several free webinars, plus a quick tour of compliance software choices for your practice.More

Health Security Solutions
Health Security Solutions is your one-stop shop for training, compliance, security risk analysis and more. Find many free tools, or inquire about paid options.More

Medscape Multispecialty
This is an educational website regarding HIPAA. The articles require a Medscape login — however there is no cost to join. The resources for providers and patients can be accessed here.More

American College of Physicians
This resource includes a 5-page summary of HIPAA, a document listing key dates related to HIPAA and training materials for staff and providers. These training materials are provided in video, documents, slides and via transcripts of the videos.More

Healthcare Info Security
Get the latest news/updates on HIPAA/HITECH containing articles, interviews, blogs, and more here. These include a wide variety of HIPAA topics — implementation recommendations, discussion of HIPAA settlements and legal cases, and more.More

VA: Deaths Not Linked to Wait Times
The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Office of the Inspector General (IG) has released a report stating that it is unable to attribute the death of veterans to delays in scheduling appointments at VA facilities in Phoenix, AZ. The report criticized the Department for its poor standards in scheduling physician visits and providing healthcare for veterans but could not link delays of services to any deaths.

The VA was rocked earlier this year after the IG’s office issued a series of reports accusing VA staff of manipulating wait times to hide the delays that veterans were facing when seeking care at a VA facility. Congress recently passed a $17 billion piece of legislation that is meant to reform the VA by allowing veterans to purchase health care services from the private sector and allow the VA to hire more physicians and staff.

VA watchdogs cautioned at the time the allegations were made that several veterans may have died because of the wait times. This report could not confirm that link but cautioned that there were fundamental problems with the VA’s management of its health centers.More

8 malpractice dangers in your EHR
Many physicians are so concerned about being sued for malpractice that they routinely order unnecessary tests and procedures to practice defensive medicine. And yet, when it comes to legal risks in using their electronic health records, their concern is often nonexistent, experts assert. Many doctors use their EHRs in nonstandard ways, without considering how this may affect them in a liability suit. Or they gloss over other aspects of using an EHR.More

Why early success in meaningful use matters in the long run
The EHR Incentive Programs comprise various stages (Stage 1, Stage 2, etc.) and each of these stages of meaningful has multiple phases (90 day, full year, etc.). So much of an eligible hospital's success in demonstrating meaningful use is tied to its ability to build and sustain momentum and to communicate the importance of the project to stakeholders.More

Business continuity: Planning for a smooth recovery from disasters
By Christina Thielst
Healthcare leaders more often think about their preparedness for disaster response than they do to the process of recovery and resuming normal operations. However, a smooth recovery requires attention to business continuity issues that are integrated across response, recovery and the return-to-normal-operations phases. A continuity planning team that includes representation and support from executive leadership can provide the structure necessary to accomplish the preplanning needed to minimize the impact of an emergency on operations.More

OIG: Certified EHRs aren't so secure
Healthcare IT News
It turns out, ONC's electronic health record certification process has some serious shortcomings — chief among them security practices that are wholly insufficient to adequately protect patient health information, according to a new report from the Office of Inspector General.More

CBO projects lower Medicare and Medicaid costs
Reduced costs for medical services and labor have trimmed the 10-year projected cost of Medicare and Medicaid by $89 billion, the Congressional Budget Office said. Medicare spending is projected to drop by $49 billion — or less than 1 percent — from 2015 and 2024, while Medicaid spending is expected to drop by $40 billion — or about 1 percent — over the next decade, CBO said in an update to its April forecast.More

The economics of private practice startup
Healthcare Finance News
Despite the dire predictions of the demise of private medical practice in the U.S., physicians continue to open solo practices, form small private practice groups and purchase practices. Some go into private practice because it has always been their dream. Others do it because it's the only option near their chosen location or for ethics/quality reasons. Still others are forced into it due to disagreements or personality conflicts with employers — and vow never to be someone else's employee again. And, of course, some do it because they believe can make more money in a different practice.More

Be Prepared — HIPAA Audits Are Coming in 2014
Take a moment to refresh what you know about being compliant and ready for a random audit, should it occur in your practice. This article is presented by JD Supra Business Advisor.More

EHR billing fraud: More than a numbers game
There's a well-known adage in business that 10 percent of people will never steal, embezzle or commit fraud; 10 percent will always steal, embezzle or commit fraud when they can; and 80 percent will do it under certain circumstances when given the opportunity.More

Using multiple entities in your practice's asset protection planning
By David B. Mandell, JD, MBA, and Jason M. O'Dell, MS, CWM
In prior articles, we have described the potential tax benefits of using a multi-entity corporate structure — by using both an "S" and "C" corporation simultaneously.More

EHR makers among America's fastest growing companies
Government Health IT
Health IT vendors and EHR makers in particular are once again faring quite well on the list of fastest growing companies. Inc. Thursday published its hallmark annual ranking of America's 5,000 fastest growing companies, and found 377 — or 8 percent — to be healthcare related. Despite the low percent, however, the sector accounted for the lion's share of revenue ahead of all industries at $21.8 billion.More

5 steps for hospitals considering affiliation
Becker's Hospital Review via FierceHealthFinance
There were nearly 100 mergers and acquisitions among hospitals and health systems last year, a 3 percent increase from 2012 and up more than 50 percent from 2010. Experts predict affiliations will increase in the industry this year as well. But affiliation is not something providers should rush into, according to an article in Becker's Hospital Review.More