This Week in Perio
Apr. 1, 2015

Practical applications for periodontal regenerative therapies
Surgical Restorative Resource
The February 2015 issue of Clinical Advances in Periodontics includes five practical application papers that translate the findings from the American Academy of Periodontology's 2014 Workshop on Regeneration into clinical practice. The goal of the workshop was to broaden the clinical application of tissue regeneration to improve periodontal disease management and the retention of natural dentition.More

Dental implants: Failure risks and promising developments
Dental implants are now used widely around the globe. However, questions about patient risk assessment prior to placing the implants still abound. What causes implants to fail in some patients but not others? The placement of implants in a patient with periodontal disease would be one relevant concern. Researchers from Sweden performed a systematic review to determine if persons with periodontitis are more susceptible to peri-implantitis. More

Study: Natural sweetener xylitol may not prevent tooth decay
New York Daily News
There is little evidence to support claims that a popular sweetener reduces the likelihood of cavities on its own, according to a new analysis of past research. There was some evidence that xylitol reduces the risk of cavities – or caries – among children, but people should be cautious about that finding because of limitations in the previous studies, researchers report in the Cochrane Library.More

Sugar industry may have biased US dental research program in the past
Dental Tribune
An analysis of historical documents has shown that the sugar industry worked closely with the National Institute of Dental Research in the 1960s and 1970s and may have influenced its research priorities at the time. In particular, findings indicate that the industry adopted a strategy to deflect attention to public health interventions that would reduce the harm of sugar consumption, rather than restricting intake.More

How to choose the best toothbrush
Men's Journal
No one wants to buy a toothbrush. But when you're trying to figure out which one is worth your teeth and money at the store, how do you know which is best when the only differences you see are that some are blue, some are orange and some are ridiculously fancy? Chances are you just pick whichever is cheapest or follow a "this-looks-decent"-approach. The truth is that you aren't necessarily wrong. More

Unrelenting pursuit of perio treatment: Case acceptance means hanging in there until a positive outcome is achieved
Some patients who appear on the schedule elicit a groan in the back of our minds. You know who they are. They are in desperate need of periodontal therapy, for example, and decline treatment despite your best efforts. If you have practiced for any amount of time, you have met more than one of these patients who have early to advanced periodontal disease and only want to do "what insurance pays for." At what point are we able to convince this type of patient about the risks, if left untreated, in addition to the benefits that treatment can provide?More

5 magic words to reduce stress
Jen Butler, MEd, writes: "When talking about stress management, I don't offer magic pills. If you follow any of my writings, you know I'm not about the superficial Band-Aids and coping methods that make our lives and situations seem better for the moment. It's about finding long-term, permanent solutions that build us up from the inside out while reducing the number of stressors we carry on our proverbial plates."More

How living core values delivers better patient experiences
Modern Practice
We live in an experience economy. People pay more for a great experience. Bad brand experiences are like a kiss of death. Not only do people enjoy talking about bad experiences, the Internet allows people to share them quickly and freely through their social networks. Consistently delivering a positive experience in your practice begins with your employees. Face-to-face delivery of the brand experience is very powerful. More