This Week in Perio
Dec. 24, 2014

DentalTown interview: Immediate Past President Dr. Stuart J. Froum on placing dental implants
From Nov. 5: Dr. Stuart J. Froum is a clinical professor and the director of clinical research at the department of periodontics and implant dentistry at New York University Dental Center. He is also the president of the American Academy of Periodontology. The Brooklyn, New York-born doctor and implant expert keeps an active, thriving practice in Manhattan.More

Peri-implantitis: The 'time bomb' in dental implants
The Telegraph
From July 16: Cathy Gunnell was thrilled when she had dental implants fitted at the age of 52. Since childhood, she'd endured crooked teeth, gum disease and abscesses, one of which forced her to have a tooth removed. So when a local London clinic charged her £13,000 ($22,211) to replace four diseased teeth with gleaming white porcelain ones, fixed in place with metal pegs, she was more than happy to pay.More

AAP president responds to Dr. Oz advice: Oversight, treatment best defense in onset of periodontal disease
The News-Sentinel
From Sept. 10: In regard to Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen's Aug. 11 advice column mdash; "How to Fight Periodontal Disease" — I'd like to offer a vital addendum to the doctors' recommendations on how to best address a newly diagnosed case of periodontal disease.More

New gum disease treatment to prevent and reverse complications involves key immune system component
Medical Daily
From May 28: Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have discovered a potential new method for gum disease treatment, a new study reports. If successful, the treatment could prevent, halve, and even reverse the effects of the disease periodontitis. Researchers believe their method, which involves a key component of the immune system, known as the "complement system," may offer a non-invasive, therapeutic form of relief. They relied on prior research that found the bacteria Porphyromonas gingivalis recruits the immune system to inflame the gums surrounding the bacteria.More

Award-winning material set to reduce dental implant failure
From Oct. 1: A material that could help prevent artificial teeth implants from falling out has won the Royal Academy of Engineering's first launchpad competition for young entrepreneurs. The material is twice as good at integrating with bone than existing graft substances, according to its creators at University College London, and so provides a more stable base into which a tooth implant can be fixed.More

Concerns growing over polyetylene, a plastic used in garbage containers and added to some toothpastes
From Sept. 17: A dental hygienist who noticed something strange in her patients' mouths took action, and now a major toothpaste manufacturer is making some changes. Trish Walraven has seen lots of things as a dental hygienist, but when she started noticing little blue specks in her patients' gum lines a few years ago, she didn't know what she was dealing with.More

Attached gingiva and dental implants
Surgical Restorative
From May 14: The free gingival graft is an age-old periodontal procedure first described by Sullivan & Atkins in 1968. It has long been the gold standard for increasing attached gingiva around the natural dentition. Connective tissue grafting provides many of the same benefits along with root coverage, without the accompanying discomfort from the donor site, making the FGG less desirable.More

A periodontist's protocols to avoid dental implant complications
Surgical Restorative
From March 26: Dental implants are becoming increasingly common, and scientific meta-analyses have demonstrated 97 percent to 99 percent long-term success rates. However, there are some basic principles and guidelines clinicians should follow to achieve high predictability and long-term stability.More

How dental professionals can respond to 'oil pulling' patients
From March 26: Although the literature on oil pulling has increased substantially in western countries in recent years, there is still much confusion among dental professionals about the proper response to a patient who has adopted this alternative therapy. In this article, Chicago cosmetic dentist Dr. Jessica T. Emery, founder and owner of Sugar Fix Dental Loft, shares her expertise on the topic of oil pulling and offers guidance for peers who are confronted by a patient who declares oil pulling as part of a home regimen. Read on to hear her response to this issue from a doctor’s point of view and advice on how to approach patients if they ask about it.More

Harvard research finds link between fluoridated water, ADHD and mental disorders
The Nation
From Oct. 1: New research published in The Lancet by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai found that various chemicals that many children are exposed to are having a direct effect on the creation of disorders labeled under the name ADHD as well as other mental disorders. One of the chemicals said to be having an effect is fluoride, or variations of fluoride.More