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Jun. 12, 2015

Mark Your Calendars Now For The Upcoming 2015 AAPS Career Fair!

Start planning now for our upcoming 2015 AAPS Career Fair held in conjunction with the 2015 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition from Oct. 25–29 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. The Career Fair begins Sunday night, Oct. 25, through Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 27.

Job seekers will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with hiring managers at many top pharmaceutical organizations. Attendees can also sign up on-site for a free résumé review/career advice session, take advantage of our preconference résumé alert platform (AAPSCareers LIVE), attend one of the many professional development sessions, or participate in one of the many hot topic, professional development mini-sessions being held at the Career Fair.

For more information, please check out our AAPS Career Fair information page or email Kevin Folk at: FolkK@aaps.org.More

How to Navigate Applying for a Federal Job

Have you ever applied for a job with the federal government? Chances are you have applied to many government jobs, and you probably feel like you are hitting a brick wall. Does this sound like you?

Applying for a job in the federal government can be complex and overwhelming. It requires adequate time, research, and preparation. The most common error I find is that candidates are not adequately researching the position they are applying for. In addition, they often focus exclusively on the position title, when there could be several positions under the occupational series they could apply to.

Read more in How to Navigate Applying for a Federal Job in the June 2015 issue of the AAPS Newsmagazine (member login required).

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Rethinking The Rules Of Resume Screening
By Catherine Iste
Anyone who has had the pleasure of screening resumes has a set of rules that allows them to look for their perceived ideal candidate. In addition to the things that should be on the resume (directly related experience, required education level, etc.), there are things many resume reviewers do not want to see (multiple positions in less than five years, gaps, etc). Here are three traditional rules you might want to rethink to ensure you do not miss a potentially ideal candidate. More

3-D Printed Meds May Disrupt Pharmaceutical Industry
Fierce Health IT
The ability to print medications using 3-D printers may disrupt traditions in the pharmaceutical industry, according to Robert Glatter, M.D., of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Using filament technology, 3-D printers can create pharmaceuticals in different shapes and sizes that are able to work and release medicine more rapidly.More

The Value Line: Diversify Your Skills To Build A Better Career
The Simple Dollar via Hacker
For every skill that you could possibly have, there is a level of skill for which people will pay you. Below that, you pay others to do these things — that’s what I call the “value line.” So how do careers play into this idea? Learn new skills, and you’ll find more opportunities to be above the value line.More

The 21st Century Cures Act: Will It Take Us Back In Time?
The New England Journal of Medicine
Recently, the 21st Century Cures Act was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives, with the goal of promoting the development and speeding the approval of new drugs and devices.1 Championed by the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device industries, the bill was approved unanimously (51 to 0) in committee and continues to be debated. If enacted into law, some of its provisions could have a profound effect on what is known about the safety and efficacy of medical products, as well as which ones become available for use.More

NIH Pharmaceutical Development Center Shut Down
Healthcare Packaging
Deficiencies in the physical facility, including flaws in the air handling system, and operational failures including inadequate quality control, insufficient employee training, and a lack of compliance with standard operating procedures were just a few of the problems FDA inspectors found at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center Pharmacutical Development Section.More

Local Bioscience Company Plans $11 Million Expansion
St. Louis Business Journal
Seventh Wave Laboratories, a consulting-based contract research organization for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, is expanding its operations to a 50,000-square-foot facility in Maryland Heights. The $11 million expansion is expected to create 42 technical and scientific jobs over the next six years.More

How To Guard Your Career Against Rapid Technological Change
Disruptive technologies are nothing new. From the development of steam power in the early 1800s to today's digitally-enriched world, the impact of technology on the employment landscape has been substantial. So the question is: if you were about to leave school and begin a university degree or embark on your career, what should you study or do in order to give you the best chances of weathering future technology-induced disruption?More

'Right To Try:' Movement Wants Terminally Ill To Get Experimental Drugs
Healthline News
Legislation approved or pending in more than 20 states allows terminally ill patients to access drugs that have not been approved by the FDA. Some in the medical community, however, are concerned these laws won’t always help patients.More

Balancing Act: To High School Grads: Plan Careers With Care
Bradenton Herald
As the future workforce chooses careers, guiding them will require different considerations than prior generations. This new generation of students must know more than how much a career pays. They must also consider whether a career has growth potential and fits the lifestyle they want to live. Research shows this generation will put a high value on working in jobs it enjoys.More

Advising Pharmacists Who Are Returning To Practice
The Pharmaceutical Journal
Pharmacists who have not practiced for a while may feel daunted about the prospect of returning to work. Michelle Styles, from the Centre of Pharmacy Postgraduate Education, explains what to expect and what you can do to prepare.More