AAPS Pharmaceutical Career News
Sep. 11, 2015

Don't miss our upcoming AAPS Career Fair!

Start making your plans for the 2015 AAPS Career Fair, which is being held in conjunction with the 2015 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition from Oct. 25–29 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. The career fair is open on Monday, Oct. 26, and Tuesday, Oct. 27, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Job seekers will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with hiring managers at many top pharmaceutical organizations. (Check out our currently registered participating employers.) Attendees can sign up on-site for a free career advice/résumé review session or take advantage of our preconference résumé alert platform: AAPSCareers LIVE. This will flag your profile/résumé as being associated with the career fair, so employers can easily identify you as a job seeker who will attend the career fair and can be contacted before the fair to set up an interview.

We are also offering a variety of professional development sessions throughout the conference, which will include several targeted mini-sessions within the career fair area. Make your plans today to be in Orlando for this valuable networking event!More

Annual Meeting: Meet, Share, Learn and Grow

Let’s face it — life is busy. Whether it’s work, school, family, or another obligation, our time is important. So why should you take time away from work and family to attend the 2015 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition in Orlando this Oct. 25–29? Simply put: The professional development benefits you’ll reap are invaluable.

The opportunities to network, collaborate and learn from individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels are benefits that multiple AAPS Annual Meeting attendees have highlighted. From students to seasoned professionals, attendees have discovered that the AAPS Annual Meeting is one conference they can’t afford to miss.

“During the poster session, I got very good scientific feedback for my research. I have [received] advice on strategies on how to write and defend my dissertation. I have also received valuable guidance on the preparation for job interviews. Networks established at the Annual Meetings have also developed into collaborative projects.”

Hear more from members on the benefits of attending the AAPS Annual Meeting on the Career Success webpage of the AAPS Career Center.More

Patentable Subject Matter: The Supreme Court Speaks Again

What is patentable subject matter? The answer is based on two recent Supreme Court decisions that examined the validity of patenting a clinical diagnostic test and isolated genes. Srikumaran Melethil, Ph.D., a registered patent attorney, reviews these two recent Supreme Court cases covering methods based on a natural law, unmodified and modified forms of naturally occurring substances, and genetically modified organisms.

Read more in the September 2015 AAPS Newsmagazine (member login required). More

A Journey Through The Dreams Of A Pharmaceutical Building
Do buildings dream of electric sheep? In the case of Sanofi, a former pharmaceutical factory in Dagenham, dreams are made of a chorus of singing scientists line-dancing down an assembly line. Geraldine Pilgrim is known for productions that transform buildings and landscapes, and her new immersive show Well takes us on a journey tracing the development of modern medicine — and Dagenham's crucial role within that history.More

Drug-Industry Rule Would Raise Medicare Costs
The Wall Street Journal
A patent law change sought by the pharmaceutical industry could cost federal healthcare programs $1.3 billion over a decade by delaying new generic medicines, an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office found this summer, according to people familiar with the matter. Pharmaceutical trade groups are asking Congress to exempt drug patents from being challenged through an administrative process that is cheaper and faster than the federal courts.More

How To Guarantee Your Resume Shows Up Correctly On Mobile (Because It Probably Doesn't)
Odds are you’re reading this article on your phone right now. And if you aren’t, someone else is. Last year, we reached a tipping point. For the first time, more people accessed the web via their phones than via their computers. And for job seekers, this change is actually pretty important. More

Mayne Pharma Expanding North Carolina Manufacturing Capabilities
Pharmaceutical Processing
Mayne Pharma will invest $65 million to significantly expand facilities and equipment at its site in Greenville, North Carolina. The company’s plans include the greenfield construction of a new, 126,000-square-foot, large-scale oral-dose manufacturing facility, along with the repurposing of existing space to expand contract services. When the new facility becomes fully operational in 2018, it will more than double Mayne Pharma’s manufacturing capacity in the United States. More

Innovation Skills, Attitudes And Behaviors Can Be Taught
By Dr. Min Basadur
No one is surprised that we need training to learn business principles, but the idea that we have to learn creative problem-solving somehow seems to startle people. Innovation, or creativity, is widely viewed as almost an innate or instinctive trait. The truth, however, is that creative thinking is actually a readily-taught set of skills, attitudes and behaviors. Without training and conscious practice, those skills, attitudes and behaviors are typically underdeveloped in most people. More

Report: Massachusetts Biotech Jobs Grew Faster In 2014 Than Any Year Since 2008
Boston Business Journal
Employment in Massachusetts’ biotech and pharmaceutical companies increased by nearly 5 percent last year, the biggest increase since 2008, according to the state’s industry group. MassBio’s annual Industry Snapshot was made public today, an annual report that tracks the health of the life science industry in the state. More

How Important Will mHealth Be To Pharma?
LinkedIn Pulse
The pharma industry is a hotbed for buzzwords, many of which often disappear as quickly as they spring up. One of the latest is mobile health (mHealth) technologies. A 2015 white paper released by Cutting Edge Information (Understanding the Importance of Mobile Health for Pharma) predicts this technology will not be the latest flash in the pan, though. In fact, as mHealth continues to evolve from new phenomenon to mainstay marketing strategy, the white paper’s authors, predict its importance in the pharmaceutical industry will continue to grow.More

How To Leave A Great First Impression
By Kelly Sharp
Have you ever met someone and couldn't tell whether that person liked you? Or had a conversation at a networking event that left you unsure of whether it was successful? According to a study, it takes 100 milliseconds to sniff out an individual's personality traits. Anything said or displayed afterward either fans the flames or resuscitates the opportunity. More

FDA And Pharmaceutical Companies Welcome Patient Voices To New Drug Development — But Will It Last?
International Business Times
It may not be obvious from your medicine cabinet, but patients have more say than ever in the way drugs are developed in the U.S. Pharmaceutical companies and the government now welcome patients’ thoughts on their diseases, symptoms and treatment options at virtually every stage of the process. Many stakeholders from health policy experts to physicians to patients’ groups are broadly in support of this shift. More

Choose Your Specialism
The Pharmaceutical Journal
Many pharmacists, especially those in hospital, will specialise in a clinical area. Each of these areas presents its own particular challenges and requires specific expertise and skills. Specialist clinical pharmacists within the NHS are usually within band 7 of the NHS agenda for change pay scale, for which the salary range is between £31,072 and £40,964. Below are descriptions of a few hospital pharmacy specialties.More