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Managing your manager
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Managing your manager is critical in achieving promotions, winning coveted assignments and receiving raises. Many chemical professionals do not devote sufficient attention to this aspect of their jobs. It's not about manipulation; it's about helping your manager do her job better while still doing your own job well. The key to managing your supervisor is to meet their needs. Managing upward requires insight to figure out what motivates your manager so you can decide on the proper approaches for communicating and collaborating with him or her. It also may take initiative to give managers what they need to be successful. More

Goddess seeks long-term relationships.
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Tripos' SYBYL-X, the Goddess of Molecular Modeling and Lead Optimization, seeks knowledgeable scientists for easy, affordable discoveries. SYBYL-X provides unique capabilities for: 3D QSAR, Ligand-based virtual screening, Cheminformatics, and Docking. SYBYL-X is available for Windows and Linux today.
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How to re-energize your job search
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Staying motivated and keeping your momentum up during a job search can be challenging, even for scrappy professionals. Here are some practical tips to give yourself a leg up when you feel your energy for your job search is waning. Adopt some practical steps, which can shorten your job search. Reference your performance appraisals and evaluations to remind you of your accomplishments. Also, consider meeting with former colleagues to help jog your memory. This value-added information can help round out and optimize your resume and other self-marketing activities and materials. More

Is an internship the new entry-level job?
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Ani Kevork has interned at seven companies since she graduated from UCLA in 2009. She's trying to get a full-time job, but there's just nothing out there. "It wasn't really a choice," she said. "It's just the reality of the job market today." No. 7 proved lucky for Kevork in that her current internship at a film studio in London is paid, unlike her six previous internships. Still, she has no benefits, no job security and no idea where she'll be in a few weeks. Kevork and two of her former classmates started a blog, The Eternal Intern, about the struggles of the current job market for other college grads with the same plights. More

Personal Evaporator - No Vacuum

Ideal Rotovap Companion
Recirculating blow-down for sample-safe, unattended drying. The Centrifan PE completes rotovap drying in 20mL vials. Also works great with DMF/DMSO. (508) 520-4000. Learn more. 

China plots a blistering pace for biotech growth
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China's strategic industries will grow at an average rate of 24.1 percent in the years between 2011 and 2015 and growth will slow to 21.3 percent in the next five years, the official China Securities Journal said. The country has unveiled its targets earlier this year for the seven industries, including alternative energy, biotechnology and advanced equipment manufacturing to generate 8 percent of its gross domestic product in 2015 and 15 percent by 2020. More

Perrigo puts out help wanted sign again
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More workers are needed at Perrigo. The generic drugmaker has announced plans to hire 100 new employees at its Allegan complex. This is on top of 70 new hires in September. Perrigo has been one of the few Michigan Lakeshore companies that have been immune to the economic downturn, as sales and revenues have continued to grow. More

Need a job? Stop trying to storm the fortress
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With the U.S. unemployment rate just shy of 10 percent (and despite a few glimmers of hope), job hunting right now is undeniably frustrating. In response, some job seekers set their teeth and get determined, raining a hail of applications and phone calls down on prospective employers. Sounds like a good plan, but is it? Blog The Wisdom Journal isn't knocking determination, but in a thought-provoking recent post they asked whether getting yourself into a siege mentality for your job hunt is really the best way to go. More

Hielscher's UIP1000hd for High Power Ultrasonication

The UIP1000hd is a 1000 watts powerful and adaptable ultrasonic device - perfect for lab testing, pilot scale and industrial processing of liquids. It is used for applications in the batch and continuous flow-through, e.g. for emulsifying, homogenizing, dispersing & particle fine milling, lysis & extraction or sono-chemistry.

West Pharma cuts 320 jobs
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West Pharmaceutical Services, which manufactures components and systems for injectable drug delivery and plastic packaging, and delivery systems components for the health care and consumer products, has announced it's cutting 320 jobs from two manufacturing plants. West will shutter a Pennsylvania-based manufacturing facility, taking with it 170 jobs. It also plans to downsize operations at its facility in Cornwall, U.K., to the tune of 150 jobs. About 50 operational and administrative jobs also will be cut. The overall job cuts will total five percent of the company's 6,400-person work force, according to Pharmalot. More

The top 10 layoffs of 2010
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As 2010 comes to an end, and the year's layoff total tops 50,000, FiercePharma is releasing its fourth annual layoffs list, highlighting the 10 largest job cut announcements by company. AstraZeneca takes the top spot this year, marking the third time in four years the drugmaker has made our layoffs list. And after two years on top, Pfizer has fallen to second place as it continues to integrate with Wyeth. As Big Pharma prepares for the patent cliff, many blamed their increasing job cuts on pharma's new focus: emerging markets. Some buffered the impending job losses with transfers and jobs created in new markets. Sales jobs in particular were hit hard again this year, culminating in the recent report of Sanofi's cattle-call approach to informing sales reps of their status. More

Need Equipment?

EquipNet helps companies identify, evaluate, track, redeploy, and sell their surplus manufacturing equipment. Visit our online MarketPlace at

Facebook could cost you a job
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His alarm went off at 7 a.m. He already had brushed his teeth, showered and begun getting dressed when he heard the beeping. He walked over to his nightstand, turned off his phone and took a deep breath. He had an interview with the a major Connecticut police department today, an interview he had been waiting his entire life to conquer. Through games of "cops and robbers" as a boy, majoring in criminal justice in college, and early mornings and tough obstacles at the police academy — he had done everything in his power to reach his dream of becoming a police officer. Fast-forward to 30 minutes into the interview. He soon realized he had overlooked one simple, yet crucial, component of his journey toward becoming a real officer. More


Joyce Richman: Gather points of view to ensure success
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We see the world not as it is, but as we are. I am reminded of this every time I'm comparing notes with a group of people after listening to a speaker. I realize that each of us heard something different, learned something different and inferred something different from the others. It hits home every time I see a movie, attend a concert, read a column or a book and take the time to compare my experience to the experiences of others, and wonder how each of us saw the same thing so differently. We don't see facts, values, feelings or perspectives as they are, but as we interpret them to be. What does this have to do with finding a job or keeping the one you have? Everything. More

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