Sports Medicine Bulletin
March 23, 2010

EIM Month: Simple, Easy Ways to Get Involved

Exercise is Medicine™ Month is quickly approaching! In the third installment of this special recognition month for exercise counseling and the benefits of physical activity, it’s easy to get involved. Before and during the month of May, you can:

Look for more EIM Month updates and resources in future issues of SMB.More

Now Available: ACSM Annual Meeting Advance Program

Keynote lectures, educational sessions, award’s all in the 2010 ACSM Annual Meeting and World Congress on Exercise is Medicine™ Advance Program. Five days of innovative programming and hands-on workshops awaits in Baltimore June 1-5.

Click here to view the program, plan your sessions, see an exhibitor list, and register.

SMB, Industry News Now Available as an iPhone Application

Delivering timely, relevant news to members is one of ACSM’s key priorities. Our partnership with MultiBriefs, the delivery vendor for the weekly Sports Medicine Bulletin now provides another convenient news avenue for ACSM members. SMB is now part of the new MultiBriefs app, available for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch in the App Store.

Simply click here to download the app free of charge. Once the MultiBriefs application is downloaded, you can add the ACSM feed from the “Healthcare and Medical” section. News is streamed into your iPhone or iPod Touch each week. And just like SMB, you may share articles with your colleagues via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can even bookmark certain articles as favorites to revisit at a later date. More

Download Now: ACSM Partner Produces Primary Care Obesity Management Report

Preventing and curing obesity is an ACSM priority, utilizing the research and science produced by our members – and the strength and reach of our strategic partners. The STOP Obesity Alliance – of which ACSM is a member, recently released a new manuscript: Improving Obesity Management in Adult Primary Care.

As part of the STOP Alliance, ACSM works with other health care organizations, such as the American Medical Association and American Heart Association, to produce effective and innovative obesity treatment practices. The new obesity management white paper summarizes these practices and central themes from a comprehensive literature review to improve the integration of obesity screening, counseling and treatment into primary care practice. More

Policy Corner: Breaking Down the Health Reform Bill

Aligning with ACSM's policy priorities, healthier communities are a focus of the Senate's health care reform bill passed by the House of Representatives late Sunday night. The core of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590) has been passed by both chambers of Congress and is expected to be signed into law by the President on March 23. However, the House also passed a reconciliation bill on Sunday that amends certain components of the Senate bill that House Democrats found unpalatable. The Senate is set to take up the House-passed reconciliation bill this week.More

Reminder: Vote for ACSM Officers and Trustees

Help select ACSM's future leaders! The 2010 ACSM Officer and Trustee Election will remain open until noon on March 31. Members who are eligible to vote received an e-mail and a postcard with information on how to vote as well as a unique username and password. Please contact Chris Sawyer at with any questions on this year’s election. Click here to read candidate bios and questionnaires.More

Michelle Obama: Why I'm Fighting Childhood Obesity
For years, we've known about the epidemic of childhood obesity in America. We've heard the statistics--how one third of all kids in this country are either overweight or obese. We've seen the effects on how our kids feel, and how they feel about themselves.
Note: ACSM will continue to work with the First Lady’s staff to ensure physical activity is a key components of the Let’s Move program.More

Doctors and Patients, Not Talking About Weight
The New York Times
Doctors recognize obesity as a health problem. So why is it so hard for them to talk to their patients about it?
Note: Exercise is Medicine provides resources for health care providers to speak with their patients about their health and physical activity levels. Visit for more information. More

Running from the Recession
Los Angeles Times
There are no direct statistics linking the two, but as job losses have reached historic highs, so too has marathon participation. Running experts have found that during this recession, the number of new runners has surged, largely because it's cheaper than a gym membership. It costs only a pair of shoes and time.More