Q&A with Shawn Kane, M.D., FACSM: A Look Forward to a Promising 2018 for ACSMís Current Sports Medicine Reports (CSMR)

SMB had the opportunity to interview Shawn F. Kane, M.D., FACSM, incoming editor-in-chief (EIC) of CSMR, ACSMís official clinical review journal. Dr. Kane succeeds William O. Roberts, M.D., M.S., FACSM, in this role. Dr. Roberts served with distinction as EIC for eight years, ending with the December 2017 issue of CSMR. CSMR translates the latest research and clinical advances in sports medicine into information physicians can apply directly to caring for their patients.

Dr. Kane became a member of ACSM in 2003 during his primary care sports medicine fellowship and has been an active member since that time. As a military physician, Dr. Kane used ACSM to improve the health and human performance of members of the military. Dr. Kane has been an active member of the college, authoring multiple articles in CSMR, speaking at multiple national meetings, serving as a CSMR section editor and as a member of ACSMís Pronouncements Committee. In 2011, his contributions to the college were recognized when he was selected as a fellow. Dr. Kane attributes his success to many of the amazing multidisciplinary mentors within ACSM.

Through this Q&A exchange, SMB is pleased to share Dr. Kaneís perspective on the goals that he and his associate and section editors will establish and implement for the journal in 2018 and beyond.

SMB: What prompted you to take on the role of editor-in-chief for Current Sports Medicine Reports?

Dr. Kane: Maybe it was nostalgia, as the first article I ever wrote was published in CSMR. Nostalgia aside, the main reason is that I have always considered CSMR to be one of the most timely, relevant and high-quality journals for sports medicine clinicians. Along with the clinical relevance of the journal, I was looking for another opportunity to get more involved with ACSM and, in that way, have the chance to give something back to my colleagues and our association.

Several years ago, I had the awesome opportunity to get involved with the journal as a peer reviewer. Then, a few years ago I was asked by outgoing Editor-in-Chief Bill Roberts to be a section editor. This was a totally unexpected opportunity and a great privilege. When the announcement of the search for EIC candidates was published, applying for the position seemed natural to me. Honestly, just being invited for an interview was my goal. When I was selected, it was a total surprise, an honor and very humbling.

SMB: What are you looking forward to the most about this new role within ACSM?

Dr. Kane: Being even more involved with ACSM, continuing to increase the awareness of CSMR and making it even more relevant. I would like to see it become the go-to journal for sports medicine clinicians, primary care physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and athletic trainers. I also am excited to get to know and interact with more members from across all the disciplines that make up our awesome organization.

SMB: What improvements or changes do you have in store for CSMR?

Dr. Kane: In my opinion, CSMR moving to a monthly publication in 2018 is a major improvement that will positively impact our readership. This change was already in motion when I was announced as the incoming EIC, and I am looking forward to the implementation. One of my main goals is to reach out to other professional organizations, with the intent of increasing our readership and impact in the medical literature.

SMB: What do you see as the journalís primary strengths?

Dr. Kane: CSMR has many strengths, but the two most important ones are people and high-quality material. The people who make the journal run are all fantastic. Our headquarters staff, editorial board, section editors and peer reviewers are all top-notch, world-class experts. This allows them to go out and recruit great authors to write excellent articles. CSMR publishes very relevant, timely, high-quality articles that impact how sports medicine clinicians practice. CSMR has always had a very smooth, thorough and quick review process, allowing our authors to get rapid feedback and to have their work published in a timely manner. Transitioning to a monthly journal is going to be a big step for CSMR, and one that I think will pay big benefits and make our journal even better. A monthly publication will increase traffic to the website and allow readers to search for and use more of our outstanding articles.

SMB: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Dr. Kane: A lot of my free time now is spent helping shuttle my three kids to sports and school activities. When Iím not being a taxi driver, I like to do hot yoga. I started to do it a few years ago and will admit that I just did it for the workout then. Now I find that itís an excellent physical and psychological workout.

SMB: Do you have anything additional you would like to share with readers of ACSMís Sports Medicine Bulletin?

Dr. Kane: I would like everyone to know how truly honored and humbled I am to be the next editor-in-chief of Current Sports Medicine Reports. Following in the footsteps of a legend like Bill Roberts will be a challenge, but the transition period has been incredibly helpful.

Continuing my involvement in ACSM is a privilege, and I look forward to continuing to enhance the role and mission of the college. We are always searching for great articles for the journal, so please donít hesitate to contact us (CSMR@acsm.org) with suggestions, and please tell all your friends and colleagues about CSMR!