An Inside Look: October 2010 Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

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MSSE Editor-in-Chief Andrew J. Young, Ph.D., FACSM offers his insights into the October issue:

In this month’s MSSE®, Schwindt et al. report experiments showing that inhaled corticosteroids, widely prescribed to treat asthma and other respiratory disorders, may also blunt the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis hormone as well as growth hormone and IL-6 responses to exercise. The authors suggest that this blunting of normal hormone and inflammatory responses to exercise reflect unintended systemic effects of inhaled corticosteroid use that should be further evaluated for possible clinical significance. Another interesting observation reported from this study is that brief exercise was accompanied by an increase in circulating blood levels of fluticasone, the inhaled corticosteroid studied. The magnitude of the increase is thought to be greater than could be accounted for by exercise-associated hemoconcentration, leading the authors to speculate that exercise may have affected corticosteroid pharmacokinetics.

This month’s issue also features a study by Nybo et al. comparing short-duration, high-intensity "interval" type training with traditional exercise Interventions with regard to effects on indices of cardiorespiratory, metabolic, and musculoskeletal health. Also featured, is a report by Murias et al. of experiments illustrating how older and younger women differ in the underlying mechanistic adaptations enabling increased maximal aerobic capacity in response to endurance training.