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Jan. 2, 2014

Thank you — AEG Insider team
AEG would like to thank all volunteers who help put each AEG Insider together. The 2013 AEG Insider was compiled by Emily Hess, Norbert Maerz, Megan Masterson, Rebecca McGrew, Mark Molinari, Stacy Peltier and Amanda Rock. AEG would also like to thank Elaine Hanford for compiling the Geosciences Bulletin Board each week.More

2013 Science-Engineering-Technology Congressional Visits Day
On March 12 and 13, Matt Morris, AEG president, and Paul Weaver, Carolinas Section chair, participated in the 2013 Science-Engineering-Technology Congressional Visits Day in Washington, D.C. The American Association for the Advancement of Science was the main sponsor of the S.E.T. CVD, with the geosciences represented and organized by the American Geosciences Institute, a geosciences umbrella organization of which AEG is a member.More

Thank you for making the 56th Annual AEG Meeting a success!
Congratulations to Annual Meeting Co-Chairs Mark Molinari and Kathy Troost and the entire Annual Meeting Committee for their outstanding accomplishments in planning and coordinating this year's Annual Meeting! Thank you to our sponsors, exhibitors, student volunteers, staff and meeting attendees for contributing to the meeting's success. There were a number of high points at this year's Annual Meeting, and we would like to share a few with you.More

Alaska presidential visit by Gary Luce
In early October, AEG President Gary Luce was able to visit the Alaska Section, which had been struggling to hold meetings since the Annual Meeting was held there in 2011. Luce's trip included visiting University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Alaska Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University, also in Anchorage. Luce's message to the students was the incredible demand for geoscientists that is being projected due to the retirement of the baby boomer generation over the next 10 years and the increasing awareness of the engineering and environmental sustainability to society.More

Update on the 2013 Needs Assessment and Strategic
Leadership Report — A Plan for Moving Forward

As our members may be aware, AEG has been facing several years of limping membership and coincident revenue impacts. As part of the Associations business planning and execution, we have been analyzing our market, identifying expanded target demographics to market member benefits to and assessing the needs of these potential customers.

The Strategic Planning Committee identified a Needs Assessment as the most appropriate tool to help the association identify demographic needs while simultaneously examining how effectively we currently deliver on those needs.More

Giant quake sloshed fjords half a world away
EARTH Magazine
On the morning of March 11, 2011, Leif Hus and his wife Gry Melas Hus were having breakfast in their kitchen overlooking Sognefjord in Leikanger, Norway. It was low tide on a calm and windless day with near-freezing temperatures. As they stood, coffee cups in hand, looking out the window at the fjord, they saw an unusual wave roll in.More

AEG: Meet Kristen Enzweiler
The AEG Insider is proud to announce that we will feature short bios for either one of the six AEG Insider editors or a leader in the AEG community. Here is an introduction to one of the AEG leaders — Kristen Enzweiler.


Interactive: Oklahoma quakes
The New York Times
Oklahoma has been jolted by thousands of minor earthquakes in recent years, far more than the average of about 50 quakes a year. Scientists are investigating whether the oil and gas industry's practice of injecting wastewater into deep wells might be causing some of the quakes.More

Meet 2013-2014 AEG President Gary Luce
Gary Luce is a senior engineer project manager with Knight Piesold and Company in Elko, Nev. His specialties are rock mechanics, slope stability, seismic hazard evaluations, materials testing and site characterization. Luce also works on all aspects of mining geotechnical projects, as well as civil projects.More

Meet 2013-2014 AEG Vice President and President Elect Ken Fergason
Ken Fergason is the 2013-2014 vice president and president-elect for AEG and a senior geologist with AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc., in their Phoenix office. Ken was first exposed to AEG as an undergraduate at Texas A&M University, though he lost touch with the organization during graduate school in Arizona. He became involved again once a colleague encouraged him to become active in professional societies and was the vice chair of the Phoenix Chapter.More

Meet 2013-2014 AEG Treasurer Paul Santi
Paul Santi has been an AEG member since he started graduate school in 1986. He is currently a professor of Geological Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines and previously taught at Missouri University of Science and Technology and worked in the consulting engineering industry in Denver and San Francisco. Right now, his research is focused on debris flows following wildfire, stabilization of landslides by drainage and engineering of weak rock and shale.More

A note from 2013-2014 AEG Secretary Dale Andrews
Dale Andrews' involvement with AEG began by attending monthly Allegheny-Ohio Section meetings as a member of the Kent State student chapter back in 1997, thanks to the encouragement of a great mentor — and recent recipient of the Terzaghi Mentor Award — in Dr. Abdul Shakoor. Upon completion of his thesis, Andrews felt privileged learning that his abstract was selected to be part of the speaker's program at AEG's 1999 annual meeting held in Salt Lake City.More

Meet AEG Past President (2012-2013) Matt Morris
Matthew Morris, P.G., is a senior engineering geologist and project manager for Gannett Fleming, Inc., based in their Pittsburgh office. Matt's primary professional interest areas include soil and rock slope stability design and mitigation and construction geology.More