AFE Weekly Headlines
Feb. 14, 2012

Balancing energy and indoor air quality
Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Engineers are often challenged with improving IAQ issues to ensure occupant safety and comfort. Whether the functions of the building are to heal patients, learn new health care practices, or conduct experiments in an organic chemistry class, air quality is crucial to maintaining a healthy environment.More

Danfoss gives HVAC 2012 industry outlook
Plant Engineer
During Danfoss' 17th annual press conference, at the AHR Expo in Chicago, senior leaders remarked on the 2012 market outlook and policy trends for the HVAC industry. More

Do PLCs eliminate need for a DCS?
In the past it was fairly easy to determine whether a PLC or a DCS was right for an application but in recent years this has become more difficult. It is argued that more powerful PLC products coupled with new software tools provide an integrated process control system rivaling a distributed control system for process control applications. More

Maintenance contracts can improve reliability, safety
Plant Engineering
Electrical equipment and power distribution systems have never been designed to be or intended to remain perpetually energized. All electrical power distribution systems will experience some type of electrical power interruption, whether it will be for scheduled maintenance or unscheduled downtime due to an electrical fault or inoperative equipment. More

Modern nuclear technology for new plant
Control Engineering
The hand wringing has started in earnest as the NRC has granted permission for Southern Co. to add two more units to its Vogtle nuclear plant site in Georgia. "Haven't we learned anything from Fukushima?" the chorus asks. The answer to that is yes, we have learned a great deal, not just from Fukushima (other than maybe we don't want to locate plants right on the coast) but from all the nuke plants around the world. More

AFE LinkedIn Group site post of the week: The maintenance crisis
This week's AFE LinkedIn Post of the Week comes from Joel Leonard, who linked to a Marshall Institute blog. "We are in the midst of a maintenance crisis and are facing highly sophisticated equipment challenges, budget cut backs, a mass exodus of skilled talent and social stigmas that inhibit our youth from pursuing maintenance career paths," the blog states. Visit the AFE LinkedIn group site to see his entire post and to post your own comment or question to more than 2,300 facilities professionals.More

Services and maintenance: effective green cleaning
Today's Facility Manager
Cleaning a facility involves the removal of unwanted matter, pollutants and contaminants from the indoor environment. By definition, this activity should always be environmentally friendly, but often it isn't. This is because some cleaning procedures actually add rather than remove pollutants, and this scenario is usually brought about by a combination of inappropriate processes and products. More

What to evaluate when choosing new furnishings
When selecting furnishings for health care and education facilities, it is important to evaluate products within four distinct categories: durability and maintenance, healthy and safe, quiet and comfortable, and sustainability and value. Depending upon the environment and goals of the organization, one or more of these categories may be more important than another.More

AFE Career Center opportunity of the week: Systems engineer manager UVA
The University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Va., is seeking a highly qualified systems engineer manager. To view this and hundreds of other exciting job opportunities, visit the AFE Career Center. More. More

Thousands of facilities professionals to attend NFMT in Baltimore
Join 5,000 facility professionals, hundreds of leading suppliers, and industry experts at the National Facilities Management & Technology Show in Baltimore, March 13-15. In addition to meeting your friends and colleagues at the AFE booth, the NFMT Show will provide you with new tactics, tools and technology to make you a smarter, more successful facilities professional.More