AFE Weekly Headlines
May. 5, 2015

New energy-efficiency law could be boon for HVAC industry
Energy Manager Today
President Barack Obama signed into law the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act. The bill includes provisions to promote commercial building energy-use benchmarking and disclosure. Omar Talpur, analyst for Security and Building Technologies at IHS says while it is presently unclear in the current language of the bill how commercial building energy-use information will be accessible to the general public, the HVAC industry could benefit from such disclosure.More

It's time to bring 'sexy' back — to parking garages
Pamela Tresp
Being a self proclaimed lighting nerd, energy savings consultant and former police officer, I admit I am easily drawn to parking garages as a means of helping building owners. Stories like the recent shooting in a parking garage at the University of Missouri really get my goat. In highly populated cities filled with crime, law enforcement is often forced to be reactive and not proactive. More

How building automation raises efficiency
A key area of efficiency improvement is cutting down on utilities costs associated with the needless usage of energy-intensive equipment such as HVAC systems and lighting. According to the Australian government's Energy Efficiency Exchange, HVAC systems generally account for approximately 40 percent of total building energy consumption and 70 percent of base building energy usage. More

Nepal building code author says disaster was waiting to happen
The author of Nepal's little-heeded building code says the earthquake that killed more than 4,300 people and caused at least $2 billion in economic losses could have been less destructive with better oversight. "They didn't need this, but it was inevitable, absolutely inevitable," said Richard Sharpe, a New Zealand earthquake engineer who led a team that formulated Nepal's only set of building standards 20 years ago. Sharpe lived in the capital, Kathmandu, from 1993 to 1994, with his young family.More

Who is educating the energy workforce of the future?
The energy industry's skilled workforce is retiring, and utilities are in desperate need of filling the open positions. But who is responsible for training the energy workforce of the future? A 2012 report by the California Public Utilities Commission looked at the retiring workforce, as well as workforce development programs meant to train the energy workers of the future.More

Remodeling to accommodate tenants with disabilities
If you have an apartment building, one of the changes you may want to consider making is an accommodation for future tenants with disabilities. In some areas there are more people with disabilities than others, of course, but any complex can have tenants who are disabled and looking for a place to live, or tenants who become disabled at a later date. Making most of your apartments accessible to people with physical limitations can mean more of an opportunity to keep your apartments full. You can also follow ADA guidelines and make it known that you do, which will attract more people to your complex.More

European-inspired green roofs take root in the US
USA Today
Green roofs have a long tradition in Europe, and the idea is now taking firm hold in the United States. Not only is it a truly green-from-the-top idea, but it keeps buildings "a little warmer in the winter months and a little cooler in the winter months," Al Johnson, a restaurant owner in Wisconsin, said. It also holds rainwater to limit runoff into Lake Michigan.More

CORT survey reveals growing need among universities for high-quality, affordable furnishings
As more colleges and universities face budget restrictions, many educational facilities managers and other procurement specialists are now looking for solutions to help stretch their already tight budgets. A recent survey conducted by University Business magazine and CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, revealed that, while budget restrictions is the biggest challenge facing institutions, there is still a desire and expectation for quality furnishings.More