AFE Weekly Headlines
Sep. 24, 2013

Texas, where oil rules, turns its eye to energy efficiency
The Texas Tribune via The New York Times
In Texas, where oil lubricates the economy the same way it does pickup trucks, energy consumption is no exception to the state's everything-is-bigger reputation. The nation's leading energy producer also uses more energy by far than any other state. As the state's population keeps surging, demand is expected to grow, prompting leaders to think about how it will meet its long-term needs.More

New wind farm planned for Uruguay
United Press International
Spanish energy company Abengoa announced it was tasked with building a 70 megawatt wind farm worth an estimated $165 million in Uruguay. Abengoa said it would build a wind farm in Palomas, Uruguay. The project is expected to generate 70 MW of energy and prevent the emissions of more than 140,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year.More

US solar power costs fall 60 percent in just 18 months
pv magazine
The cost of solar power in the U.S. is now 60 percent cheaper than it was in early 2011, according to a joint report by the U.S. Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research. The latest quarterly report from SEIA and GTM Research has revealed that solar panel costs in the second quarter of 2013 were down by 60 percent on the first quarter of 2011.More

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Why are some big utilities embracing small-scale solar power?
InsiderClimate News via Miami Herald
A handful of U.S. utilities have discovered they can save money by encouraging small rooftop solar projects — the same projects utility industry leaders have insisted were too expensive and unreliable to be practical.More

Why are China's solar photovoltaic systems cheaper?
The reason behind China's advantage in manufacturing less costly solar photovoltaic energy systems is not what you might think.More

Preventing a BLEVE: 5 beliefs that are commonly misunderstood
By Sasha Viasasha
Corrosion is relentless. Thanks to the second law of thermodynamics, things fall apart and the existence of oxygen in the air is enough cause for corrosion to set in. One of the biggest reasons for above-ground storage tank owners to get a handle on corrosion is that the weakened state of the tank builds uneven pressure, leading to a worst-case scenario — the BLEVE. The following is a list of false, but common beliefs about BLEVEs.More

The most energy-efficient cities in America
Business Insider
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has ranked America's most energy efficient cities, and published a map to document it. They scored the cities based on five categories: local government policies, communitywide projects, overall volume of green buildings, utility participation, and transportation efficiency.More