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Jan. 7, 2015

USDA: Salmonella tops list of 15 most costly pathogens
Food Safety News
Salmonella causes an estimated $3.7 billion each year in medical costs for Americans, according to the latest estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service. That figure places Salmonella at the top of the rankings for the 15 most costly foodborne illnesses. More

Pro- and anti-GMO labeling camps square up for battle in Vermont
Food Navigator-USA
Supporters and opponents of GMO labeling will square up in a courtroom in Burlington, Vermont, Wednesday to present oral arguments over the merits of Act 120, which will require mandatory labeling of foods produced with genetic engineering. More

Food 'accelerators' and the $10 bag of pasta
The Wall Street Journal
As tastes shift toward specialty, local and organic foods, more so-called food startups are entering the market. According to PitchBook, a private financial database, close to $570 million in venture capital has been invested over the past five years in companies that produce food.More

Boehner survives leadership challenge from conservative members
The Washington Post
Republicans took full control of Congress Tuesday, but — even on a day of happy ceremony — GOP leaders were reminded of the limits of their power, first by a veto threat from the president and then by a historic rebellion by conservatives in the House.

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    McConnell meets Senate
    It didn't take long for Mitch McConnell to get a reminder of the Senate's harsh realities. The new majority leader finally reached the pinnacle of his power Tuesday and was set to begin carrying out his pledges to "restore" the chamber and empower its committee chairmen — using a bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline as his opening shot.

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    As GOP Congress begins, White House strikes aggressive tone
    The Washington Post
    President Barack Obama welcomed the new Republican majority to town Tuesday by vowing to sink two of the top items on the party's legislative agenda.More

    Battle lines drawn over dinner plates
    Republican American
    If there was any theme to the food world in 2014, it was the prevalence of polarizing issues. Whether we were tussling over genetically modified organisms or debating how healthy is too healthy for school lunches or scolding one another for our gluten choices, this year our collective culinary consciousness seemed mired in disputes.More

    Feds intervening in West Coast port fight
    The Hill
    A federal mediator is stepping in help try to resolve a labor fight that is threatening the flow of packages at ports along the West Coast.

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    Research finds mandatory meat labels economically not worth the fight
    Kansas State University
    When you pick up a pound of meat from the grocery store, have you noticed the label indicating where the meat originated? According to new research, most shoppers have no idea the label exists — but that little label is causing a big stir among the U.S., Canada and Mexico.More

    Claims for organic agriculture need more sunlight, less shade
    Organic agriculture is the most expensive, expansive hoax perpetrated on consumers during the past half-century, Henry I. Miller claims.More

    TTIP papers published as EU Ombudsman demands more transparency
    The European Commission on Wednesday published Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiating documents, as the European Ombudsman called on the executive to further increase transparency around the trade talks with the U.S. More

    Nutritionists agree: Some prepared foods healthier than home-cooked
    Prepared foods have a bad rap, largely because of what are perceived to be the unhealthy additives and preservatives added to most products to extend their shelf life. Nutrition experts in Finland now say that most of the additives in convenience foods are harmless, and saturated fats and salt are the real culprits.More

    Sustainable packaging trends for 2015: All about millennials
    Triple Pundit
    As packaging innovators, it is in our best interest and in the interest of our customers to monitor emerging trends in the industry.More

    Emsur's first US packaging facility ramps up manufacturing
    Food Production Daily
    Emsur has opened its first U.S. production facility after seeing a growing demand for its yogurts and desserts outside of Europe. More

    ADM strengthens Unilever relationship
    Food Business News
    Archer Daniels Midland Co. and Unilever have signed a Joint Business Development Plan that should grow ADM's relationship as an oils and fats supplier to Unilever in Europe, North America and Africa. More

    Cincinnati-based processor to open $120 million plant
    A Cincinnati-based processor of a wide range of raw and ready-to-eat proteins is about to dramatically expand its RTE product line and operations when its new $120 million production facility opens in Cambridge City, Indiana, this summer, the company said.More

    McCall Farms to close two processing plants
    Food Dive
    McCall Farms, which produces canned and frozen vegetables, will close two of its three yam processing plants and consolidate operations at a facility near its South Carolina headquarters.More

    Funding to address food safety upgrades
    Food Quality News
    Massachusetts produce and aquaculture sites have been given grants to address food safety upgrades.More

    Bacteria could be rich source of new and existing terpenes
    Food Navigator
    Bacteria may represent a "fertile source" of terpenes that may be used as ingredients by the food industry, say researchers. More