Frozen Express
Jan. 19, 2012

The pressure to make fast food healthier
Pressure to improve the healthfulness of children's meals and restaurant fare in general, along with the influence of the growing Asian, Hispanic, boomer and millennial population groups, are among the factors that will shape the restaurant industry in 2012 and beyond, according to The NPD Group.More

Opinion: The many benefits of a single food safety agency
The Atlantic
According to the latest rumors, the Office of Management and Budget wants to merge some agencies, including the FDA and USDA. Could this action ultimately improve food safety standards?

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  • A budget-neutral, better way to boost food safety (Food Safety News)More

    Children's weight gain not because of junk food in school
    The junk food sold at schools does not appear to contribute to middle school students' weight gains, a new study says. In the study, no link was found between children's weight gain and the amount of time between fifth and eighth grade they attended schools that sold junk food, the researchers said.More

    Santorum finished 34 votes ahead of Romney in new Iowa tally; votes from 8 precincts missing
    The Washington Post
    Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum edged Republican front-runner Mitt Romney in the Iowa caucuses by 34 votes but can't be declared the winner because votes from eight precincts are missing, officials said Thursday.More

    Gingrich sees South Carolina surge
    The Washington Post
    On the morning after a bellicose debate performance that had the audience leaping to its feet, Newt Gingrich got a challenge from a retired Marine officer who had come to hear him speak at an art gallery in South Carolina.More

    Perry to abandon presidential bid
    The Wall Street Journal
    Texas Gov. Rick Perry will drop out of the Republican presidential race Thursday, according to people familiar with his decision.More

    Obama's ads: Too soon? Too positive?
    The Washington Post
    The decision by President Barack Obama's campaign to launch ads in six swing states prior to next week's State of the Union speech and before Republicans have selected the man who will challenge the incumbent president appears to be a mark of the aggressive approach the president's team will take to his re-election race.More

    Activist groups want to undo ruling that led to super PAC frenzy
    The Washington Post
    Two years ago this week, the Supreme Court set the political world on its head by ruling that corporations could spend unlimited money on elections, rolling back decades of legal restrictions.More

    Bill adds natural gas, coal as renewable fuel sources
    Ethanol derived from natural gas and coal would compete with corn-based ethanol for a share of the U.S. motor fuel market under a bill unveiled by six U.S. House members Wednesday.More

    Shrimp season rolls on as quota controversy rages
    The Associated Press via USA Today
    New England fishermen have been casting their nets in the cold Gulf of Maine waters since the northern shrimp season began Jan. 2, but their season could be cut short this winter if their catches are too strong.More

    US ambassador appointed to lead UN World Food Program
    UN News Centre
    The United Nations World Food Program on Wednesday announced Ertharin Cousin of the United States has been appointed the new head of the Rome-based agency. She will begin her duties in April.More

    Food stamp nation
    The Wall Street Journal
    Newt Gingrich threw a rhetorical tomato at the White House in Monday's South Carolina primary debate when he noted "more people have been put on food stamps under Barack Obama than any other president in history."More

    Training gaps cited in lab-linked Salmonella outbreak
    Gaps in biosafety training likely played a role in a Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak linked to lab exposure that sickened 109 people in 38 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday. More

    Filmmaker pushes for federal GMO labeling
    Eat Drink Explore
    The man behind the documentary "Food, Inc." has a new project aimed at getting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to label genetically engineered or modified food products. Robert Kenner's "Labels Matter" piece is part of his FixFood project, a social media platform advocating a more sustainable and democratic food system.More

    Specialty poultry processors begin national distribution
    Plainville Farms turkey and FreeBird chicken now are being distributed nationwide through United Natural Foods Inc., an independent distributor of natural, organic and specialty foods and related products, the poultry processors announced.More

    Wal-Mart holds contest to let consumers choose new products
    Los Angeles Times
    Calling all inventors: Wal-Mart Stores Inc. wants you to parade your stuff. The nation's largest retailer is holding a contest, called Get on the Shelf, for a chance to snag a spot on its stores and website for your product.More

    Scientists make orange food coloring from avacado seeds
    Food Processing
    Avocado growers typically view the avocado seed as a waste product. But a study in the Journal of Food Science, published by the Institute of Food Technologists, found that crushing avocado seeds along with air generates an orange color that may be used as natural coloring for food products in the future.More

    Chili's restaurants aim for lighter fare
    PR Newswire
    New menu items — featured on and boasting 750 calories and 25g fat or less — demonstrate Chili's commitment to providing a range of options to fit consumers' lifestyles.More

    Alliance Consumer Growth invests in frozen food firm
    Alliance Consumer Growth, a New York-based private equity firm focused on consumer products, is investing in frozen meal maker Evol Foods, which plans to widen its distribution and add to its menu. More

    N2N Global rolls out new program for food safety, quality
    N2N Global, a software provider focused on the food supply chain, has released a new program that facilitates food safety compliance and traceability.More

    Retailer consultation urged for effective nutrition label research
    Food Navigator
    Retailers need to work with manufacturers and regulators to track the effect of systems such as traffic light labeling on consumer purchasing behavior of food and drink products, according to a new report from a Brussels-based consumer information group. More

    Packaging innovation helps shoppers cut food waste
    Packaging Europe
    A new range of split containers from for fresh or cooked meats uses modified atmosphere packaging and portion-sized compartments to help cut down on food waste and cater to smaller households.More

    Food technology shows promise
    Feedstuffs Foodlink
    Nanotechnology has the potential to create better foods, better medicines and innovative products for consumers, but companies need to take a smarter approach to its introduction.More