Frozen Express
Feb. 2, 2012

Coalition defends truck weight limit revision
PR Newswire via The Sacramento Bee
The Coalition for Transportation Productivity, a group of 200 shippers and allied associations dedicated to safely and responsibly increasing the federal vehicle weight limit on interstate highways, supports the carefully crafted truck weight reform proposal in the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act.

Editor's note: The American Frozen Food Institute is a member of the Coalition for Transportation Productivity.

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    Cantaloupe Listeria outbreak still claiming victims?
    Food Safety News
    One more victim of the nationwide outbreak of Listeria infection linked to Colorado cantaloupes died this week, bringing the death toll to 32. But the woman, who also suffered stage 4 breast cancer, might not be counted in the CDC's final tallly, nor might a 92-year-old man who died in December.More

    Retailers: January sales mixed as shoppers get selective
    The Associated Press via The Washington Post
    Retailers reported mixed sales results for January in a sign that American shoppers are continuing to be cautious about when and where they spend their money in the shaky economy.More

    Re-election rumblings for Obama
    The Hill
    Recent economic reports could have the Obama White House worried. All of the reports suggest the pace of economic growth remains slow and unemployment could rise, not fall, before the end of the year. More

    Poll: Mitt Romney has nothing to worry about in Nevada
    The Washington Post
    A new poll from the Las Vegas Review-Journal suggests former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is headed for a blowout in Saturday's Nevada caucuses. More

    Fourth-quarter fundraising winners and losers
    The Washington Post
    Columnists for The Washington Post are digging into the just-filed fourth-quarter fundraising reports. As usual, that means winners and losers.More

    Colorado lawmakers consider banning trans fat in schools
    The Associated Press via Fox News
    The nation's leanest state is taking aim at junk food in school cafeterias as it considers the nation's toughest school trans fat ban. A Colorado House committee was scheduled to hear a bill Thursday to forbid any trans fat in school food — not just the food served in regular cafeteria lunches. More

    Labor Department changes child farm labor plan
    The Associated Press via Fox News
    Under pressure from farm groups, the Labor Department has agreed to modify a plan that was intended to keep children away from some of the most dangerous farm jobs.More

    USDA to withdraw labor law proposal for federal contractors
    Office of the Federal Register
    In an upcoming edition of the Federal Register, USDA will withdraw its proposed rule that would have required companies doing business with the agency to certify that all subcontractors are in compliance with labor laws — making a federal contractor responsible for ensuring subcontractors do not hire undocumented immigrants or commit other labor infractions.More

    Scientists: Tax, regulate and restrict sugar because it's 'toxic'
    San Francisco Chronicle
    Like alcohol and tobacco, sugar is a toxic, addictive substance that should be highly regulated with taxes, laws governing where and to whom it can be advertised — and even age-restricted sales, says a team of scientists from the University of California, San Francisco.More

    EPA seeks comment on air quality criteria for lead
    Office of the Federal Register
    The Environmental Protection Agency has prepared its second external review of a Draft Integrated Science Assessment for lead and will hold a public meeting to gather input on the document. The assessment is used in determining air quality criteria governing any pollutants that contribute to lead in the ambient air. More

    GAP/GHP: Protecting and serving produce farmers, businesses
    USDA Blog
    Food safety and the prevention of food borne illness is a priority across the food supply chain in the U.S. With the development of better notification systems and increased consumer awareness of food safety, there is a need for greater accountability and for consistent standards and practices at every step.More

    Ecolab seeks to include antimicrobial in produce wash water
    Office of the Federal Register
    Ecolab Inc. has filed a petition proposing to amend the food additive regulations so that sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate can be used as an antimicrobial agent in produce wash water without requiring an additional potable water rinse.More

    Meeting discusses agenda for Codex pesticide residue group
    USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
    USDA has set a Feb. 14 meeting to share information and get feedback on agenda items and draft U.S. positions for the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues session in April.More

    EU Parliament rejects food label amendments
    Food Navigator
    The European Parliament has blocked a proposal to amend food labeling laws that would have allowed new "percentage less" claims on nutrition content, such as sugar, salt and fat — a move the food industry says is a bitter pill for the food sector to swallow. More

    Japan, US plan for TPP talks
    The Mainichi Daily News
    Japan and the United States are arranging to begin preliminary talks at an early date on Japan's future participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade negotiations, Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura said Wednesday.More

    French food makers can use 'GMO free' labels
    Bloomberg Businessweek
    French food companies can label products as "GMO free" to indicate they contain no or only trace amounts of genetically modified crops, the government said.More

    Taiwan pledges continued work on US trade issues
    Taiwan Today
    Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou said Wednesday his administration attaches great importance to relations with the U.S. and is committed to further expanding bilateral ties, including the issue of Taiwan's ban on some U.S. beef.More

    Hormel sales jump 150 percent for MegaMex brand
    Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
    Hormel Foods Corp. said at its annual shareholders meeting that sales of its MegaMex Foods brand have grown 150 percent in the past two years.More

    Taco Bell named as Salmonella culprit
    Food Safety News
    On Wednesday, Food Safety News editor Dan Flynn broke news of the identity of "Restaurant Chain A" as Taco Bell in the 10-state outbreak of Salmonella enteritidis that sickened at least 68 individuals in October and November. More

    Hispanic culture affecting breakfast, dinner trends
    The growing Hispanic population is having an effect on the nation's breakfast and dinner meal occasions, according to the market research firm The NPD Group's National Eating Trends Hispanic report. More

    Animal fats, greases to fuel commercial fleets
    GlobeNewswire via MarketWatch
    Dynamic Fuels, a venture of Tyson Foods and Syntroleum Corp., is working with Mansfield Oil Co. to distribute synthetic, renewable diesel fuel derived from animal fats and greases. The partnership is focused on the commercial fleet vehicle market.More

    Del Monte Foods focuses on cybersecurity
    Del Monte Foods is using Wombat's Security Training Platform to assess internal vulnerability and to train its workforce to recognize cyberattacks.More

    Swelling demand for skinny beef
    Mail Tribune
    Andy Joffer of the Joffer Family Ranch in Ruch, Ore., has discovered his roping steers also produce a lean meat that is prized by fitness buffs and healthy eaters.More

    Food processing center gives businesses chance to grow
    Dina Mills said the expansion of her natural frozen pop business wouldn't have been possible without help from the Piedmont Food and Agricultural Processing Center in Hillsborough, N.C.More

    Texas Tech earns grant to find Salmonella solutions for beef
    Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
    A team of Texas Tech University researchers have been awarded $540,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and an additional $150,000 from the Beef Checkoff program to research and provide solutions for Salmonella in cattle. More

    Columbus upgrades refrigeration technology
    Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
    Specialty meats processor Columbus Foods said it will spend $7 million and install a reconfigured ammonia refrigeration system at its South San Francisco, Calif., facility. Officials say Columbus' new system will exceed current EPA Clean Air Act standards and provide increased safety for employees and the community surrounding its plant.More