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Feb. 8, 2013

USDA investigation finds waste, loss in national lunch program
Washington Guardian
An investigation by the USDA inspector general found the National School Lunch Program, which subsidizes breakfast and lunch for 31 million poor children, wasted at least $1.7 million that could have gone to buy more food. The review only looked at 18 school programs, suggesting the problems could be much larger across the $11 billion nationwide program.

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FSA: 'Highly likely' criminals behind UK horse meat contamination
The Telegraph
The Food Standards Agency has ordered that all U.K. food retailers now carry out urgent tests on all processed beef products after some Findus lasagnes were found to contain 100 percent horse meat. It is "highly likely" criminals are responsible, the agency said.

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FDA additives office to confront Pew recommendations
Food Chemical News (subscription required)
You might have thought all the action at FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition in 2013 was going to center around the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, but the Office of Food Additive Safety is going to be very busy, too, warn five food additives experts.More

Why the next State of the Union talk is Obama's most important one
The Washington Post
In four days, President Barack Obama will deliver his State of the Union address, an annual speech before Congress that is arguably the most important one a president is tasked with giving. And for Obama, this particular speech may end up being the most important State of the Union of his entire presidency.More

Obama 'prepared, eager, anxious' for sequester fight with Republicans
The Hill
President Barack Obama told House Democrats Thursday that he is "prepared, eager and anxious" to produce the broad fiscal package that has eluded Washington. A pugnacious Obama told House Democrats at their annual retreat that, with $85 billion in automatic spending cuts looming in three weeks, he is ready to end the current "governance in crisis."More

Iowa poll: Vilsack top choice for senate
The Des Moines Register via USA Today
Iowans think the most appealing candidate to replace retiring Sen. Tom Harkin is Democrat Tom Vilsack, someone who so far hasn't shown much interest in the seat.


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    EU leaders to push for free-trade deal with US
    European leaders will push for a free trade agreement with the U.S. as talks kick off at the Brussels summit today, according to a draft joint statement. Leaders are hoping President Barack Obama will support the initiative next Tuesday in his annual State of the Union speech. More

    GMO labeling bill draws no opposition, continues through legislature
    Hawaii State Legislature
    With no opposition — but some amending — Hawaii's HB174 was approved by the state's agriculture committees Thursday and passed on to the Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce. More

    National Farmers Union to unveil proposed fix for WTO ruling on COOL
    Food Chemical News (subscription required)
    As a May 23 deadline looms for the United States to comply with a World Trade Organization ruling on a case brought by Canada and Mexico against country-of-origin labeling, the National Farmers Union plans to unveil next week a proposed regulatory fix to avert retaliatory tariffs threatened by U.S. neighbors to the north and south.More

    Amy's Kitchen frozen foods plans fast food restaurant in 2014
    Amy's Kitchen, one of the largest organic frozen food companies in the world, is taking another healthy step further, placing a fast food restaurant in Northern California next year.More

    Cold chain market worth $157 million by 2017
    The report "Cold Chain Market for Food Industry: Global Trends & Forecasts to 2017" defines and segments the global cold chain market with analysis and forecasting of global revenue, which is predicted to top $157 million within four years.More

    Z Trim Holdings makes first sales of non-GMO corn fiber ingredient
    Food Navigator-USA
    Z Trim Holdings Inc. announced the first sales of its non-GMO Z Trim corn fiber functional food ingredient. The company announced only in December that it was adding the non-GMO option to its line of Z Trim ingredients that help to reduce fat and calories, add fiber, provide shelf-stability, prevent oil migration and add binding capacity.More

    Low-calorie options can add up to restaurant profits
    Restaurant chains that offer lower-calorie options might have a healthier bottom line as well, according to a study by Hudson Institute. The study found chains that increased their lower-calorie offerings saw better sales growth, larger increases in customer traffic and stronger gains in total food and beverage servings as compared with chains whose servings of lower-calorie foods and beverages declined.More

    Sustainable foods summit calls for supply chain efficiencies
    Food Production Daily
    The desperate need to improve supply chain efficiency was the core message of the Sustainable Foods Summit in San Francisco earlier this year.More

    Breaking consumer disconnects
    Food Business News
    Many consumers believe gluten-free products are healthier even if they don't have Celiac disease. Many overweight and obese consumers have no intention of losing weight. There is a push for products containing bioengineered ingredients to be labeled when research hasn't found the products to be harmful. Suzy Badaracco, president of Culinary Tides Inc., a market research firm, said these are all examples of consumer disconnects. More

    Congestion cost $27 billion in 2011
    Congestion has a price, and for the trucking industry, it's billions of dollars lost. The total financial cost of congestion in 2011 was $121 billion, up $1 billion dollars from the year before and translating to $818 per U.S. commuter.More