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Feb. 23, 2012

Study: Too much information on labels turns off consumers
Excessive information on health claims on food packaging is perceived as off-putting by consumers and can have a negative influence on the perception of sensory characteristics, according to a study in the journal "Food Quality and Preference."More

Opinion: Is sugar the new tobacco? Maybe not
USA Today
A Feb. 2 commentary in "Nature" draws a correlation between sugar and diseases such as diabetes and heart ailments and calls for sugar to be regulated in much the same way as alcohol and tobacco. But regulating sugar could put society on a slipper slope.

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    Cantaloupe Listeria outbreak claims another life
    Listeria linked to Colorado cantaloupe claimed another life this week: Mike Hauser, 68, of Monument, Colo., died Tuesday, bringing the total number of adult deaths to 34 people. More

    Romney puts Santorum on defensive in GOP debate
    The Washington Post
    Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum was thrown on the defensive Wednesday night as rival Mitt Romney attacked the former senator over spending and earmarks and accused him of compiling an inconsistent and contradictory record.More

    Romney's record with small donors shows enthusiasm gap
    The Washington Post
    For one piece of evidence of an enthusiasm gap between Mitt Romney and his rivals for the GOP presidential nomination, look no further than his campaign's financial report.More

    Polls: Santorum, Romney running in virtual tie in Michigan
    The Hill
    Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are locked in a virtual tie in Michigan, several polls showed Thursday.

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    GOP fears rise over 2012 tone, message
    GOP leaders are watching with rising dismay as the 2012 presidential campaign edges into social issues like contraception and illegal immigration — issues they say are far removed from the workaday concerns of the independent voters Republicans need to evict Barack Obama from the White House. More

    Bill would limit arsenic, lead in juices
    Consumer Reports
    A House bill introduced in early February aims to limit levels of arsenic and lead in fruit juices. Bill sponsors Frank Pallone Jr., D-N.J., and Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., also sent a letter Wednesday to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, urging "maximum standards for all food products."More

    USDA: GM crops to get faster approval
    Bloomberg Businessweek
    Seed companies including Monsanto Co., the world's largest, will get speedier regulatory reviews of their genetically modified crops under forthcoming rule changes, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said.More

    The fight over the endangered Microbiological Data Program
    Food Safety News
    A "tiny" program at USDA, which does the lion's share of public produce testing in the U.S., is on the chopping block.More

    USDA, FDA executives to take part in Food Safety Summit panel
    The Food Safety Summit is proud to announce a town hall discussion with Mike Taylor, FDA deputy commissioner for Foods, and Dr. Elisabeth Hagen, USDA under secretary for Food Safety, during the Food Safety Summit Thursday, April 19 in Washington, D.C. More

    Group aims to make beef production more efficient, eco-friendly
    The Wichita Eagle
    On Wednesday, representatives of several of the largest companies and organizations in the beef industry, in cooperation with major environmental groups, formally kicked off the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.More

    Campbell thinks outside the can
    The Wall Street Journal
    Campbell Soup Co. is taking soup out of the can. The company is planning to put its soups in new packages, such as pouches, as part of its plan to spark growth in its namesake business. More

    Pepsi's mid-calorie soda aims to win back drinkers
    The Associated Press via USA Today
    Pepsi hopes to win back soda drinkers with a compromise: The nation's No. 2 cola company is rolling out "Pepsi Next," a mid-calorie drink that has about half the calories of regular Pepsi but a flavor closer to the original than to the diet version. More

    Applebee's adds 3 Weight Watchers-endorsed entrees to menu
    Business Wire via MarketWire
    Applebee's and Weight Watchers are celebrating their continued partnership with the introduction of three new entrees, each featuring a full portion of steak, shrimp or chicken. More

    Canada: Social media campaign rewards frozen pizza consumers via Broadcast Newsroom
    Hip Digital Media has announced a special promotion that brings together two of Canada's greatest loves: movies and pizza. Consumers who purchase one of more than 3 million specially marked packages of McCain Rising and Thin Crust Pizzas will receive a complimentary movie via

    ADM to cut 1,200 jobs
    The Associated Press via The Boston Globe
    Archer Daniels Midland Co. said Tuesday it is firing 175 people at its headquarters in Illinois as part of a plan to cut what it now says will be 1,200 mostly salaried jobs throughout the company.More

    No-pick: Blueberry farms extend season, cancel self-pick option
    Kalamazoo News
    In news that may shatter the Kalamazoo, Mich., area's image of summer, Leduc Blueberries has announced it no longer will allow people to come and pick their own blueberries.More

    How Whole Foods became the luxury brand of millennials
    Fast Company's Co.Exist
    America's definition of luxury is changing. Quiet, exclusive and socially pedigreed extravagance is giving way to a new generation of affluent consumers (read: millennials) who have grown up with a definition of luxury that will forever change the way brands market upscale goods.More

    Wonder bread adding 'Nutrition Notes' to some products
    Hostess Brands Inc. said it will debut easy-to-see nutritional callouts on packages of its Wonder Smartwhite and Smartwheat bread. More

    Emerging Technology Accelerator invests in pathogen detection
    PRWeb via
    The Emerging Technology Accelerator, an initiative of the Global Food Protection Institute advancing the development of novel food protection technology platforms, announced it will make investments in two startup companies with products that rapidly detect pathogens in food. More

    Opinion: Processing is a dirty word — but we need more of it
    Food Production Daily
    Processing has become a dirty word, but the world needs more processing, not less, to feed a growing population, John Floros, Pennsylvania State University professor and head of food science, told a Global Food Safety Initiative audience. More

    Company builds largest beef processing facility in Mexico
    Leading Mexican meat processor SuKarne recently began construction of its newest beef processing facilities called "Ganadera Integral La Laguna" in Tlahualilo, Durango state, the company said in a news release.More

    Food safety compliance enhanced by USB option
    Packaging Europe
    Mettler-Toledo Safeline has launched a new data collection option that enables USB flash drives to be used to gather and store information about product inspection processes.More

    Canada: E. coli illness traced to frozen beef
    Canadian Food Inspection Agency
    Canadian officials have expanded a public warning after tracing the source of an E. coli illness. New Food Classics is working with safety officials in the recall of its Country Morning Beef Burgers and no-name club pack beef steaks.More