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Feb. 25, 2013

The best of food safety: the food industry
Food Safety News
Last week, Food Safety News acknowledged leaders in government, education, non-government organizations, consumer groups and the media who help keep our food supply safe. Today the series focuses on food safety leaders by naming names in the food industry. More

20,000 miles to the plate: Food supply chain presents challenges
Financial Times
Monitoring the global food supply chain presents regulators and governments with a tough test. Consumers are increasingly alarmed that failures and abuses of the convoluted supply chain mean they have little idea what they are eating and whether it is safe. More

Behind the fast food addiction story
The New York Times
Michael Moss, a Pulitzer Prize–winning investigative reporter for The New York Times, discusses the cover article/exposé he wrote on the processed food industry and the science behind fast food addiction.More

White House shows state-by-state breakdown of sequester's effects
The Washington Post
The White House on Sunday detailed how the deep spending cuts set to begin this week would affect programs in every state and the District, as President Barack Obama launched a last-ditch effort to pressure congressional Republicans to compromise on a way to stop the across-the-board cuts.

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    McCain: Backing immigration reform won't hurt GOP in primaries
    The Hill
    Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Sunday that he didn’t think Republican lawmakers would be hurt in GOP primaries if they supported a comprehensive immigration overhaul. More

    GOP 2016: Governors vs. DC insiders
    Forget the establishment versus the tea party, or social conservatives versus fiscal conservatives. Of all the tensions within the Republican Party, the dynamic that may loom largest for 2016 is this: Washington versus the rest of America.

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    Colorado rejects labels for genetically engineered food
    The Associated Press via KCNC-TV
    Colorado lawmakers Thursday rejected a proposal that would have required genetically engineered food to be labeled, amid fears that the mandate would burden farmers and raise food prices.

    Related: Washington to take up GMO label bill March 6 (Northwest Ag Information Network)More

    USDA report: Pesticides posing no threat to food
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Marketing Service has posted data from the 2011 Pesticide Data Program Annual Summary. The 2011 PDP report confirms that overall pesticide chemical residues found on the foods tested are at levels below the tolerances established by the Environmental Protection Agency and do not pose a safety concern. More

    Around the world in numerous food labeling ways
    Food Navigator
    Smart food labeling must emphasize good science and careful thought about consumer impact, the European Food Information Council has concluded after completing an exhaustive global survey.More

    CSPI, Western Growers agree: FDA should have included food safety plans
    Food Chemical News (subscription required)
    In the closing moments of a standing-room-only, 90-minute session at USDA's Agricultural Outlook Forum yesterday, a consumer advocate and an industry representative found a rare piece of common ground on an aspect of FDA's proposed produce safety standards.More

    New Wendy's logo rolls out nationwide
    Today, the new Wendy's logo will begin appearing in Wendy's advertising and on product packaging, crew uniforms, new restaurant signage, menuboards and digital assets. The evolved logo is contemporary and iconic, as it further emphasizes the Wendy cameo while retaining the familiar Wendy's "wave" design.More

    Heinz to sell China packaged food business
    Bloomberg Businessweek
    H.J. Heinz Co., the ketchup maker that agreed to be acquired in a $23 billion buyout this month, will sell its China packaged food business to Zhengzhou Sanquan Foods Co.

    Related: Heinz deal sends urgent warning to food industry to cut waste (The Huffington Post)More

    Dole to sell packaged foods, Asia fresh businesses
    Dole Food Co. Inc. says its previously announced sale of its worldwide packaged foods and Asia fresh produce businesses to Itochu Corp. for $1.685 billion will be completed April 1. More

    From food safety to storms, crisis management starts beforehand
    Supermarket News
    The food industry has faced recent challenges ranging from food safety to crushing storms, and the repeated lesson is that more advance preparation makes sense. More

    Frozen trends for any food occasion
    Food Product Design
    The frozen food sector is alive but facing some marketing challenges. We know that consumers buy with their eyes before their taste buds enter the equation. H We help decipher the trends within this segment from appetizers to entrees, breakfast to pizza and sides dishes to desserts. More

    20,000 miles to the plate
    Financial Times
    Monitoring the global food supply chain presents regulators and governments with a tough test. Consumers are increasingly alarmed that failures and abuses of this convoluted supply chain mean they have little idea what they are eating and whether it is safe. More

    Food manufacturer to open plant in Arkansas
    The AP via The Baxter Bulletin
    A Cabot-based food company will spend $4.7 million to turn a former electrical cord factory into a processing plant set to eventually employ more than 200 people in job-starved Clinton, Ark., Van Buren County leaders announced Wednesday.More

    ConAgra's frozen food pipeline 'very, very full'
    Food Business News (free registration required)
    Leveraging technology innovations and building on strong brands define ConAgra's approach to growing its frozen food business in the coming year.

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    Nestle research: Food type affects eating behavior, calorie intake
    Food Navigator
    The types of food we eat play a key role in our behavior when chewing and consuming that food and ultimately influence our calorie intake, according to new research from Nestle.More

    Food industry growing to new levels of automation
    Process and Control Today
    U.K. food prices have risen 12 percent in the past five years, while incomes have fallen 10 percent. There were seasonal shortages this year, and experts are predicting worldwide food shortages by 2020. Clearly the food industry needs to reduce waste and increase efficiency, as a recent food and beverage conference hosted by Mitsubishi Electric discussed.More