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Feb. 27, 2014

FLOTUS goes big on food label changes
The Obama administration will unveil the most sweeping update to nutrition labeling on food packages in more than two decades on Thursday — and Americans are in for a reality check about how many calories and how much sugar they are consuming.

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    Rancho Feeding under criminal investigation for sourcing cattle with cancer
    The San Francisco Chronicle
    Rancho Feeding Corp., the Petaluma, Calif., slaughterhouse that recently recalled 8.7 million pounds of beef, is under criminal investigation by the federal government for killing and selling meat from dairy cows with cancer, according to sources who would speak only on the condition of anonymity.

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    Report: Hundreds of foods in US contain 'ADA' plastic chemical
    Nearly 500 foods found on grocery store shelves in the United States, including many foods labeled as "healthy," contain a potentially hazardous industrial plastics chemical, according to a report issued Thursday by a health research and advocacy group.More

    Camp challenges GOP with tax reform
    The Hill
    The House's top tax writer on Wednesday challenged his colleagues to embrace a broad and radical tax reform plan that would pare back breaks once thought untouchable to achieve a monumental overhaul of the IRS code.More

    The establishment fights back
    The Hill
    For the past two cycles, Republicans let winnable races with flawed candidates torpedo their chances at a Senate majority. But than was then, and this is now. The GOP establishment is no longer afraid to rattle tea party groups, and the intraparty battle is expected to intensify in the coming weeks and months.More

    Why is John Boehner smiling? His poll numbers are ticking up
    USA Today
    A new Gallup poll shows House Speaker John Boehner is viewed favorably by about a third of Americans, which is pretty good news for the Republican leader who saw his ratings take a nose dive during last year's partial government shutdown.More

    Opinion: Rethinking our 'right' to dangerous behaviors
    The New York Times
    City University of New York professor Nicholas Freudenberg's new book, "Lethal but Legal: Corporations, Consumption and Protecting Public Health," makes the case against six industries — leading with food makers — that essentially promote and benefit from unhealthy lifestyles.More

    PopChips settles 'all-natural' case as other companies follow suit
    Food Navigator-USA
    Snack maker PopChips looks set to become the latest firm to stop using the term "all-natural" to describe its products after agreeing to settle a lawsuit alleging it misled consumers by using the controversial term.More

    Snack makers advise dietitians?
    The Associated Press via The Times Leader
    Snack and soda makers that often are blamed for fueling the nation's obesity rates also play a role in educating the dietitians who advise Americans on healthy eating. Companies such as Frito-Lay, Kellogg and Coca-Cola are essentially teaching the teachers. More

    ACC defends food contact materials in light of new commentary
    Food Chemical News (subscription required)
    The food contact materials approved for use in the United States are subject to rigorous review, and a new commentary suggesting otherwise is already being rejected by scientists around the world.More

    New AFFI videos focus on frozen success
    "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" is the theme for AFFI-CON 2014, a spirit that shines through in exciting new videos from AFFI and the Frozen Food Foundation that premiered Tuesday.More

    Wages: Wal-Mart poised for Henry Ford moment
    In 1914, Henry Ford more than doubled the average wage of his factory workers to $5 a day; 100 years later, U.S. companies are caught up in the debate over raising pay.More

    Nutrition labels set for major overhaul
    Politico Pro
    The Obama administration is expected to take a major step Thursday when it unveils the first update to nutrition labels on food packages in more than two decades.More

    Group wants McDonald's to control pesticide use
    Concerned Minnesotans are urging McDonald's to follow through on a promise to reduce pesticide use in the production of potatoes used to make its french fries.More

    Where are all the coupons for healthy foods?
    The Boston Globe
    Researchers at the University of California San Francisco scoured more than 1,000 online store coupons from six national grocery chains and discovered that deals for healthy foods are practically nonexistent.More

    Food manufacturing safety: What we know now that we didn't know before
    Food Quality News
    Mars, McDonald's, Campbell Soup Company, Bel Group, Danone and many more gathered in the Netherlands this week to discuss food safety. More

    Danone: How will we feed 9 billion people?
    Food Production Daily
    A Danone France leader says providing a growing planet with a safe, sufficient food supply down the road is a challenge the industry must meet now.More

    Reportlinker: Packaged Food in US
    PR Newswire via The San Francisco Bee
    The U.S. packaged food industry saw slightly higher current value growth in 2013 than in 2012 due to an increase in prices of dairy-based and wheat-based products, according to a new market analysis from

    Canadian liver pâté recalled on missed import inspection
    USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
    Sun Hing Foods Inc. has initiated a recall of nearly 1,300 pounds of liver pâté imported from Canada because the products were produced and imported without benefit of USDA inspection.

    Editor's note: Members of the American Frozen Food Institute have access to AFFI's unique Product Recall Insurance Program. Ensure you're protected during a food safety crisis using AFFI's one-of-a-kind program. For more information, please click here. More

    LiquiGlide coatings to hit shelves in 2015
    Food Production Daily
    LiquiGlide is celebrating an anniversary milestone after seeing demand grow for its Invention of the Year Award, a wet, slippery coating used in packaging.More

    Expert: Use purchasing department to drive innovation, deliver sustainability
    Food Navigator-USA
    Sustainable sourcing is a big buzzword these days, and companies have different methods for achieving that goal. One way to boost a company's sustainability profile is to tap into a hidden pool of talent — namely, the purchasing department (the people who actually buy the stuff).More

    Carbon nanotube sensor detects food dyes
    Confectionery News
    A sensor that detects some synthetic organic food dyes has been created by Iranian researchers.More