Frozen Express
Mar. 5, 2014

FDA eyes moving food labels out front
The Hill
The Food and Drug Administration is not ruling out requiring the nation's food makers to list nutritional information on the front of their products. The FDA is looking closely at the issue, said FDA spokeswoman Theresa Eisenman.More

Obama budget silent on food safety; new money sought from industry fees
Food Safety News
A slight cut in one and a tiny bump in the other might sum up President Barack Obama's proposed budgets for federal food safety, an area that doesn't even make his budget highlights for either the U.S. Department of Agriculture or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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    Opinion: US stores say no to GE salmon. Someone has to.
    Los Angeles Times
    The nation's two largest conventional grocery chains, Kroger and Safeway, have announced that they will not sell genetically engineered salmon. They join several other chains, including Target, Whole Foods (of course) and Trader Joe's. Now let's hope the holdouts, such as Costco, do the same.

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    5 takeaways from Obama's budget
    President Barack Obama's budget isn't going anywhere on Capitol Hill. Then again, it's not really meant to.

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    President warns Democrat donors: 'It's something about midterms'
    The Hill
    President Barack Obama warned Democratic donors that party voters tend to get "sleepy" during midterm elections. The remarks, delivered Tuesday evening at a fundraising stop in Virginia, echoed a theme Obama has hit frequently in recent weeks. More

    Don't trust either political party? Then you've thought about voting GOP in 2014
    The Washington Post
    About 20 percent of voters polled last week trust neither political party. But they're leaning toward voting Republican in November, 46 to 31 percent.More

    2 new studies underscore hopes, frustrations of revamped school lunches
    The Washington Post
    A new government study indicates that school districts across the nation have struggled to implement the U.S. Department of Agriculture's revamped nutrition standards for school meals, while a separate, privately funded study shows students are eating more fruits and vegetables because of those same new standards.More

    Politico Procast: The war on food
    Politico Pro
    In the inaugural episode of POLITICO Pro's podcast, managing editor Marty Kady hosts Jason Huffman, Tarini Parti and Helena Bottemiller Evich to discuss the Obama administration's latest food regulations.More

    Report: Minimum wage hike would cut food stamp spending by $4.6 billion/year
    The Washington Post
    Raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour would reduce federal food stamp spending by $4.6 billion a year, according to a report to be released Wednesday by the liberal-leaning Center for American Progress.

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    Russia bans US frozen pork
    ITAR-TASS News Agency
    Russia's veterinary and phytosanitary watchdog, Rosselkhoznadzor, officially has suspended pork imports from the U.S., the service's official website reports. At issue is the use of chemicals such as ractopamine in food animals.More

    Opinion: Controlling Salmonella would cost producers
    Food Safety News
    Controlling Salmonella or other pathogens would cost producers, and the cost would be expected to be transferred to processors and consumers.More

    New hires gallery: Who's going where in food
    Food Navigator-USA
    Check out who's moving onward and upward as we head into spring with a look at the latest FoodNavigator-USA roundup of movers and shakers in the food industry.More

    Bemis makes plans to close $45 million plant
    Food Production Daily
    Bemis Company will close one of its pressure sensitive materials plants in Ohio in May, axing 115 jobs and shuttering a factory that began operating in 1959.More

    FSMA-related whistle-blower claims rising
    Food Safety Magazine
    The Department of Labor says it received 54 FSMA-related whistle-blower claims in fiscal year 2013, an increase of more than 100 percent over fiscal year 2012.More

    CDC reports dozens more illnesses in Foster Farms Salmonella outbreak
    Food Safety Magazine
    Federal officials declared the Salmonella outbreak tied to Foster Farms chicken over in mid-January, at 430 cases. But since then dozens of new illness have been confirmed, the CDC reported Monday.

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    Hog prices surge to record high
    The Wall Street Journal (subscriber story)
    Hog prices surged 2.8 percent to an all-time high, fueled by concerns that a deadly swine virus is cutting deeper into U.S. supplies.More

    Birds Eye enters new era with master brand campaign
    Talking Retail
    Birds Eye is unveiling a bold new advertising campaign to change the view of frozen food from "fall back" to "first choice," revamping its marketing strategy from the Captain forward.More

    Nestle to debut live Twitter debate Thursday
    Food Production Daily
    Nestle UK and Taste Success, an industry-led campaign by the Food and Drink Federation, will host a live Twitter Q-and-A with engineering graduates from its apprenticeship scheme Thursday, using the hashtag #askNestle.More

    Hearthside Food said to seek $1 billion, with bids due this week
    Hearthside Food Solutions LLC, which makes snacks sold under other companies' brand names, may fetch offers of about $1 billion in a sale, with final bids due this week, said people with knowledge of the matter.More

    CNP unveils high-tech food warehouse
    Virtual Press Office
    California Natural Products, manufacturer of more than 400 foods and beverages, has unveiled a new 18,000-square-foot, automated warehouse facility that cuts energy use by 80 percent and improves the spatial footprint by 90 percent.More

    Microtrace: Food contaminants can be murder
    Food Production Daily
    A food sleuth from Microtrace says that proper analysis of contaminants found in food and beverage products is crucial to preventing an incident from becoming a full-blown crisis.More

    Food processing Part I: Ensuring food safety and integrity
    Gasworld (subscription required)
    The food processing and packaging sector relies on a range of industrial and specialty gas products and services to maintain food safety and integrity for the consumer. Here, gasworld explores some of these applications and solutions this month.More

    Celebrating food: Frozen foods have come a long way
    The Sun News
    Although the science behind frozen pizza may seem like a modern discovery, its roots actually lay in Ancient times. More

    Amazon set to expand fresh online sales in UK
    Food Manufacture-UK
    Online retail giant Amazon is poised to deliver "a fresh approach" to the U.K. grocery market, with online sales of fresh, chilled, frozen and ambient food products delivered direct to customers, predicted Charles Wilson, Booker chief executive.More