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Mar. 11, 2014

The worst thing you can eat is sugar: an update
PLOS Public Health Perspectives
The new sugar intake guidelines from the World Health Organization are a rough draft at this point and the WHO is inviting public consultation until the end of March. Now is the time to find out more about the dangers of sugar intake in Western diets.More

Oil trains, cold snap put Great Plains farmers in a bind
Pew/Stateline via USA Today
The North Dakota oil boom is creating major headaches for the region's farmers, as both the oil and grain industries put huge strains on rail service on the Great Plains.More

Deadly hog virus arrives in Missouri; experts forecast higher pork prices
The Joplin Globe
Hog farms across Missouri have been struck by porcine epidemic diarrhea, a fast-spreading virus that can kill 80 percent of piglets that contract it. In some cases, entire nurseries containing thousands of piglets have been wiped out overnight.More

Harry Reid plots to block potential 2016 foe
Harry Reid isn't on Nevada's ballot this year, but he may as well be. The shrewd Senate majority leader is putting the strength of his formidable political machine behind a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor whose fate could have major implications for Reid's own three-decade congressional career.More

Right-left immigration alliance fraying
Conservative groups are intensifying pressure on House Republicans to overhaul immigration laws this year as the push for legislation becomes more urgent.More

Florida race is first test of 2014 midterms
USA Today
Tuesday's election in Florida for a U.S. House seat provides the first indication of how voters are leaning in 2014 and the effectiveness of the two parties' competing messages in this midterm election year.More

Judge halts Hawaii's GMO registration
Hawaii Tribune Herald
Hawaii County's effort to register farms growing genetically modified crops was put on hold Friday. Hilo Circuit Court Judge Greg Nakamura granted a temporary restraining order in favor of John Doe, an unnamed plaintiff, two days after the deadline for farmers to comply with the county's registration program. More

Consumer group sues FDA, demanding better seafood mercury information
Food Safety News
The Center for Science in the Public Interest and the Mercury Policy Project petitioned FDA in July 2011 to require signs in supermarkets and labels on packaged seafood that give consumers information on the relative amounts of mercury in fish and other seafood. But FDA never responded, so the groups have now filed a lawsuit in federal court to set a deadline for the agency to do so.

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US-Mexico trade good for US jobs, experts say
The Epoch Times
Though public opinion and lawmakers are cool to NAFTA, some experts argue that some jobs lost were inevitable.More

Recalls + shutdowns = Supplier for school lunches?
Food Safety News
When you think about the food being served in school cafeterias nationwide, do the words meat recall, animal abuse, unsanitary conditions and slaughter plant shutdowns come to mind? Perhaps they should.More

EFSA finds inorganic arsenic intake lower than previously thought
Food Navigator
Estimates of dietary exposure to inorganic arsenic in food have been lowered after the European Food Safety Authority looked again at data. More

UK: 3 in 4 kids eat too much salt; breakfast cereal gets the blame
Daily Mail
Children in the U.K. are eating dangerous amounts of salt, which puts them at risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes in later life, experts warned as they called for the government to intervene.More

Senators demand Kellogg act fast to end Memphis lockout
Bakery & Snacks
Five U.S. senators have called on Kellogg to "act swiftly" and resolve its Memphis lockout, which has seen more than 200 employees unable to work at the ready-to-eat cereal plant for over four months.More

Study: Canned food as nutritious as fresh
Food Navigator-USA
Despite recent improvements in the American diet, public health concerns still abound. At the center is a call for better access to and consumption of fruits and vegetables. More

7 women changing how we think about food
Good Housekeeping
Good Housekeeping has named the top seven most influential women affecting American food consumption today, from the first lady to the first female Iron Chef.More

The end of the traditional supermarket
The Washington Post
In another sign of an industry-wide shakeup that is transforming how consumers shop for their food, Safeway on Thursday announced what amounts to a merger with Albertsons.More

'Fancy' foods returning to menus
The Huffington Post
There's a thaw under way that's not just melting ice, it's slowly melting away the fear of being too upscale and too pricey that has gripped quick-service restaurants for the past year. More

Working to avoid allergen-related recalls
Supermarket News
Despite — or perhaps because of — awareness of allergen-related recalls, the issue remains a problem for the food industry, and some are looking for new solutions to help retailers. More

LSD-laced beef from Wal-Mart sickens family
Food Production Daily
Beef purchased at Wal-Mart and sourced from Wal-Mart reportedly was laced with LSD, sickening a Florida family that ate the meat for dinner.More

Mexican or Mickey-D? KFC doubles down to attract young customers
The Star
In the beginning, there was the bucket. KFC has since made many variations on its crispy, southern-fried chicken staple, from the high-sodium Double Down to more health-conscious, freshly made burritos and cilantro rice bowls. Now comes the Big Boss double chicken burger.More

Refrigeration Roundtable: Commissioning 'TLC' works wonders
Supermarket News
Just like their HVAC counter-"parts," supermarket refrigeration systems need commissioning and recommissioning to maintain peak performance and make the most of today's energy-efficient refrigeration systems. More

Life Technologies: Foodborne illness hits 1 in 6 Americans
Food Production Daily
Growing concerns about foodborne illness, waste and feeding a booming global population are placing increasing demands on food testing, according to Life Technologies.More

Ingredion: Key to emerging market success is an open mind
Food Navigator
An open mind and real interest in local culture can make the difference between success and failure for companies looking to enter local markets, says Ingredion's new EMEA vice president and general manager Martin Sonntag.More

Commercial pork website launches, supplying US produce to China
Global Meat News
Online Chinese business-to-consumer retailer has launched a commercial pork website, which promises delivery of U.S. produce to China in less than 48 hours.

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Peco Foods to expand in Arkansas
Meat & Poultry
Peco Foods Inc. is moving forward with plans to build a poultry processing plant and other facilities in Northeast Arkansas, according to a news release from the office of Gov. Mike Beebe.More

ABA, AIB seek to solve FSMA baking profile validation
When regulations carrying out the Food Safety Modernization Act go into effect roughly two years from now, operators of food plants must validate the effectiveness of their preventative controls. For bakers, this means proving that their ovens really do destroy pathogenic organisms.More