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Apr. 9, 2013

Protesters demonstrate at FDA against GMOs
Looking for more labels on the food we eat, Monday morning dozens gathered outside the Food and Drug Administration Center for Food Safety. Kathy Engle-Dulac says genetically modified foods, or GMOs, raise the biggest concerns. More

Farms take food safety into their own hands
Scientific American via Yahoo News
In an effort to try to reduce outbreaks of foodborne illness, some farmers and manufacturers are instituting new practices, rather than waiting for tougher regulations that may never be enforced anyway. Their motivation: the bottom line.More

Tainted Farm Rich foods may have been served in schools
The Associated Press via KSDK-TV
Rich Products Corp. has recalled 10 million pounds of frozen food items over the past two weeks after 27 E. coli illnesses in 15 states were linked to their foods. Of that, the Buffalo, N.Y.-based company estimates about 3 million pounds may still be in the marketplace and approximately 300,000 pounds may have ended up in school lunchrooms.More

Poll: Obama underwater on guns, immigration, deficit
A new CNN/ORC International poll found President Barack Obama's overall approval rating has ticked up to 51 percent but ratings have fallen on his handling of the key issues on his agenda: immigration, guns and the deficit.More

Poll: Mitch McConnell popularity sagging
Sen. Mitch McConnell's popularity continues to stay underwater by double digits, according to a new poll. The senior Kentucky Republican senator has just 36 percent of Kentucky voters approving of his job performance and a majority of 54 percent disapproving, according to a the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling poll released Tuesday. More

Democrats' new line of attack: Billboards
The Wall Street Journal (subscriber story)
Drive time got a little more partisan in a handful of congressional seats over the Easter recess. House Democrats rolled out a series of billboards in 10 congressional districts over the past two weeks criticizing incumbent Republicans in each for supporting the GOP budget before Congress left town for the break.More

Immigration debate now on ag's turf
Senate efforts to overhaul immigration law now mainly hinge on a major sector certain to be impacted by the plan: agriculture. After a bitter fight between interest groups late last week, Republican and Democrats are closely monitoring sensitive talks between labor and industry over a new program to woo foreign farm workers.

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    Obama nominates new NLRB members as House threatens to halt actions
    The Washington Post
    President Barack Obama nominated three candidates for full terms to the National Labor Relations Board Tuesday, urging the Senate to confirm the nominees quickly. The status of the board has been in limbo since the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously in January that Obama exceeded his constitutional authority by appointing three of its members while lawmakers were on break in January 2012.More

    Baucus moves to reshape tax code
    The Washington Post
    Last month, Sen. Max Baucus summoned members of the Senate Finance Committee to a closed-door meeting to discuss the first full-scale rewrite of the 5,600-page U.S. tax code in more than 25 years. The task would be gargantuan, and much of Washington has called it impossible in these contentious times. More

    Strict school lunch standards tied to healthy weight
    Strict school lunch standards that are similar to new regulations from the U.S. government may be tied to healthier body weights among students, according to a new study.More

    Ethanol industry seeks toned-down renewable fuel goals
    The Hill
    A key industry group is urging the Environmental Protection Agency to ratchet back this year's volume requirements for biofuel production, arguing the proposed standards are unrealistic.

    Editor's Note: AFFI is part of a diverse coalition of food and agriculture associations working to reform federal supports for corn-based ethanol in order to protect food makers and consumers from unnecessary price increases.More

    FDA releases vulnerability assessment in connection with FSMA
    U.S. Food and Drug Administration
    FDA is publishing "Analysis of Results for FDA Food Defense Vulnerability Assessments and Identification of Activity Types," a report required under Section 106 of the FSMA. During the past several years, FDA has conducted vulnerability assessments on more than 50 products or processes, leading to the identification of processing steps of highest concern and potential mitigation strategies to reduce vulnerabilities. More

    WHO: Trans fat reduction policies are working
    Food Navigator
    Policies aimed at reducing intake of trans fat are working to reduce consumption and are likely to have an effect on public health, the World Health Organization has said in a new systematic review.More

    Proposed FDA safety rules frustrate tree fruit farmers
    The Washington Post
    Few groups have expressed more frustration with FSMA implementation than tree fruit farmers, who grow apples, pears and a variety of other produce. They complain the FDA's approach, in some ways, defies common sense.More

    Farm Bureau sends farm bill proposal to Capitol Hill
    The American Farm Bureau Federation is sending a farm bill proposal to Capitol Hill. Approved this weekend by the AFBF Board of Directors, the proposal offers a diverse mix of risk management and safety net tools to benefit a wide range of farms and it saves $23 billion compared to the cost of continuing the current program.More

    Opinion: Court decision cears path for HFC phaseout
    Supermarket News
    Last week, the Supreme Court rejected an effort by oil industry interests to challenge a 2010 regulation on nitrogen-dioxide pollution issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The court's decision not to take the case has implications for the food industry, as well as the country. More

    Opinion: Ridding schools of fast food, junk food and soda pushers
    Food Safety News
    Michele Simon writes, "While it's commendable that the federal government is now taking up the issue [of school nutrition], I have some serious concerns about the feasibility of an approach that essentially endorses healthier junk food while allowing corporations continued unfettered access to children in schools."More

    NORPAC Foods builds cold storage facility, relocates headquarters
    Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
    NORPAC Foods Inc., a Salem, Ore.-based producer of fruit and vegetable products, reached an agreement with Henningsen Cold Storage Co. to construct a 260,000-square-foot frozen food storage and distribution facility adjacent to NORPAC's Salem packaging facility. Additionally, NORPAC is relocating its corporate headquarters to Salem, also near its packaging facility.More

    NPD: More meals eaten at home, kids' influence heftiest at breakfast
    Supermarket News
    The NPD Group has confirmed that more meals are still being eaten at home and has shown children influence what they eat for breakfast, but not what they eat for dinner. More

    More parents purchasing organic products
    Progressive Grocer
    U.S. families are embracing organic products in a wide range of categories, with 81 percent now reporting they purchase organic at least sometimes, according to the Organic Trade Association's 2013 U.S. Families Organic Attitudes and Beliefs Study.More

    Childhood obesity determined largely by environmental factors
    The Scientific American
    In looking for ways to fight childhood obesity, an emerging consensus of literature points to the need to re-engineer kids' environments to change what and how they eat.More

    Corn boom goes bust with US sales in record drop
    The record collapse in U.S. corn exports and shrinking domestic demand are leaving more grain in silos, spurring a bear market just eight months after drought drove prices to an all-time high.

    Related: No cheaper food yet, even as grain prices drop (The International News)More

    After horse meat, pork found in moose lasagna
    After recalling meatballs for undeclared horse meat, Ikea has pulled 17,000 servings of moose lasagna from its European stores after pork was found.More

    Farm Rich plant's entire production line recalled
    A recall of Farm Rich products now covers all food made at the Waycross, Ga., plant with "best by" dates from Jan. 1, 2013, to Sept. 29, 2014.More

    FDA's culture: What every food company must know
    Food Safety Magazine
    While visibly preparing new regulations to implement FSMA, the FDA is quietly becoming much more inspection-oriented and enforcement-minded.More

    American Chemical Society: Reduce food waste to feed the world
    A speaker at the American Chemical Society's 245th National Meeting said this week that families can be key to a revolution needed to feed the world: the reduction of food waste, which now sees 4 of every 10 pounds of food produced in the U.S. ending up in the trash.More

    Honeybee loss reported across US expected to impact food prices
    Catholic Online
    Fifty percent of the domestic honeybee population is dead, the greatest single-year loss of honeybees in the United States ever recorded. The dramatic loss of the bees is expected to affect consumers.More

    The great lure of Indian fast food
    The Wall Street Journal
    Kati rolls are unlikely to dethrone popular fast foods like hamburgers or burritos in the U.S. any time soon, but Indian cuisine is gaining ground.More

    North American Potato sector struggles with demand dip
    North American Potato growers have realized they must take action to improve demand for fresh potatoes, says an industry spokesperson. 
Otherwise, American and Canadian growers will have to permanently cut acres to accommodate declining demand.

    Flowers Foods got $300 million loan for Hostess bread business
    Flowers Foods Inc., a producer of packaged bakery foods, obtained a $300 million loan to help finance its acquisition of Hostess Brands Inc.'s bread business. The "delayed-draw" term loan was arranged with the help of Deutsche Bank AG and Bank of America Corp., Flowers Foods said Monday.More

    Ecolab reaches consent agreement on Champion acquisition
    Food Ingredients First
    Ecolab Inc. has entered into a consent agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice, which has been filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. As a result, Ecolab expects to complete the Champion acquisition within the next several days. More

    Tyson settles plant refrigeration dispute
    Tyson Foods has settled its dispute with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over the maintenance of refrigeration systems at food production plants in four states. As part of the settlement, Tyson has agreed to pay a fine of nearly $4 million and create a special program aimed at meeting Risk Management Plan requirements of the federal Clean Air Act at 23 Tyson Foods facilities in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.More

    Naturex develops system to infuse foods with fruit, vegetable powders
    Food Ingredients First
    Thanks to unique technology, Naturex is able to meet the expectations of the savory, sweet and baby food industries by offering convenient and tasty fruit and vegetable powders. The group operates a gigantic spray drying facility that can create powders that offer clean label and maintain the organoleptic properties of original, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables.More

    New AS/RS maximizes space in refrigerated, frozen processing plants
    Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
    The new UltraStore Automated Storage and Retrieval System from Integrated Systems Design, Wixom, Mich., provides up to 85 percent space savings for refrigerated and frozen food items, cases, pallets and custom materials with unique sizes and dimensions. More