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Apr. 21, 2014

Supreme Court hears big case Monday on food, beverage advertising
The Daily Meal
Today, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case that could heavily impact the way food and beverage companies are permitted to label their products.

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Wal-Mart expands test of grocery delivery
Guardian Liberty Voice
To Go is a service Wal-Mart is testing to offer delivery and store pickup of groceries and smaller items ordered online. Higher demand and strong competition in grocery delivery has Wal-Mart expanding its testing to include more cities nationwide.More

McDonald's faces sharper competition in breakfast battleground
The Wall Street Journal
Breakfast is the battleground du jour in the restaurant industry, with everyone from Taco Bell to White Castle piling on. For McDonald's Corp., the pioneer of fast food breakfast, it is one more area where rivals are gaining traction on its turf.More

We're coming for you, John Boehner
Over the past 100 years, an elite progressive minority has taken the Republican Party far afield from its conservative platform and the interests and values of its grassroots conservative base.More

DCCC outraises NRCC for first quarter of 2014
The Hill
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee outpaced its GOP rival in the first fundraising quarter of 2014, topping $23.6 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee's $21.2 million. More

Obama-Cantor relationship sours
The Hill
How are relations between President Barack Obama and Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va.? Well, it's complicated. The relationship between the two men is closely watched, especially because some in the nation's capital think Cantor will succeed House Speaker John Boehner if the Ohio Republican retires at the end of this Congress.More

Obama trip stirs emotions over Asia trade pact
President Barack Obama's abilities as negotiator-in-chief for the United States will be put to the test this week on a trip to Asia that could set the stage for the conclusion of a huge new free-trade agreement that many of his fellow Democrats oppose. More

From Tex-Mex and pork rinds to fitness and veggies: Change in White House
The Washington Post
Each president and first lady sets a new tone for the White House, partly based on personal beliefs and private quirks, but few have so transformed the culture inside the building the way the Obamas have regarding nutrition and fitness.More

Congress takes up food labeling fight
Star Tribune
As a long-simmering battle escalates over if and how food companies should tell customers about genetically modified organisms, state-by-state efforts to force more detailed labeling are running into a food industry campaign for national standards that limit what gets disclosed and how it is displayed on packages.

Editor's note: The American Frozen Food Institute is a member of the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food, which is supporting the federal GMO labeling legislation highlighted in this story.

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Opinion: The public health crisis hiding in our food
The New York Times
Hypertension afflicts 67 million Americans, including nearly two-thirds of people over age 60. But it isn't an inevitable part of the aging process. It's better to think of it as chronic sodium intoxication.More

How to reinvent the school lunch and get kids to eat better
The San Francisco Unified School District hired design firm IDEO last spring to answer a nagging, persistent question: How do you get kids to eat lunch at school, and get them to do so consistently? A 200-page "Future Dining Experience" proposal offers a few simple answers.More

Schumer calls on FDA to drop spent grain proposal
The Associated Press via The Wall Street Journal
Sen. Charles Schumer will be at a western New York brewery Monday to call on the federal government to drop a proposal that has the nation's craft beer brewers up in arms.More

FSIS issues food allergen labeling compliance guide
USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service has set a 60-day deadline for feedback on its new compliance guide: "Allergens and Ingredients of Public Health Concern: Identification, Prevention and Control, and Declaration through Labeling."More

USDA requires pork producers to report PED
Radio Iowa
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is now requiring hog farmers to report outbreaks of a viral disease that has spread across the country and killed thousands of pigs in the past year. Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, or PED, has not previously been considered a "reportable" disease in part because it doesn't pose a food safety or human health threat.More

Changes proposed for accredited lab fees
Federal Register
The Food Safety and Inspection Service is proposing a new tiered structure for the fees it charges for the accreditation and the maintenance of accreditation of non-Federal laboratories for the FSIS Accredited Lab Program.More

Guidance set specific actions for preventing Listeria contamination in delis
USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
A new guidance proposed by USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service outlines specific actions retailers can take in the deli area to decrease the potential for Listeria monocytogenes growth or cross-contamination.More

HACCP plan for poultry processing prompts comments, FSIS response
Federal Register
After publishing its "HACCP Plan Reassessment for NRTE Comminuted Poultry Products and Related Agency Verification Procedures," FSIS received a stream of comments from industry. In a new filing, the agency is publishing responses to some of the comments.More

Survey planned for slaughter establishments
Federal Register
USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service has requested permission to launch a new survey of the meat slaughter industry as it collects details on food safety practices and technologies in an effort to measure the impact of past policies and set the direction for further rulemaking.More

'Fed Up' takes sugar to task
Produced and narrated by Katie Couric, a new film called Fed Up, opening May 9, hopes to shed some light on the massive junk food industry that's fueling America's obesity crisis.More

It's final: Corn ethanol is of no use
The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released two of its Working Group reports at the end of last month, and their short discussion of biofuels has ignited a fierce debate as to whether corn ethanol is of any environmental benefit at all.More

Opinion: The decline of labor unions and the rise of the minimum wage
The Seattle Times
In the midst of an historic downturn, labor is working on re-establishing itself in Seattle, leading a campaign to raise the minimum wage.More

Maternal diet affects food allergy in children
A long-term study evaluating the maternal diet's impact on food allergy in later life is expected to uncover causes of allergy in children. The EU-funded study involves the food industry.More

Ohio entrepreneur offers gluten-free frozen pizza
Akron Beacon Journal
Steve Neid, longtime maker of frozen fat-free pizzas, has been touting his new gluten-free version as "super organic," in a bid to capture the big, healthful-diet bases. More

Frozen produce to be tested in school snacks
The Produce News
USDA is moving ahead with a new pilot program to test the impact of opening up the popular school fruit and vegetable program to canned, frozen or dried fruits and vegetables.More

Defrosting negative public view
The Associated Press via The Columbian
Frozen foods are about to get some badly needed image therapy. With sales slipping in the category, frozen food makers are in the final stages of preparing a major public relations campaign to defend the nutritional reputation of their products.

Editor's note: American Frozen Food Institute President and CEO Kraig R. Naasz is quoted in this story describing the AFFI-led Frozen Food Roundtable consumer-facing campaign designed to change how consumers think and feel about frozen foods. To learn how your company can become a campaign supporter, please contact AFFI Vice President of Communications Corey Henry at or (703) 821-0770.More

Your food, your wallet and the California drought
American consumers are already feeling the pinch of rising food prices, and they will likely experience more — courtesy of California's devastating drought.More

Hillshire Brands to acquire Van's Natural Foods from Catterton Partners
The Wall Street Journal
Hillshire Brands will acquire Catterton portfolio company Van's Natural Foods, a leading better-for-you food brand that delivers great taste, nutrition, simple/clean ingredients and all-family appeal across multiple product lines in frozen breakfast and snack foods. More

TreeHouse Foods to buy Protenergy Natural Foods
The Wall Street Journal (subscriber story)
TreeHouse Foods Inc. on Monday said it will buy private-label food maker Protenergy Natural Foods for $150 million from Whitecastle Investments Ltd. and other entities. The... More

Kraft recalls 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer hot dogs on packaging error
USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
Kraft Foods Group is recalling approximately 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners because the products may contain Classic Cheese Dogs in the Classic Wieners' packages, making the labels incorrect.

Also recalled:
Prime Pak Foods: 24,000 pounds of chicken tenders
Whole Foods: Mini butter croissants

Editor's note: Members of the American Frozen Food Institute have access to AFFI's unique Product Recall Insurance Program. Ensure you're protected during a food safety crisis using AFFI's one-of-a-kind program. For more information, please click here. More

Slim Chickens' goal: By 2025, 600 outlets
Arkansas Business
Slim Chickens, the 11-year-old creation of a couple of Fayetteville, Ark., restaurant entrepreneurs, appears poised to take advantage of diners' increasing appetite for chicken.More

It's a matter of health and taste for publisher and 'Organic Manfesto' author
Los Angeles Times
Maria Rodale believes organic food should be available to everyone, and she works to ease fears about the cost.

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General Mills scraps controversial new legal terms
The Associated Press via The Wall Street Journal
General Mills is scrapping a controversial plan to strip consumers of their right to sue the food company.More

Supply chain simulation scorekeeper
Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
INSIGHT Inc. has released Version 4.7 of SAILS and Insight Enterprise Optimizer, the industry reference standards for strategic supply chain design. The latest version incorporates the INSIGHT SCOREKEEPER, what is said to be the most powerful supply chain simulation model ever developed.More

Chobani takes on oatmeal, ice cream and snacks with new summer launches
Food Navigator-USA
Chobani has unveiled a raft of new products that will start hitting shelves this summer, including Chobani Oats — yogurt mixed with fruit and oats; Chobani Indulgent — its first desserts; and Chobani Kids — snack packs for kids.More

11 universal truths about nutrition
There is a lot of controversy in nutrition. Sometimes it seems like people can't agree on anything at all. But there are a few exceptions to this.More