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May. 6, 2015

Panera publishes 'No No List' of ingredients it will not use
Food Business News
Panera Bread is the latest company to jump on the clean label bandwagon. The company on Tuesday announced the publication of its "No No List" of ingredients that will not be used to formulate its products.More

Food companies face questions on cost-cutting
U.S. packaged food and beverage companies are facing pressure to look more closely at their costs in the wake of ketchup maker H.J. Heinz Co.'s plans to merge with Kraft Foods Group Inc., analysts said Tuesday.More

US boosts bird flu emergency funds as Hormel cuts jobs
The U.S. government approved the use of an additional $330 million in emergency funds to help contain the worst avian influenza outbreak in U.S. history, as infected bird cases soared and hundreds of Minnesota poultry workers learned they would lose their jobs.

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    Senate passes budget even as impasse on spending continues
    The Washington Post
    Senate Republicans celebrated Tuesday after passing the first joint budget resolution in more than five years, but that success is just the start of the much more difficult task of funding the government.

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    Harry Reid's power play rankles GOP
    Senate Republicans emerged from their weekly luncheon Tuesday with a clear directive from party leaders: Don't let Harry Reid get away with acting like he's still majority leader.

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    2 new polls have good news for Jeb Bush (and 1 has bad news)
    The Washington Post
    For months, poll after poll has shown many GOP voters saying "thanks but no thanks" to Jeb Bush. Well, that's showing signs of changing.More

    FDA releases draft guidance on mandatory food recalls under FSMA
    U.S. Food and Drug Administration
    The FDA has issued draft guidance on mandatory food recalls under new FSMA rules, seeking feedback from the industry.More

    Could humor be the secret weapon in the GMO debate?
    Food Navigator-USA
    Attacking biotech companies and spurning "artificial" ingredients will usually generate some positive PR for your business, even if food scientists wearily point out there are greater threats to our health — and the planet — than GMOs and dough conditioners you can't pronounce. More

    Food safety brought to the fore by WHO
    Food Quality News
    Food safety in a range of countries has been highlighted as part of the World Health Organization's World Health Day. More

    Green groups worried USDA scientists aren't offered enough protection
    Farm Futures
    USDA scientists studying neonics and glyphosate are being harassed, environmental groups suggest in letter to the USDA Inspector General. More

    Spat intensifies over 'Eat less red, processed meat' message in dietary guidelines
    Food Navigator-USA
    The row over the health and sustainability of meat consumption prompted by the recent Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee report has intensified this week as stakeholders rushed to submit comments on the report ahead of a Friday deadline. More

    FDA's Redbook under review
    Food Business News
    The FDA has begun the process of updating its current guidance on food ingredient safety assessment, commonly referred to as the Redbook, and has extended the comment period from its original Feb. 9 deadline to May 11, after requests for more time from several groups — including the American Frozen Food Institute.More

    Technomic: Next 10 years could bring vital change for food industry
    Today's major foodservice and retail food brands, along with their suppliers, face increasing challenges in recognizing and responding to ever-more-diverse consumer expectations, according to a new report from Technomic. More

    The strange effect of food brand proliferation
    A new study in the journal PLoS One shows having so many different brands of the same food may be making us overeat.More

    Whole Foods calls the shots for startups
    The Wall Street Journal
    Whole Foods may not dominate specialty foods retailing the way it once did, but for startups targeting Americans' growing hunger for natural and organic fare, it remains the ultimate gatekeeper. More

    F&B market consolidation continues with healthy first quarter of M&A activity
    Grant Thornton
    The latest analysis from Grant Thornton UK LLP demonstrates ongoing consolidation in the food and beverage market as businesses merge to future-proof themselves in a climate where only the strong survive. More

    Food science expert explains why listeria is showing up more often in food recalls
    Health Canal
    Listeria, a foodborne pathogen, is the cause of 16 different recalls in just two months. A Kansas State University food safety specialist explains why it is appearing in products typically not associated with the bacteria.More

    Investment to tackle organic 'price barrier'
    Food Navigator
    Price is arguably the biggest barrier the organic market faces, says Mintel — but retailers are coming up with ways to make organic foods accessible to a wider audience. More

    Sysco reports lower-than-expected Q3 earnings
    Guru Focus
    The company reported adjusted earnings of $0.40 a share, missing the consensus estimate of $0.41 a share, although the figures improved 5.3 percent year-over-year on the back of increased sales.More

    Cargill plant doubles bacon output at Iowa plant
    Cargill recently completed a $25 million expansion of its Ottumwa, Iowa, pork processing plant that doubled the plant's bacon production capabilities. More

    SOPAKCO expanding South Carolina operations
    SOPAKCO is enjoying some positive momentum with its design, processing and packaging of processed foods, announcing plans Tuesday to expand its Marion County, South Carolina, operations.More

    Americold launches next-generation i-3PL visibility, reporting tool
    Globe Newswire via EIN News
    Americold, specializing in temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics to the food industry, announced the launch of the next generation of its temperature-controlled supply chain visibility and reporting tool, i-3PL.More

    Oscars of the food world: 2015 James Beard Award winners announced
    James Beard Foundation
    The James Beard Foundation held its annual awards dinner in Chicago Monday, naming the top establishments in eating.More

    Scientists develop low-allergen soybean
    Food Navigator
    A new low-allergen variety of soy bean has been developed using conventional methods. The variety has significantly reduced amounts of the three proteins responsible for soy's anti-nutritional and allergenic properties. More