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May. 7, 2012

Opinion: FDA missed deadlines may continue
The Grower
The Food and Drug Administration badly missed statutory deadlines in January for issuing food safety regulations this year, and significant hurdles remain before any produce safety rule will take effect.More

California GMO labeling: What would it mean for food companies?
Food Navigator-USA
The Californian "Right to Know" campaign in support of labeling foods and ingredients produced using genetic engineering looks set for inclusion in the state's November ballot, after it attracted nearly 1 million signatures. If enacted, what would the proposed law mean for food manufacturers?

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    FSIS reviews new safeguards
    USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
    USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service has issued a new constituent update after announcing a series of prevention-based policy measures to better protect consumers from foodborne illnesses derived from meat and poultry products. The update reviews the new tracing, reporting and prevention efforts.

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    Battleground poll: Obama, Romney in dead heat
    A new POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Poll finds a dead heat in the presidential race six months before the election. Mitt Romney edged out President Barack Obama 48 percent to 47 percent among likely voters, a number well within the margin of error, as Republicans rapidly consolidate behind the likely GOP nominee. More

    Strategists: Obama's $25 million ad buy just the beginning
    The Washington Post
    The Obama campaign began the week by announcing a whopping $25 million ad buy in nine battleground states — and their top strategists told reporters it is only the beginning.

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    Can Obama win Arizona — and its 11 electoral votes?
    The Washington Post
    Can President Barack Obama win in Arizona this fall? It's a question of considerable debate among top strategists for both parties. And the answer is not insignificant when it comes to the electoral map, either: Arizona will award 11 electoral votes in November, the largest prize of any of the southwestern states — including Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado — expected to be contested seriously this fall.More

    Control of Senate faces photo finish
    The Hill
    The 2012 battle for control of the Senate, at one time considered a foregone conclusion, has turned into a cliffhanger. Early in the 2012 election cycle, no one gave the Democrats a chance, given they were defending 23 seats, the Republicans only 10.More

    Obesity could affect 42 percent of Americans by 2030
    USA Today
    A new forecast on America's obesity crisis has health experts fearing a dramatic jump in health care costs if nothing is done to bring the epidemic under control.More

    UN sees risk of unrest from food prices
    Food prices may stabilize at high levels and keep government import bills near a record, increasing the risk of social unrest in the world's least developed countries, the United Nations said. The U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization is asking international lenders to accelerate the release of funds to help poor countries cope with high food costs through subsidies and avert riots, Hiroyuki Konuma, assistant director general at the FAO, said in an interview. More

    How to minimize risk in imports
    Food Safety News
    As a result of major recalls in recent years, the FDA has stepped up its inspection of imports at the time of entry. There are many things that the supplier and importer can do to minimize the risk of a detention or — even worse — a refusal of a shipment.More

    Codex news: Pesticide residue limits, food labeling meeting
    The U.S. Codex update shares details from the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residue's recent meeting in China, advancing nearly 400 maximum residue limits for 30 pesticides. It also outlines upcoming meetings of the Codex working groups for food labeling and veterinary drugs in foods.More

    FSIS to allow ingredients in meat, poultry products
    Federal Register
    The Food Safety and Inspection Service is proposing to remove sodium benzoate, sodium propionate and benzoic acid from the list of substances the regulations prohibit for use in meat or poultry products. Under this proposal, new uses of these substances in meat or poultry products would be approved.More

    EU, US agree to cut costs for trusted shippers
    The Journal of Commerce
    The decision by the U.S. and the European Union to recognize each other's trusted shippers is expected to save those companies money through speedier customs authorization.More

    Agriculture biotechnology group to meet
    Office of the Federal Register
    USDA's Advisory Committee on Biotechnology and 21st Century Agriculture will meet May 29-30 so representatives from biotechnology, organic food, farming, food manufacturing and other sectors can chart the course for biotechnology developments in agriculture and food.More

    Tyson Foods' earning rise
    The Wall Street Journal
    Tyson Foods Inc.'s fiscal second-quarter earnings rose 4.4 percent as the meat processing company reported a modest loss in its beef operations that was offset by growth at its other businesses. More

    Family Dollar set to expand frozen offerings in 7,200 stores
    Business Wire via Citybizlist
    Family Dollar Stores Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with McLane, the nation's leading provider of grocery and food service supply chain solutions. Beginning in September, this partnership will enable Family Dollar to offer customers a broader selection of merchandise, including refrigerated and frozen food, throughout the retailer's more than 7,200 locations in 45 states.More

    Specifying 101: Adapting HPP to your operation
    Within the past decade, high-pressure processing (also known as high hydrostatic pressure) has demonstrated its wide applicability for producing high-quality foods. More

    Birdseye: The frozen food revolution
    The author of a new biography about Clarence Birdseye joins NPR's Rachel Martin to discuss the man credited with inventing the frozen food sector.

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    Food processing plant to close, despite $500,000 city loan
    The Deming Headlight
    Four years after receiving a $500,000 loan to stay afloat, Proper Foods in Deming, N.M., is set to shut its doors. City officials discussed the closure Thursday during a local meeting of the Legislative Finance Committee, and Linda Smrkovsky, who heads economic development efforts for Luna County, confirmed she had received a notice the prepared foods processor is closing.More

    'Green bullet' innovations aim to feed world of 9 billion
    The Vancouver Sun
    Feeding a world of 9 billion will require fundamental changes to unsustainable but well-entrenched policies and practices, said Robert Watson, chief scientific adviser to Britain's Department of Environment and Rural Affairs and a former chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. More

    The role of aquaculture in global food security
    Stock & Land
    With demand for food growing at nearly twice supply in recent years, aquaculture will have a vital role in addressing future global food security concerns, a specialist in science communication told delegates at the Australasian Aquaculture Conference 2012 in Melbourne, Australia, Friday.More

    'Global leading' poultry processing kit maker sold
    Food Production Daily
    The world's largest poultry processing machinery manufacturing company has been sold, said its private-equity owner, after more than doubling its size and profits in just seven years. Altor Equity Partners AB reached an agreement Friday to sell Netherlands-based Meyn to CTB Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.More

    Taking halal mainstream
    Most Americans know the term halal — if they are familiar with it at all — as the Muslim system of dietary regulations. Adnan Durrani wants consumers to understand halal in different terms: "Wholesome and pure. Sustainable, fair trade and just practices in terms of the environment and animal welfare."More

    Study: Hot water pasteurization cuts amount of E. coli on meat
    The Medical News
    Sigrun J. Hauge has studied the effects of measures implemented in the food chain to combat E. coli. He has shown that a new, rapid enzymatic method for detecting E. coli is equally as reliable as the traditional method of growing bacteria culture. More