Frozen Express
May. 12, 2014

Frozen food group goes on offense as sales lag
The Associated Press via Houston Chronicle
Frozen food makers plan to launch their first national TV ad in defense of their products Tuesday as the category fights to boost slipping sales. The ad will include the tag line "Frozen: How Fresh Stays Fresh" and is intended to address negative misconceptions people have about frozen foods.

Editor's note: For more information on how your company can support the "Frozen. How Fresh Stays Fresh." consumer education effort, please contact American Frozen Food Institute Vice President of Communications Corey Henry at More

Hagstrom: Documentary on obesity lacks policy muscle
National Journal
"Fed Up" has good intentions and raises valid issues, but it is almost two hours long and is so broad in its condemnation of the food industry that it's questionable whether it will find a viewership beyond the people who already agree with the producers' viewpoint, or whether it will have any impact on public policy.

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    Hilllshire Brands to acquire Pinnacle Foods
    Chicago Tribune
    Hillshire Brands Co. said Monday it will acquire Pinnacle Foods Inc. in a cash and stock transaction valued at $6.6 billion, including Pinnacle Foods' outstanding net debt.More

    Chamber of Commerce gives ultimatum to GOP
    Tom Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said the GOP shouldn't even field a presidential candidate in 2016 unless Congress passes immigration reform this year.

    Related: Boehner turning to immigration reform? (The Hill)More

    Polls show Democrats competitive in Southern Senate races
    The Hill
    Democrats in three top southern Senate races are holding their own — and even running ahead in a few cases — against Republicans in a new poll out Monday.

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    As Jeb Bush eyes 2016, key question is how campaign would affect family
    The Washington Post
    Jeb Bush can trace some of his most appealing qualities as a potential presidential candidate for a diversifying electorate to his 40-year partnership with his Mexican-born wife, Columba. But her intense distaste for the public arena is one of the issues weighing most heavily on him as he grapples with a decision on whether to run for president.More

    Soda tax myths: Do all foods really fit in a healthy diet?
    Beyond Chron
    Nutrition is an emerging science, and as more is learned about how our bodies process what we feed them, consumers can feel overwhelmed trying to figure out what they should be eating.More

    FAO: Only food producers can significantly reduce food losses
    Food Navigator
    National governments and food producers right along the supply chain must step up collaboration on the issue of food waste, according to Ren Wang of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.More

    Worldwide fast food strike to hit this week as employees demand higher wages
    Miami New Times
    According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the majority of fast food workers between 2010-2012 were high school graduates between the ages of 25-54. The average wage for these employees? Between $7-10 an hour.More

    Global Food Safety Initiative: Effect on food manufacturers, processors
    Despite the positive influence and guidance set forth by the Global Food Safety Initiative, one-third of all food manufacturers have yet to start on the GFSI journey and another third are still in the beginning stages. Why should food manufacturers care about GFSI? How does GFSI relate to FSMA? TraceGains asked journalist Heather Angus-Lee to share her insight.More

    Genetically modified foods can prove confusing
    Burlington Free Press
    Genetically modified foods have been around for years, but most Americans have no idea if they are eating them. The FDA says they don't need to be labeled, so Vermont has moved forward on its own. But there's a lot of confusion about genetically modified foods and their safety.

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    US agencies sign agreement for food safety and fraud prevention
    Food Quality News
    The FDA and USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will help transfer oversight of fish products from FDA to FSIS.More

    Opinion: New energy efficiency standards will lead to big savings
    NRDC Switchboard
    The Department of Energy has now issued the final efficiency standards for walk-in coolers and freezers and electric motors. President Barack Obama touted the new standards from a Wal-Mart store in California Friday.More

    Opinion: Plans for US-EU trade deal would weaken host of protections
    The Economic Voice
    According to a leaked position paper and statements by trade officials, current proposals being floated as part of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations would grant foreign governments and corporations an increased opportunity to influence public protections in both the European Union and the United States. This would include standards related to food safety, toxic chemicals, occupational health and the protection of the environment.More

    Making it 'sexy' for consumers to eat insects
    Food Navigator
    Growing interest in the potential for insects as a source of healthy, sustainable protein was shown at Vitafoods Europe, where experts said it needs to become "sexy."More

    Can 'Fed Up' be the next 'Inconvenient Truth'?
    U.S. News & World Report
    Laurie David says the email she received from Katie Couric that prompted "Fed Up" — an anti-obesity documentary that opened Friday — came completely out of the blue.More

    GMA will sue Vermont over GMO labeling law
    Supermarket News
    The Grocery Manufacturers Association will sue the state of Vermont in the coming weeks to overturn a precedent-setting GMO labeling measure signed into law Thursday, it said.More

    Prepared meals will outpace foodservice, packaged foods growth
    Facts, Figures & the Future
    Fresh prepared foods are the sweet spot for time-starved, quality-seeking consumers. The opportunity is so ripe that A.T. Kearney forecasts dollar sales of the $26 billion fresh prepared foods segment will grow at a 6 percent to 7 percent compound annual growth rate through 2017.More

    With Burger King set to sell burgers for breakfast, who rules fast food?
    The Wall Street Journal
    By adding burgers to its breakfast menu at 5,000 locations, Burger King takes yet another swing against rival and leader in the fast food industry McDonald's.More

    Food fights: Social media's impact on consumers, industry
    Chemical & Engineering News
    To address online consumer activism, food makers are advised to embrace openness. The alternative is leaving the impression they don't care about customers' concerns or, worse, that they have something to hide. More

    Implications of growing consumer health awareness in the US
    Bidness Etc
    The U.S. food industry is undergoing a shift, and the health-conscious consumer is at the heart of this change. Businesses linked to the food industry have been noticing the difficult paradigms they are now operating in, with even the largest restaurant chains reporting slow year-over-year same-store sales growth.More

    Hain CEO: Processed food, white sugar like poison
    Bloomberg TV
    Chairman and CEO of the Hain Celestial Group Irwin Simon discusses healthy food and diet trends.More

    Founder of McDonald's mass burger production process dies
    Los Angeles Times
    Herb Lotman, a food industry entrepreneur who founded Keystone Foods and developed a mass-production system for making McDonald's frozen hamburgers, has died. He was 80.More

    Snyder's-Lance sells Private Brands to Shearer's Foods
    Potato Pro
    Snyder's-Lance Inc. announced a definitive agreement has been signed to sell Private Brands along with two manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Canada to Ohio-based Shearer's Foods LLC for $430 million. More

    Boulder Brands gets fresh with gluten-free
    Food Business News
    Boulder Brands Inc. has taken on two tasks in the gluten-free category: expanding the reach of baked food items out of the frozen foods aisle at retail and reducing the need for egg whites in bread production to cut costs.More

    BASF makes big operational changes as flavor demand keeps growing
    Food Navigator-Asia
    BASF's Nutrition & Health division is carrying out a number of changes aimed to strengthen its competitiveness in Asia-Pacific's fast-growing flavors and fragrances market.More

    Research round-up: How to grow in snacks, latest trends in organic
    Identifying the avenues for growth in snacks, the latest trends in the organic category in the U.S. and more industry-related reports are issues highlighted in this research round-up.More

    Robotic automation not out of reach for SMEs
    Dynamic Business
    Automation via robots is an enterprise solution that has traditionally been associated with large-scale manufacturing runs, heavy and/or dangerous work and, of course, cost. Yet in 2014, robotic solutions are available even for very small operators.More

    Commercial refrigeration market to top $10.7 billion by 2018
    PRWeb via Consumer Electronics Net
    U.S. demand for commercial refrigeration equipment is expected to increase 3 percent per year through 2018, to reach $10.7 billion. Environmental mandates are a key driver of that growth, according to an RnR Market Research report.More

    Ease of use is a primary focus of secondary packaging
    Food Production Daily
    Secondary packaging machinery companies like Kliklok-Woodman work to meet food customer demands for high-performance equipment that is simple to operate.More

    50 shades of blue: How brands should appeal to the subconscious
    Many of the decisions people make about everything, including what brands to buy, are made subconsciously. Brands are missing a trick by not tuning into these subconscious triggers and applying them to marketing to win over customers, according to an NYU assistant professor.More

    Creating a global dining kingdom
    China Daily USA
    There is Philip Chiang and P.F. Chang's. The former helped start the latter, which has become one of the biggest Chinese restaurant chains in the world.More