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Jun. 6, 2013

Senate farm bill stall will be felt across Capitol
The Senate's farm bill cloture vote Thursday morning poses a critical test for the Agriculture Committee leadership, which needs a strong showing to clear the way for passage Monday and begin to heal the breach sparked by revisions in the commodity title.More

FAO: Cheap food is a bygone era
Agricultural prices will climb in the next decade on a combination of higher energy costs, falling productivity growth and rising demand, the OECD and the U.N.'s Food & Agriculture Organization forecast.


  • FAO: Global food prices little changed in May (Reuters)
  • DuPont: Food prices to drop 5.7 percent in 2013 on better food security (Food Navigator-USA)
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    Mystery 'GMO wheat' label on Kraft mac and cheese box raises alarm in UK
    The New York Times
    The case of the GMO warning labels found on Kraft Mac & Cheese boxes in Britain has been solved. Kraft, which does not use genetically engineered wheat and does not have a distributor in Britain, says Tesco — the retailer whose stores carried the product — has indicated that distributor Innovative Bites had slapped on the warning.

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  • Japan looks to calm domestic concerns over wheat supply after US GMO find (Reuters)
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    Rubio, Sessions work to woo House Republicans on immigration reform
    The Hill
    Supporters and critics of comprehensive immigration reform pitched their ideas to House conservatives Wednesday, seeking to win over a group that could determine whether the high-profile congressional effort succeeds or fails.More

    Rubio cranks up money machine
    The Hill
    A group of well-connected lobbyists and fundraisers met with Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., at the National Republican Senatorial Committee headquarters two weeks ago to discuss the senator's fundraising strategy. The powwow felt like a presidential-style steering committee, according to people in the room.More

    Poll: Chris Christie's national popularity
    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is showing impressive national popularity numbers — viewed favorably by at least half of Republicans, Democrats and independents, according to a Gallup poll posted Wednesday, which showed a favorability rating of 52 percent among all Americans.More

    Tax lobbyists work to get on 'The List'
    The Hill
    Lobbyists all over Washington are working furiously to get their tax breaks on a special list being kept by Congress's top tax-writers. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich., plan to rebuild the tax code from scratch, lowering rates and eliminating breaks in the process.More

    USDA to require labels for mechanically tenderized meat
    USA Today
    After years of food-safety concerns and at least five outbreaks of illness, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is proposing that mechanically tenderized meat — 26 percent of all the beef sold in the U.S. — be labeled as such and that labels include cooking instructions.More

    House panel echoes Senate, rejects Obama's food aid reform
    The U.S. House of Representatives panel in charge of agricultural funding on Wednesday rejected the Obama administration's request for a sweeping change to food aid programs that have been in place since the Cold War.More

    Jersey City schools make big progress serving free and discount breakfasts
    The Jersey Journal
    The Jersey City school district this week launched a pilot program at nearly half a dozen schools to increase the number of eligible kids who receive free/reduced breakfasts at school. The initial results are encouraging, with the number of students receiving free/reduced breakfasts at School 12 increasing by about 90 percent.More

    Paradigm shift in California district's school food
    The Willits News
    The Food and Nutrition Services team at Willits, Calif., Unified School District is already gearing up for next year's Farm-to-School focus for student lunches. The district is working with Farm2Fork to increase the amount of locally grown fruits and vegetables served throughout Mendocino County.More

    Roadcheck 2013 ending today
    Occupational Health & Safety
    About 10,000 inspectors in the United States, Canada and Mexico have conducted safety inspections of commercial trucks and buses for three days — pacing themselves at about 14 inspections per minute, according to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.More

    XL Foods tainted beef report cites lack of basic sanitation
    Winnipeg Free Press
    Nearly a year after tainted Alberta beef sickened 18 people, briefly blocked exports to the U.S. and cast doubts on the safety of Canada's food supply, no one can say for sure what led to the largest meat recall in Canadian history.More

    Another senator urges caution on Smithfield sale
    The New York Times
    Senate Ag Committee Chair Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., is publicly urging regulators to carefully review Smithfield Foods' planned sale to the Chinese.More

    Lineage Logistics plans new cold storage facility
    Lineage Logistics
    Lineage Logistics is building a 420,000-square-foot cold storage warehouse in Colton, Calif., with plans for it to be operational by May 2014.More

    Pizza Hut deal gets you a $5.55 pizza
    USA Today
    Pizza Hut is offering a $5.55 large pizza promotion, ostensibly to observe its 55th anniversary — but also to compete in a tough market, analysts say.More

    USDA study finds nutritional improvement in cereal
    Food Business News
    The amount of fiber in breakfast cereal from two major manufacturers, The Kellogg Co. and General Mills, Inc., increased 32 percent in the U.S. between 2005 and 2011 while the amounts of sugar and sodium decreased 10 percent and 14 percent, respectively, according to USDA research in the June issue of Procedia Food Science.More

    Food elitism and activism: The impact on the retail industry
    Retail Dietitians Business Alliance
    How much does food elitism and activism — along the lines of Michael Pollan, Marion Nestle and others — affect shoppers who try to navigate information overload as they stand in the grocery aisle?More

    Wal-Mart sets PTI label deadline for suppliers
    The Packer
    Fresh produce suppliers who ship to Wal-Mart distribution centers must use case labels that comply with the Produce Traceability Initiative by Jan. 1, or their products will be rejected.More

    In China, going to extremes for food safety
    The Wall Street Journal
    In China, people who can afford to — both locals and expats — go to extremes to make sure their food is safe. More

    Domino's 'DomiCopter' delivers pizza by way of drone
    New York Daily News
    Flying pizzas? They may be coming sooner than you thought. Domino's U.K. worked with creative agency T + Biscuits and drone specialist AeroSight to create a prototype of a drone designed to deliver pizzas. More

    Goat meat is becoming trendy
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    The U.S. is awakening to the many reasons goat is the most widely eaten protein in the world. Pam Adams, head of the Maryland-West Virginia-Pennsylvania Meat Goat Association, said regional goat production has increased 20 percent in the past five years.More

    Beware of misclassifying workers as independent contractors
    Albert Brannen
    If your workforce includes contract employees, casual workers or independent contractors by any other title, you should seriously analyze whether such workers should be recategorized as employees.More

    Unilever to make flavors in Myanmar amid $656 million investment
    Unilever, the world's second biggest consumer goods company, is starting to manufacture food seasoning in Myanmar as it prepares to spend $656 million in the country over the next decade.More

    Micro bubbles improve food processing and fuel production
    The Engineer
    Researchers at Sheffield University claim to have found a more efficient way to dry products for food manufacture using tiny, hot bubbles.More

    Researchers: UV light technique can double berry shelf life
    Food Production Daily
    The problem of severe drying when using ultraviolet light for storage of produce has been solved, according to U.S. researchers.More

    Cleanout modification offers safe, easy cooler washdown
    Food Production Daily
    EIC Solutions Inc. has launched the M74 clean-out modification, which facilitates fast, easy wash-down of thermoelectric coolers in food processing environments.More