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Jun. 21, 2012

AMA calls soda tax 'worth considering' but doesn't vote
MedPage Today
A soda tax may be one way to limit consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, improve health and curb obesity, according to a resolution adopted by the American Medical Association' House of Delegates. Wrapping up its annual meeting Wednesday, the delegates stopped short of endorsing a soda tax, conceding it is an option worth investigating.

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    Who's improving and who's failing in restaurant customer service
    For the first time since the American Customer Satisfaction Index began tracking diner preferences, fast food restaurants have scored better overall customer ratings than sit-down restaurants.

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    Senate weighs bill overhauling agriculture programs
    The New York Times
    The farm bill under debate in the Senate would be the nation's first major overhaul of federal agriculture programs in decades, including an end to the policy of paying farmers whether they grow crops or not.

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    Mitt sees Midwest as path to 270
    The Hill
    Mitt Romney is signaling his path to the presidency runs through the Midwest: A campaign bus tour through the region, Midwestern politicians seemingly moving up in the vice presidential sweepstakes and tightening poll numbers for President Barack Obama in the Rust Belt indicate the 2012 GOP standard-bearer is focusing his Electoral College strategy there.

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    Summer's 5 hottest Senate primaries
    The start of summer marks the midpoint of the Senate primary season. And if the first half is any indication, the next three months should serve up a string of sizzling contests to match the scorching temperatures.More

    Mitt Romney winning mega-donor war
    Mitt Romney surged past President Barack Obama in May fundraising on the shoulders of big donors — an advantage the Republican nominee seems likely to sustain through November.

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    Many lawmakers avoiding word 'Congress' in campaign ads
    The Washington Post
    Across the country, something is missing from the campaign ads of men and women running for Congress: the word "Congress." Likewise, "Senate," "senator" and "representative" are making only rare cameos in these campaign ads. More

    AMA: No need to label GE foods — just test more
    Food Navigator-USA
    The American Medical Association House of Delegates has called for mandatory pre-market safety testing of genetically engineered foods — but said there currently is no reason to label them.More

    Optimism sparks as transportation bill talks get fresh start
    The Hill
    A new sense of optimism was in the air at transportation negotiations Wednesday as the leaders of House-to-Senate talks resumed their work. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle said the Tuesday intervention by House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., had sparked new life in the talks. More

    House rejects $50 million more for food safety, won't spare MDP
    Food Chemical News
    The House Appropriations Committee this week rejected an amendment by Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., that would have boosted FDA's food program another $50 million and allowed the administration to continue a system for collecting foodborne pathogen data that is threatened along with the elimination of USDA's Microbiological Data Program.More

    USDA seeks temporary inspectors to help expand HIMP
    Food Chemical News
    Just three weeks after the comment period closed on USDA's proposed rule for modernizing the poultry slaughter and inspection process, and with the status of the program still uncertain, the agency is looking to hire some temporary inspectors to help expand its use.More

    EFSA sets autumn deadline for low-dose hypothesis verdict
    Food Quality News
    A two-day summit on the potential health hazards from low levels of chemicals in food and packaging has pushed the debate forward — although major questions remain unanswered, according to the European Food Safety Authority.More

    AMI expert: Allergens, organics emerge as food safety concerns
    Last year was the first year in which there were more allergen-based recalls than pathogen-based recalls for the meat and poultry industries — but it presents a sort of good news/bad news quandary for processors.

    Editor's note: Members of the American Frozen Food Institute have access to AFFI's unique Product Recall Insurance Program. Ensure you're protected during a food safety crisis using AFFI's one-of-a-kind program. For more information, please click here.More

    Study: Market effects of California fuels policy
    Business Wire via MarketWatch
    California's multiple climate change regulations will have serious unintended consequences for the state's transportation fuel markets, including significant job losses, disruptions to fuel supplies and higher costs for businesses and consumers, according to an unprecedented independent study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group.

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    McDonald's tries a transparent marketing approach
    The Globe and Mail
    McDonald's Canada's latest marketing campaign claims to pull back the curtain on the fast food chain's operations — and now that includes its advertising as well.More

    Marketing to Hispanic segment can't be 1-size-fits-all
    Food Navigator-USA
    Food manufacturers looking to target the rapidly growing U.S. Hispanic market need to recognize its broad diversity, says a new report from market research organization SymphonyIRI.More

    Food protection training program earns accreditation
    PRWeb via Virtual-Strategy
    The International Food Protection Training Institute announced today that its signature training program, "The Fellowship in Food Protection: Applied Science, Law and Policy," has received accreditation from the American National Standards Institute.More

    Blood glucose control firm aims for food industry engagement
    Food Navigator-USA
    The Florida-based firm behind Emulin — the star ingredient in GNC's glucose control supplement GC7X — is seeking a big gun in the ingredients supply market to help it engage with the biggest food and beverage brands in the U.S. and Europe.More

    Safeway turns to reusable containers to ship produce
    Refrigerated Transporter
    Safeway Inc. has transitioned to using reusable product containers rather than corrugated boxes to ship many types of produce from the farm fields, through the distribution channel and to final store destination. This transition eliminated the use of more than 17 million pounds of corrugated boxes.More

    Historic meat processing business to be sold after 93 years
    The Hartford Courant
    After 93 years as a family business, E.E. Mucke & Sons Inc. in Hartford, Conn., is selling its recipes and brand to Massachusetts-based Rachael's Food Corp., making it the second historic Connecticut meat processor to sell to the same buyer in four months.More